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快捷之路交际英语2 chapter 10

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  [00:08.99]You Must Be Our New Neighbor
[00:21.66]A. Oh, hello. You must be our new neighbor.
[00:29.91]B. Yes,that’s right.Let me introduce myself.
[00:35.27]I’m Jane, your neighbor across the street.
[00:40.02]B. Nice to meet you. My name is Wendy.
[00:44.98]A. Tell me, when did you move in?Yesterday.
[00:50.55]A. Well, if there’s anything I can do to help,
[00:54.99]please let me know.Thanks very much.I appreciate it.
[01:01.26]I Just Moved In
[01:09.72]A. Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you.
[01:17.27]Could you possibly tell me if there’s a post office nearby?
[01:22.73]B. Yes. There’s a post office two blocks up the street.
[01:27.69]A. Two blocks up the street?
[01:31.77]B. Uh-huh. Are you new here?Yes. I just moved in.
[01:37.41]A. Excuse me. I’m sorry to bother you.
[01:47.39]Could you possibly tell me when they pick up the garbage?
[01:51.83]B. Yes. They pick it up on Friday mornings.
[01:56.58]A. On Friday mornings?
[02:00.06]B. Uh-huh. Are you new here?Yes. I just moved in.
[02:06.72]Are You Allowed to Park in Front of the Building?
[02:15.47]A. Are you allowed to park in front of the building?
[02:21.43]B. Yes, you are.Thanks.
[02:25.50]A. Is it okay to leave a bicycle in the hallway?
[02:35.04]B. No, it isn’t.Oh, okay. Thanks.
[02:40.68]Can I Help You Carry Those Grocery Bags Upstairs?
[02:49.22]A. Can I help you carry those grocery bags upstairs?
[02:55.57]B. Sure. If you don’t mind.
[02:59.33]A. No, not at all. I’d be glad to give you a hand.
[03:03.98]B. Thanks. I appreciate it.
[03:08.55]Could You Possibly Lend Me a Cup of Sugar?
[03:16.10]A. Could I ask you a favor?
[03:21.77]B. What is it?
[03:25.11]A. Could you possibly lend me a cup of sugar?
[03:29.68]B. Okay.
[03:32.85]A. Are you sure? I don’t want to trouble you.
[03:37.00]B. No problem. I’d the happy to.
[03:41.75]A. Thanks. I appreciate it.
[03:45.80]What Do You Know About Radiators2?
[03:53.17]A. Hello, Alberto? This is Kim.
[03:59.73]Tell me, what do you know about radiators?Radiators?
[04:05.60]A. Yes. I’ve got a radiator1 that isn’t working right.
[04:11.17]B. What’s wrong with it?
[04:14.22]A. There’s no heat coming out of it.
[04:18.30]Do you have any suggestions?
[04:21.75]B. Well, maybe you should turn the valve a few times.
[04:27.08]A. I’ve tried turning the valve a few times, but that didn’t work.
[04:32.95]B. Oh. Well, how about kicking it?
[04:37.71]A. I’ve tried kicking it, but that didn’t work either.
[04:42.96]B. Well, Kim, can I offer you some advice?
[04:45.58]那么,吉姆, 我可以提个建议吗?
[04:48.21]A. Sure.What?
[04:52.28]B. I think you should call the superintendent3.
[04:56.65]A. You’re probably right. Thanks.
[05:01.09]Could You Tell Me If You Fix Kitchen Sinks?
[05:08.74]A. County Plumbing4 and Heating.
[05:14.02]B. Hello. Could you tell me if you fix kitchen sinks?
[05:19.06]A. Yes. What’s the problem?
[05:23.21]B. Water is leaking all over my kitchen floor.
[05:27.86]A. Well, we can send one of our plumbers6 at four o’clock this afternoon.
[05:33.90]Will someone be home then?
[05:37.42]B. At four o’clock this afternoon? I’ll be here.
[05:42.39]A. Okay. What’s the name?Charles Franklin.
[05:45.17]好的,您的姓名?查尔斯 . 富兰克林。
[05:47.95]A. And the address?74 College Street.
[05:52.99]A. Phone number?396-2465.
[05:58.95]A. All right, Mr. Franklin.
[06:02.61]We’ll have a plumber5 there at four o’clock this afternoon.
[06:07.15]B. Thanks very much.
[06:15.56]I Think I’ve Figured Out What the Problem Is with Your Hot Water Heater
[06:22.41]Well, Mr. Prescott.
[06:27.74]I think I’ve figured out what the problem is with your hot water heater.
[06:32.59]B. Oh? What?The thermostat7 is burnt out.
[06:38.05]B. The thermostat is burnt out? Hmm.
[06:42.91]What needs to be done to fix it?
[06:47.28]Well, I’m going to have to replace the thermostat and put in a few new wires.
[06:53.52]B. Could I ask you how much that will cost?
[06:58.06]A. Well, let me see ... The parts will cost about eighteen dollars.
[07:04.62]And it should take around thirty minutes to do the work,
[07:08.77]so the labor8 will be about twenty dollars.
[07:13.21]We’re talking about a total cost of about thirty-eight dollars.
[07:17.89]B. Thirty-eight dollars?
[07:21.65]A. Yes. Do you want me to go ahead and fix it?
[07:26.41]B. I guess so.
[07:29.88]Okay. I’ll have your hot water heater working like new in no time at all!


1 radiator nTHxu     
  • The two ends of the pipeline are connected with the radiator.管道的两端与暖气片相连接。
  • Top up the radiator before making a long journey.在长途旅行前加满散热器。
2 radiators 3b2bec7153ad581082a64cd93346b77f     
n.(暖气设备的)散热器( radiator的名词复数 );汽车引擎的冷却器,散热器
  • You can preset the radiators to come on when you need them to. 你可以预先调好暖气,使它在你需要的时候启动。
  • Stars are radiators of vast power. 恒星是强大的发光体。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
3 superintendent vsTwV     
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7 thermostat PGhyb     
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8 labor P9Tzs     
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  • He was completely spent after two weeks of hard labor.艰苦劳动两周后,他已经疲惫不堪了。
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