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The Law of the Heart

by J. George Frederick

At long last, I have come to a rather simple point, as to what I believe. I believe in what I choose to call, the Law of the Heart. In the medical world, this phrase—The Law of the Heart—means the great discovery by the Professor Ernest Henry Starling of the precise method by which the heart accelerates and retards1 itself through the heart muscle; also, the manner in which it accomplishes the vital two-way exchange of fluids between the bloodstream and the body tissues.

In my view of life, there is also supremely2 needful a vital, two-way exchange of heart qualities between human beings. Without it, the human spirit and relationship to other spirits is lifeless and dangerous. Dependence3 on head qualities is mechanical and empty, just as we have discovered that babies do not thrive, even with technical, expert nursing care, without mother love.

The law of the heart, in my belief, then, means that I can achieve greatest physical and mental health and have the most constructive4 relations with life and people if my matured emotional self dominates my motives5 and actions. When, after due consultation6 with my head, the true heart speaks, it is the finest and most mellowed7 judgment8 that I, human creature, am capable of. Man is indivisible, I believe. He is a whole—mind, spirit, body—but with only one real, fully9 representative voice: the voice of the heart.

There is in my belief, very suggestive symbolism in the means by which the law of the heart operates. We know that the man needs to give others—weaker, less fortunate—a transfusion10 of his blood as proof of fellowship. We know that hearts, which beat in unison11 with the problems, pains, miseries12, and needs of others, knows celestial13 music, which can never be known to those who do not. We know that hearts—capable of quickened pulse at the sight of beauty and nobility, courage and sacrifice, love and tenderness, a child or a sunset—achieve intensities14 of living, a song in their hearts unknown to others. We know that those who choke off the heart’s native impulses will likely bring on a coronary thrombosis of obstructed15 emotion, which can cripple.

The first law of the heart, I feel sure, is to pulsate16: to love. To fail to pulsate and love is swift and certain spiritual death. There are far, far too many of us who seemed obsessed17 with self, unable or unwilling18 to love. The second law of the heart, I believe, is to give and forgive: to sacrifice.

These things, I know and believe. They provide me with a foundation to what I call my “Humanistic Philosophy of Life.” It works for me. I feel close to the Earth with it; yet, face uplifted. The heart is closer to everlasting19 reality, although I am fully aware that I must not let raw emotion masquerade as a heart quality and that the immature20 heart can make serious errors. The educated, matured heart is, to my belief, not only the noblest thing in man but also the great hope of the world.


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使减速( retard的第三人称单数 ); 妨碍; 阻止; 推迟
  • Cold weather retards the growth of the crops. 寒冷的天气妨碍作物的生长。
  • Lack of science and education retards social progress. 缺乏科学和教育会妨碍社会进步。
2 supremely MhpzUo     
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  • I consider a supremely beautiful gesture. 我觉得这是非常优雅的姿态。
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(使)成熟( mellow的过去式和过去分词 ); 使色彩更加柔和,使酒更加醇香
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12 miseries c95fd996533633d2e276d3dd66941888     
n.痛苦( misery的名词复数 );痛苦的事;穷困;常发牢骚的人
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  • They ask again and again in a variety of ways and intensities. 他们会以不同的方式和强度来不停地问,直到他得到自己想要的答案为止。 来自互联网
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阻塞( obstruct的过去式和过去分词 ); 堵塞; 阻碍; 阻止
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  • The Irish and Bristol Channels were closed or grievously obstructed. 爱尔兰海峡和布里斯托尔海峡或遭受封锁,或受到了严重阻碍。
16 pulsate 3Slxn     
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