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名人轶事:Douglas MacArthur: Born to Be a Soldier

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Douglas MacArthur: Born to Be a SoldierWritten by Paul Thompson


ANNCR: Now, the VOA Special English program PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Today Rich

Kleinfeldt and Sarah Long tell about one of the most unusual and successful

American military leaders, General Douglas MacArthur.



General Douglas MacArthur was a most unusual man. He was extremely intelligent

and very demanding. He expected his orders to be followed exactly. Yet he had

problems all his life following the orders of those who were his commanders.

Douglas MacArthur was very intelligent and could remember things that others

would easily forget. He could design battle plans that left the enemy no

choice other than surrender and defeat. His battle plans defeated the enemy

and saved as many of his own men as possible.

At other times, he would make simple mistakes that made him appear stupid. He

often said things that showed he felt important. Many people made jokes about

him. Some of his soldiers sang songs that made fun of him. Others believed he

was the best general ever to serve in the United States military.

General Douglas MacArthur was extremely brave in battle, sometimes almost

foolish. It often seemed as if he believed he could not be killed. He won

every medal and honor the United States can give a soldier. However, at the

end of his life, he rejected war and warned American political leaders to stay

away from armed conflict.


Douglas MacArthur was born to be a soldier. His father, Arthur MacArthur, was

a hero of the American Civil War and continued to serve in the army after the

war ended in eighteen sixty-five. He became the top officer of the army in


Douglas was born on an Army base near the southern city of Little Rock,

Arkansas in January, eighteen eighty. He grew up on army bases where his

father served. He said the first sounds he could remember as a child were

those of the Army: the sounds of horns, drums and soldiers marching.


There was never any question about what Douglas MacArthur would do with his

life. He would join the army. He wanted to enter the United States Military

Academy at West Point, New York. The Academy is a university that trains

officers for the United States Army. School officials rejected him two times

before he was accepted. He finished his four years at West Point as the best

student in his class.


Douglas MacArthur began his service in the Army by traveling to several Asian

countries including Japan, and to the Philippines, then an American territory.

He also served at several small bases in the United States. He became a

colonel1 when World War One began. He led troops on very dangerous attacks

against the enemy. He won many honors for his bravery and leadership. After

that war, he served as head of the West Point Military Academy. He became a

general. During the nineteen thirties, President Herbert Hoover appointed him

Chief of Staff of the Army, one of the most important jobs in the American


In nineteen-thirty-five, General MacArthur was appointed military advisor2 to

the Philippines. He was to help the government build an army for defense3

purposes as the Philippines began planning for independence. He had retired4

from the army. He was the chief military advisor to the Philippine military

forces when the United States entered World War Two in December, nineteen



Japanese aggression5 in the Pacific developed very quickly. Japanese troops

began arriving in the Philippines on December eleventh, nineteen forty-one.

The fighting was extremely fierce.

President Roosevelt 

The Japanese were defeating the Philippine and American forces. General

MacArthur had been recalled to active duty by President . President Roosevelt

ordered MacArthur to leave the Philippines to command American forces in the

South Pacific. General MacArthur finally agreed to leave for Australia before

the Philippines surrendered to Japan. But he made a promise to the Philippine

people. He said, "I shall return."


1 colonel iWUyO     
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联盟国,同盟者; 同盟国,同盟者( ally的名词复数 ); 支持者; 盟军
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12 advisers d4866a794d72d2a666da4e4803fdbf2e     
顾问,劝告者( adviser的名词复数 ); (指导大学新生学科问题等的)指导教授
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  • She withdrew to confer with her advisers before announcing a decision. 她先去请教顾问然后再宣布决定。
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