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魔术美文记英语4级词汇 04.Four Wives in Our Life

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In former days,there was a wealthy merchant,who owned billion acres of fertile land,a considerable sum of property,and multiple compounds(eatates).He was acknowledged leader at home and had four wives.

He had the greastest affection on the fourth wife,who enjoyed the beautiful brows and face -a fairy in his eyes.To amuse her,the merchant gave her a life of luxury,bought her fashionable blouses and boots,and look her out to dine on delicious food.Each of their marriage anniversary,he would celebrate.

He was also fond of his third wife very much.She was an amateur poet with great literacy and dignity.To approve of her,he gave her prevailing1 poetry as a prezent,visited museums with her see the antiques and went to the concerts to enjoy music of great musicians and pianists.He was very proud off her,introduced and showed off her to his friends.Nevertheness,he was always in great fear that she might go elsewhere with some other guys.

His second spouse,too,won his preference.as a cashier,she was keen,capable and energetic in commercial issues.Whenever he faced critical prob;ems,he always turned to his second wife.And she'd always attempted to help him cope with the problems such as cash collection or the conflicts with clients.Hense,to thank his second wife,he went to excursion with her for entertainment ever several years.

His first wife was a very conservative and faithful partner.She was a woman of goodness and honesty.As a housewife,she had made great contributions to nourishing children,caring husband and doing housework.Accidentally,she appeared to be a little clumsy and ignorant.Although the merchant had a prefudice towards her,she maitained her patience to wait for him to come back to her.She was a women of great breadth of mind.

After many years,the merchant fell deadly ill for abusing alcohol.He knew it couldn't cure.He was pale and stiff.When he reflected on his lifetime,he couldn't help yelling,"Now I have 4 wives.But when I die,I'll be solitary2.How lonely I'll be!"

Suffering from the sting body,he asked the fourth wife,"I have attached to you the most affection,and bought pretty clothes to you and spend every festival with you.Now I'm dying,will follow me?""Pardon?I am not a self-sacrificing saint.No way!"The fourth wife ,who was sipping3 tea idly in her fur overcoat,defied him.

The answer made the merchant feel fiercely disppointed on her conscience.Then he asked the third wife,"Do you remenber our romantic experience?Now that I'm dying,will you follow me?"the third wife glimpsed against him."No!"She denied."I couldn't bear tedious life in hell.I diserve a better life.Consequently it is of nessity that I marry other guys afterwards."Then she was calculating the route to other millionaire's home.

The answer also hert the merchant,and then he resorted to the second wife,"You've always facilitated me out.Now I barely beg you once more.When I die,will you follow me?""I'm sorry!"She frowned,claiming,"I can only attend your funeral ceremony."The answer came like a bolt of thunder and the merchant felt like being disarded. Then she was modifying the items of a business contract.

Then a voice wept:"We are bond couple,I'll go alongside with you wherever you go."The merchant awoke,stroking his first wife's coarse palm.She was so lean.Thinking of her fatigue4 year aftere year,he was greatly touched and said miserably,"I should have treasured you before!"Then she was doing the laundry for him.

Virtually,we all resoectively have four wives in our lives.The fourth tender wife represents our body.Despite the face that we spend time making it look good,it'll distract from us when we die.Our third wife is our possessions,remarkable fame,or noble status.When we die,they all go to eternal collapse5.The second wife is our famly,friends,colleagues or acquaitances.Regardless how close we have relied on them when we're alive,what they can do for us is coming to the funeral at the utmost.The first wife is in fact our holy soul,which is often neglected in our pursuit of material and wealth.It is actually the only thing that follows us wherever we go.We should cultivate it now,otherwise,we will possibly fell regret in the end.


1 prevailing E1ozF     
  • She wears a fashionable hair style prevailing in the city.她的发型是这个城市流行的款式。
  • This reflects attitudes and values prevailing in society.这反映了社会上盛行的态度和价值观。
2 solitary 7FUyx     
  • I am rather fond of a solitary stroll in the country.我颇喜欢在乡间独自徜徉。
  • The castle rises in solitary splendour on the fringe of the desert.这座城堡巍然耸立在沙漠的边际,显得十分壮美。
3 sipping e7d80fb5edc3b51045def1311858d0ae     
v.小口喝,呷,抿( sip的现在分词 )
  • She sat in the sun, idly sipping a cool drink. 她坐在阳光下懒洋洋地抿着冷饮。
  • She sat there, sipping at her tea. 她坐在那儿抿着茶。
4 fatigue PhVzV     
  • The old lady can't bear the fatigue of a long journey.这位老妇人不能忍受长途旅行的疲劳。
  • I have got over my weakness and fatigue.我已从虚弱和疲劳中恢复过来了。
5 collapse aWvyE     
  • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse.国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
  • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse.工程师对桥的倒塌做了一次彻底的调查分析。
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