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新概念英语第四册Lesson 2 Spare that spider

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Lesson 2 Spare that spider不要伤害蜘蛛

First listen and then answer the following question.


How much of each year do spiders spend killing1 insects?

Why, you may wonder, should spiders be our friends? Because they destroy so many insects, and insects include some of the greatest enemies of the human race. Insects would make it impossible for us to live in the world; they would devour2 all our crops and kill our flocks and herds3, if it were not for the protection we get from insect-eating animals. We owe a lot to the birds and beasts who eat insects but all of them put together kill only a fraction of the number destroyed by spiders. Moreover, unlike some of the other insect eaters, spiders never do the harm to us or our belongings4.

Spiders are not insects, as many people think, nor even nearly related to them. One can tell the difference almost at a glance, for a spider always has eight legs and insect never more than six.

How many spiders are engaged in this work no our behalf? One authority on spiders made a census5 of the spiders in grass field in the south of England, and he estimated that there were more than 2,250,000 in one acre; that is something like 6,000,000 spiders of different kinds on a football pitch. Spiders are busy for at least half the year in killing insects. It is impossible to make more than the wildest guess at how many they kill, but they are hungry creatures, not content with only three meals a day. It has been estimated that the weight of all the insects destroyed by spiders in Britain in one year would be greater than the total weight of all the human beings in the country.

T. H. GILLESPLE Spare that spider from The Listener

New words and expressions

Beast n. 野兽

Census n. 统计数字

Acre n. 英亩

Content adj. 满足的


你可能会觉得奇怪, 蜘蛛怎么会是我们的朋友呢?因为它们能消灭那么多的昆虫,其中包括一些人类的大敌,要不是人类受一些食虫动物的保护,昆虫就会使我们无法在地球上生活下去,昆虫会吞食我们的全部庄稼,杀死我们的成群的牛羊。我们要十分感谢那些吃昆虫的鸟和兽,然而把它们所杀死的昆虫全部加在一起也只相当于蜘蛛所消灭的一小部分。此外,蜘蛛不同于其他食虫动物,它们丝毫不危害我们和我们的财物。




New words and expressions 生词短语

flocks and herds 牛群和羊群
/flCk/ the birds of the same feather flock together.物以类聚,人以群分
you are the same flock.也可指人
herd多指牛群cowherdcowboythrong and crowd swarm6
owe /[U/ vt.感激欠 i owe you.i owe you a big favor. 欠issue
obligeindebt appreciate----常用口语词 正式:gratefulthankful
beast /bi: st/ n 兽形容人野蛮无比,不能用animal 形容
fraction / 'frAkF[n/ n.小部分 分数,小数 a fraction of rice will suffice
on one's behalf 代表...利益
I beat you on your behalf.我打你是为你好 on behalf of somebody /something
e.g on behalf of chinese government on behalf of =represent
authority /C:'WCriti/ n.权威authorize7批准 authoritative8权威性的 authoritarian9独裁的
-tarian带有这种词缀的词都是坏词 dictator独裁者dictatorial独裁的
authorities 1.权威(可单数可复数) 2.当局(复数)
census /sens[s/ n.统计数据the fifth national population census.censor10审查
censorious 挑剔的,挑刺的
acre /'eik[/ n.英亩 1acre=4047square meters
football pitch 足球场 football yardfootball court football field
be content with 满足于 满足作表语,不能出现定语结构
He is content with status quo.contented11 heart :心满意足的人
spare /spZ[/ v. 不伤害,宽恕spare meHe doesn’t spare himself.
I spare no efforts to learn english.( spare no efforts: 不遗余力作什么)
Notes on the text 课文注释
why, you may wonder-you may wonder why插入语 先不管插入语,弄清句子结构
you may wonder why spiders should be our friends?插入语位置不固定
why以疑问句 开头
why,you may wonder,the problem of pollution befalls human beings.
why,you may wonder,one of my friends is so kindhearted.
tear into pieces
dear enemy
greatest enemies:天敌dying enemycrying enemy
human race:人的种族,一般不加复数,表示一个总称词
impossible 和possible 永远不要以人开头
It is impossible for somebody to do something.
likely可以以人做主语。i am likely to go. probable 也不以人做主语
they would表示假设
devour狼吞虎咽devour the food
make a cake of myself make a god of myself
devour the book
it虚拟语气 前面是主句,下面是条件句
If it were not for:如果这不是因为
I would not survive if it were not for his timely help.
but for 一定是虚拟语气 =if it were not for
owe感激,欠 i owe you.
引出主题all of them put together:把他们堆到一起
destroyed 后置定语,重心转到 spider 谓语动词是kill


1 killing kpBziQ     
  • Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.投资者准备清仓以便大赚一笔。
  • Last week my brother made a killing on Wall Street.上个周我兄弟在华尔街赚了一大笔。
2 devour hlezt     
  • Larger fish devour the smaller ones.大鱼吃小鱼。
  • Beauty is but a flower which wrinkle will devour.美只不过是一朵,终会被皱纹所吞噬。
3 herds 0a162615f6eafc3312659a54a8cdac0f     
兽群( herd的名词复数 ); 牧群; 人群; 群众
  • Regularly at daybreak they drive their herds to the pasture. 每天天一亮他们就把牲畜赶到草场上去。
  • There we saw herds of cows grazing on the pasture. 我们在那里看到一群群的牛在草地上吃草。
4 belongings oy6zMv     
  • I put a few personal belongings in a bag.我把几件私人物品装进包中。
  • Your personal belongings are not dutiable.个人物品不用纳税。
5 census arnz5     
  • A census of population is taken every ten years.人口普查每10年进行一次。
  • The census is taken one time every four years in our country.我国每四年一次人口普查。
6 swarm dqlyj     
  • There is a swarm of bees in the tree.这树上有一窝蜜蜂。
  • A swarm of ants are moving busily.一群蚂蚁正在忙碌地搬家。
7 authorize CO1yV     
  • He said that he needed to get his supervisor to authorize my refund.他说必须让主管人员批准我的退款。
  • Only the President could authorize the use of the atomic bomb.只有总统才能授权使用原子弹。
8 authoritative 6O3yU     
  • David speaks in an authoritative tone.大卫以命令的口吻说话。
  • Her smile was warm but authoritative.她的笑容很和蔼,同时又透着威严。
9 authoritarian Kulzq     
  • Foreign diplomats suspect him of authoritarian tendencies.各国外交官怀疑他有着独裁主义倾向。
  • The authoritarian policy wasn't proved to be a success.独裁主义的政策证明并不成功。
10 censor GrDz7     
  • The film has not been viewed by the censor.这部影片还未经审查人员审查。
  • The play was banned by the censor.该剧本被查禁了。
11 contented Gvxzof     
  • He won't be contented until he's upset everyone in the office.不把办公室里的每个人弄得心烦意乱他就不会满足。
  • The people are making a good living and are contented,each in his station.人民安居乐业。
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