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NPR 2010-01-27

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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Giles Snyder.

The uncertainty1 surrounding the fate of General Motor's Saab brand is over. GM says the Dutch carmaker Spyker is buying Saab. Details of the deal are unclear, but the purchase price is reported to be $400 million, 74 million of which is in cash with the rest in deferred2 shares. The deal was a lifeline for Saab which has lost money for years under GM ownership and was slated3 to be liquidated4.

Ford5 Motor Company says it’s investing nearly $400 million on its assembly plant in Chicago to produce the next generation of its Explorer SUV. NPR’s Cheryl Corley reports.

Ford plans to have its latest version of its Explorer SUV on the assembly line by the end of the year. It’s shifting production to Chicago from a plant in Louisville, Kentucky, in which Ford is retooling6 to build small cars. Chicago workers already built the Ford Taurus and Lincoln Sedans. Company President Mark Fields told excited workers who had gathered for the announcement that adding the Ford Explorer would create another 1, 200 jobs.

"So 1, 200 new jobs, nearly doubling our workforce7, more production over the standing8 facility, you think it’s a good day for you? Yeah!"

Ford says Illinois tax incentives9 helped make the case to build the new Explorer in Chicago. Ford says the new SUV will be 25% more fuel-efficient and will have inflatable seat belts designed to provide additional protection for rear-seat passengers. Cheryl Corley, NPR News, Chicago.

The Senate has rejected a plan aimed at tackling the federal deficit10. A proposal, to set up a bipartisan task force, did not get the needed 60 votes. Earlier today, Congressional economists11 predicated a more than 1. 3-trillion-dollar deficit this year as the economy recovered slowly. During a State of the Union Address tomorrow, President Obama is expected to propose a three-year freeze on some domestic spending programs in an effort to tame the deficit.

More details are emerging following the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines flight yesterday morning. Today, Lebanese officials said the crash could be due to the pilots' failure to follow orders from the control tower. Dan Duncan has more from Beirut.

The control tower of Beirut International Airport lost contact with the ill-fated Flight 409 just four minutes after takeoff. Now, a Lebanese investigation12 is revealing that in that short time, the tower instructed the plane to change its course so as to avoid a bad patch of the storm. Today, Lebanon's transport minister said that warning was not heeded13 by the plane’s pilots, adding professional negligence14 to the numerous possible causes of the tragedy. The chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines says these comments were premature15 and that the black box, once found, would provide more definitive16 answers. No survivors17 have been recovered from the crash and bodies are still being pulled from the rift18 waters, some three kilometers off the Lebanese coast. For NPR News, I’m Dan Duncan in Beirut.

Stocks are in positive territory this afternoon. On Wall Street, the Dow is up 59 points at 2, 256.

You’re listening to NPR News.

After several days of winter storms, the Upper Midwest is slowly returning to normal today. Crews from several states are coming to the Dakotas to help restore power. South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Gary Ellenbolt reports.

At the storm's peak, more than 7, 000 rural electric customers in the Dakotas were without power. Strong winds and ice brought down more than 6, 000 poles. Crews from as far away as Kansas and Colorado are being brought in to restore power. South Dakota Emergency Management Director Kristi Turman says there should be a lot of progress made today.

"Because of the visibility issues for the last two days, we have not been able to move a lot of asset into the impacted area. We are continuing to provide support to power restoration effort and also sheltering effort."

Three counties in the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota are without water after a rural system failed / Monday. State officials and the South Dakota National Guard are helping19 with relief efforts. For NPR News, I’m Gary Ellenbolt in Vermillion, South Dakota.

The Los Angeles City Council has given final approval to an ordinance20 to rein21 in medical marijuana dispensaries. The ordinance passed today puts a cap on the number of dispensaries at 70, effectively forcing hundreds to shut down. But more than 100 could be grandfathered in. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will have to approve the measure. It will probably be at least 45 days before it takes effect.

The Transportation Department is announcing an immediate22 ban on text messaging by truck and bus drivers while they are driving. The ban applies to drivers of interstate buses and trucks over 10, 000 pounds. It’s part of a Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s campaign against texting and cellphone use while driving.

I’m Giles Snyder, NPR News.




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