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NPR 2010-11-25

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So far so good, fear-belong-lines from a planned protest at the enhanced security scanning at the airports around the country haven't apparently1 happened. Kirk Seydler with Colorado Public Radio is at Dan Branche International Airport. He says travelers are taking well.
“There is not a separate line for people who are opting2 out for the machines and going for the pat-down, so there is a concern that the lines would be longer as the day goes on. The people I talked to so far, I’ve been surprised to find that a lot of people are, um, kind take in stride feeling it’s sort of something that has to happen, and there used to inconvenience while they travelled, so they are not too worried about the enhanced measures. I have talked to few travelers to, um, want to see the TSA back off. Um, They don’t want these increased measures because they are concerned about civil liberties.”
Colorado Public Radio’s Kirk Seydler reporting.
South Korean marines found two bodies of civilians3 today buried at a construction site on the small island Humoton yesterday as exchanged fire between the North and the South. From Seoul /(弄不清的人名) reports.
“A memorial has been set up in southern Seoul for the two marines killed yesterday. Today’s bodies have yet to be identified. Kwang Ki Sun runs a corset-sized mart near central Seoul. She hasn’t stopped watching localnese, this time families were seen mourning the two South Korean marines, as she watched / head the loss of innocent lines.
“North Korean is demand money, that’s clear. It’s all this, they without money they try to make nuclear weapons for nothing else.”
“A funeral for the two marines will be held this weekend. For NPR news, I’m / in Seoul.”
First time claims for unemployment benefits were down 34,000 last week more than analysts4 anticipated. And NPR’s Yokina Kuji(可能是日本名) reports some hope it could signal the job recovery.
“The number of jobless worker seeking unemployment benefits fell to their lowest levels in 2.5 years last week. Because of the Veteran’s Day and the Thanksgiving holidays, November can be also a month that's hard to read. Workers may put off filing claims because of the holidays which may mean numbers could rise in the future. The Labor5 Department releases more comprehensive data on unemployment at the end of next week. Separately, Commerce Department said the personal income rose and consumers spent more last month. That could be another sign of slow improvements in employment. Yokina Kuji, NPR news, Washington.”
But David Lewis, chief economist6 with the Standard Poor’s says those numbers may be a bit misleading.
“Whether it started, because this shopping season, we’re starting to see those temporary higher has been being added by the retailers7, so these numbers still get  a bit quirky this time of the year.”
Personal spending and incomes are also higher.
The Dow is up 140points at the last check, the NASDAQ up 45, S&P500 up 15. This is NPR news.
Ireland is unveiling a drastic new austerity plan, planning to trim billions dollars from the budget which could result in a 25% hike in the value-added sales tax. Irish Prime Minister Brian Colon,“I’m hopeful for the future, that this plan is another confidence building measure, another sign post along the road towards the national recovery, a journey upon which we have been embarrassed since the economic and financial crises began.”
But he can see that plan would hurt the living standard of everyone in Ireland. The plan cuts thousands of state jobs, trims welfare benefits and pensions, and imposes new taxes on property and water, but it’s required an order for the country to qualify for loan from EU and IMF.
Thousands of university and high-school students from across the UK have staged what they called a day of action. Larry Miller8 reports from London.
“London police were out in force, but there were also clashes with protesters with injuries and arrests. Mark Phil was a protest organizer.”
“We will take legitimate9 protests, we will take civil disobedience in order to stop these cops.”
“It won’t work, Education Secretary Michal Goal.”  “It’s a pity. People feel they need to make their point, um, in a democracy, by, um, engaging some direct action.”
“This is the second protest this month, last time only in London, this time in cities including Oxford10, Cambridge, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham. Besides marches, there have been sit-ins, occupations and walkouts. For NPR’s news, I’m Larry Miller in London.”
Two Turkeys are getting / tour in the nation’s capital including a stay in a upscale rank hotel in a trip to the white House. President Obama pardoned the two Turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving.


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