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NPR 2010-02-19

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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Lakshmi Singh.


More details are emerging about the man believed to be the pilot in today's plane crash in Austin, Texas. Federal authorities are identifying the pilot as Joseph Stack. They’re investigating whether he intentionally1 flew his single-engine plane into a building that housed IRS offices. They’re also looking into an anti-government message on a Web site linked to Stack in possible problems he may have had with the IRS. Reporter Mose Buchele of member station KUT is at the scene of the plane crash where he says at least two people have been reported injured and one is still unaccounted for.


There’s a huge gaping2 hole along one side of its massive damage, windows knocked out, and it's blacked by soot3 and smoke. It's indeed there are only two injuries that come out of this, and then is that one missing person is that if those are the only casualties that end up coming out of this, it would be very surprising judging from the way as it looks right now.


Mose Buchele of member station KUT.


A United Airlines' flight from Denver to San Francisco was diverted to Salt Lake City this morning because of a bomb threat. Dan Bammes from member station KUER has more.


A flight attendant found a threatening note aboard United Flight 741 after it left Denver. Salt Lake City airport spokesperson Barbara Gann says the flight attendant gave it to the pilot, who felt the threat was serious enough to land in Salt Lake. Gann says the passengers and crew got off the plane safely and were taken to the airport's international terminal. There were 193 passengers and six crew members aboard. The FBI says it's investigating the incident but gave no further details. For NPR News, I'm Dan Bammes in Salt Lake City.


Eight missionaries4 detained in Haiti for nearly three weeks are reuniting with their families today. NPR's Jeff Brady is at the airport in Boise, Idaho where several of the missionaries are expected to arrive within hours.


Eight of the ten missionaries were flown on a military plane to Miami Wednesday; two others, organizer Laura Silsby and her assistant Charisa Coulter, remain in Haiti where an investigation5 into kidnapping charges continues. Meantime, family members are relieved to have most of the missionaries back on US soil. Selena Riddle6 is Drew Culberth's sister-in-law. He is a youth pastor7 in Topeka, Kansas. Riddle says Culberth felt a duty to go to Haiti. “He is a servant, he is always jumping to do what needs to be done for people, and so I was thrilled that he was having this opportunity to go, and of course heartbroken when all of this developed.” All eight still face charges in Haiti and could be called back though attorneys for them have expressed hope the charges will be dropped. Jeff Brady, NPR News, Boise.


Update from Wall Street, Dow is up 83 points at 10,393.


This is NPR News.


Former New York City Police Commissioner8 Bernard Kerik is getting four years in jail for lying and fraud. NPR's Robert Smith has more on the man who under the Bush administration was once considered for the top job at Homeland Security.


Kerik admitted last year that he lied to the White House when he was being considered for a cabinet post. That felony along with tax fraud is gonna send Kerik to prison. Kerik pleaded guilty to not paying all of his taxes. He was also charged with accepting apartment renovations from a company that was seeking work in the city. Kerik led the NYPD during the 9/11 attacks and the judge is saying he had harsh words to say about that legacy9. Judge Steven Robinson said that the fact that Kerik would use 9/11 for personal gain and aggrandizement10 is a dark place in the soul. The judge ended up giving Kerik a sentence of four years. That's more than the federal guidelines recommend. Kerik also has to pay $188,000 in restitution11 in tax penalties. Robert Smith, NPR News, New York.


The president of Niger may have been taken prisoner. His aides have not confirmed the whereabouts of President Mamadou Tandja after the presidential palace came under fire today in an apparent coup12 attempt. Reuters news service reports at least three soldiers may have been killed in the violence. Political tensions escalated13 in recent months after Tandja's role was extended. That move triggered international sanctions.


In the US, an unexpected jump in wholesale14 prices in January, the Labor15 Department’s posting a 1.4% increase. Some economists16 had predicted under 1%, more like 0.7%. However, the jump is widely viewed as temporary.


I’m Lakshmi Singh. NPR News, Washington.


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