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NPR 2010-04-29

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Republican senators again turned back a Democratic financial overhaul1 bill today. The legislation creates new regulations for Wall Street investment firms and for complex products called derivatives2. GOP senators have successfully blocked debate on the legislation three times this week. Democratic Senator Chris Dodd was frustrated3.

"Dislike the bill, vote against it at the end if you want, offer 20 amendments4 if you want, but let us get to the bill."

Democratic leaders are apparently5 prepared to keep the Senate in session all night to work on the legislation. Now, Republican leaders suggest they may be willing to end the filibuster6. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has released a statement, saying he's deeply troubled by several provisions in the legislation, but he's pleased to see bipartisan efforts to address the differences.

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's has cut its ratings of Spain's national debt. It's now down a notch7 to AA. S&P analysts8 say Spain is likely going to see very sluggish9 economic growth over the next several years. The downgrade in Spain's debt comes just a day after Greece's debt rating was slashed10 to junk status. Teri Schultz reports from Brussels, Germany is signaling it will support the European bailout plan for Greece.

The European economy's top players appealed to German lawmakers today to authorize11 their governments' share of the 40-billion-dollar EU loan to Greece. After the personal intervention12 by the heads of European Central Bank and the International Monetary13 Fund, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble announced that parliamentary approval could come as soon as next Friday. That's much more optimistic than his earlier statements suggesting the plan could be rejected entirely14. Meanwhile, EU President Herman Van Rompuy is also trying to reassure15 markets that neither Greece nor any other eurozone member will be allowed to default on its loan payments.

"There is no question about restructuring of the debt."

The borrowing costs for Greece took a dip on the news after rising steadily16 for weeks. For NPR News, I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels.

The US Supreme17 Court has revived a land transfer letting a large cross remain on public property. NPR's Nina Totenberg reports the decision was 5 to 4.

In 1934, the Veterans of Foreign Wars erected18 a large cross on an outcropping of rock in the Mojave Desert, land owned by the government. The purpose was to honor American soldiers who died in World War I. Decades later, a retired19 park service ranger20 who often visited the area challenged the cross as an unconstitutional government endorsement21 of religion. The lower courts agreed. That prompted Congress to give the land on which the cross stood to the VFW in a land transfer, but the lower courts ruled that action was in evasion22 of its order to dismantle23 the cross. Now, the Supreme Court has disagreed with the lower courts and is sending the case back to the lower courts. Nina Totenberg, NPR News, Washington.

On Wall Street just before the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 50 points at 11,042. The NASDAQ was down a fraction of a point; it was trading at 2,471.

You're listening to NPR.

The prime ministers of India and Pakistan will meet tomorrow. It's an effort to improve relations damaged following the terror attacks in Mumbai, India during late 2008. NPR's Julie McCarthy reports from Islamabad.

The prime ministers of the two nuclear-armed rivals will hold talks on the sidelines of a regional meeting of eight South Asian nations that is underway in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Delhi has insisted it would only revive a full dialog when Islamabad moved more aggressively against the Pakistani militants24 implicated25 in the Mumbai attacks. India is also investigating what it calls a serious breach26 of security after arresting one of its diplomats27 accused of spying for Pakistan while posted at the Indian Embassy in Islamabad. Analysts say there will be no breakthrough at Thursday's meeting of the Indian and Pakistani prime ministers, but rather they hope to keep alive the idea of engagement. The US has urged the two sides to reduce tension so that Pakistan can concentrate on the threat that Taliban poses to its western border with Afghanistan. Julie McCarthy, NPR News, Islamabad.

The US government has given the go-ahead to a wind farm plant that will be off the coast in Massachusetts. The Cape28 Wind project will eventually have 130 turbines. Wind Project leaders say electricity can start flowing by 2012. Opponents fear the turbines will kill wildlife and harm the coast in Massachusetts.

The Coast Guard is trying to stop an oil slick from flowing into sensitive Louisiana marshlands. Emergency response workers are trying to use a controlled fire to stop some of the oil from fouling29 the coast. The oil is from a pipeline30 that was attached to a drilling platform that exploded and sank last week. Eleven workers are missing and feared dead.


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