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NPR 2010-07-03

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The unemployment rate drops to 9.5% as more unemployed1 Americans are left out of the count because they've stopped looking for jobs. As jittery2 public digest the government's jobs report for June, President Obama warns of more tough times ahead.

"We continue to fight headwinds from volatile3 global markets, so we still have a great deal of work to do to repair the economy and get the American people back to work. That's why we're continuing a relentless4 effort across multiple fronts to keep this recovery moving."

Last month, payrolls5 shrunk by 125,000 jobs after temporary census6 work went away. But John Silvia, chief economist7 at Wellsfargo Security, says the jobs picture is better than some might think.

"I want you to take up the census; now I'm sure you have job gains in the private sector8. The nice things to see is that the private sector job gains are pretty broad-based, especially you saw manufacturing jobs up."

While we're seeing an effect on US stocks from this broad jobs report. Last check on Wall Street, Dow was down nearly 50 points at 9,684.

This holiday weekend's peak season on the Gulf9 Coast when tourists typically flock to the beach. But as NPR's Debbie Elliot tells us, the oil spill has all but destroyed that picture along the Gulf Coast.

Hotels and condos lining10 the Northern Gulf Coast would normally be packed to near-capacity this weekend, but property managers are reporting they're more than half-empty now. Gulf Shores, Alabama Mayor Robert Craft says it's a stark11 contrast to the typical summer bustle12.

"Be usually by now, the city is full and every business is full and excited because the cash register is ringing. And you were now receiving that promise that you've spent all winter spending money to get ready for (painting and cleaning and restocking the shelves with inventory13 in anticipation14 of the people showing up)."

Most businesses depend on what they make from Memorial Day to Labor15 Day to carry them through the year. Now, Craft says they're dependent on BP to cover their losses. Debbie Elliot, NPR News.

"Take Me Home, Country Roads", a tune16 suited for a somber17 farewell to political giant Robert Byrd. A memorial service was held in Charleston today for the senator from West Virginia who passed away early Monday at the age of 92. President Obama delivered the eulogy18 as other White House and congressional leaders paid final respects today to the longest-serving member of Congress.

Republican Senators Orrin Hatch of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska say they will not vote to confirm Elena Kagan to the US Supreme19 Court, citing concerns about her judicial20 philosophy and experience. Last year, Hatch pored Kagan's confirmation21 to her current post as solicitor22 general. But despite GOP opposition23, Kagan is widely expected to be confirmed to the nation's high court.

You're listening to NPR News.

An unmanned Russian cargo24 ship unexpectedly failed to dock with the International Space Station today. Details from NPR's Joe Palca.

The Progress 38 cargo carrier lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan this past Wednesday. It's carrying propellant, oxygen and water for the station, as well as spare parts and experiment hardware. It was supposed to dock with the station at shortly before 1PM Eastern Time today. But about 28 minutes before the scheduled docking, the space station lost its data link to the cargo ship. Instead of docking, the Progress sailed past the station at a distance of approximately two miles. Why the data link was lost is not clear at this point. It's also not clear when a second docking procedure can be attempted. Joe Palka, NPR News, Washington.

Greece is expected to be in the throes of another general strike next week, raising fears of fresh violence. Today, a union representing public servants announced it would join other unions on July 8th to protest Greece's austerity measures affecting broad labor rules. The union accuses the government of using Greece's debt crisis as an excuse to do away with the public welfare programs.

The Obama administration's trying to persuade Ukraine to keep NATO membership in an option, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to reassure25 her Ukrainian hosts that the US would not pressure the former Soviet26 republic.

("A dream is a wish, your heart...")

Generations know this voice is Cinderella behind a Disney Legend, Ilene Woods. She died yesterday at the age of 81. She later married Ed Shaughnessy, a Jazz drummer who performed for many years with the Doc Severinsen's band on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson".


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