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NPR 2010-07-13

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BP is close to putting a new cap on the damaged well that's been spewing millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf1 since April's rig explosion. NPR's Richard Harris tells us the new cap has valves that might be able to stop the flow.

The new cap could be a big leap forward in efforts to stop the flow of oil from the blown-out well. The best-case scenario2 was that BP will be able to close the valves on the cap. That would put an end to the gusher3, while BP continues to drill a relief well to seal it off permanently4. BP plans two days of pressure testing to see whether the valves can be shut safely. If the undersea well is badly damaged though, it may not be able to take the added pressure that would start to build up inside once the valves are closed. And in that case, BP would open the valves again. Then the company would gradually wrap up its ability to capture oil from surface ships. If that's the case, we could still see oil going into the Gulf for as long as two or three weeks. Richard Harris, NPR News.

The Obama administration's new moratorium5 on deepwater offshore6 oil drilling reportedly will no long be based on water depth. The Associated Press reporting that instead the moratorium will apply to any deepwater floating facility with drilling activities, the initial moratorium applied7 to those in waters of more than 500 feet. The moratorium was imposed after the Gulf oil spill, and we're expecting more details on this issue later this hour.

Veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder8 are expected to have an easier time claiming federal benefits under new rules made public this morning. The changes include no longer requiring veterans to prove what caused their illness.

Apple's latest iPhone, millions of which have already sold, is getting a thumbs-down from Consumer Reports magazine. NPR's Brett Neely reports Apple's fielding a slew9 of complaints about poor reception and dropped calls.

Apple has blamed faulty software for the reception issues and promised to fix. But in a video posted online, Consumer Reports editor Mike Gikas said a series of tests conducted by the magazine proved it was the phone's antenna10, not a software that was defective11.

"We can't recommend the iPhone 4 until Apple fixes this design flaw."

The non-profit Consumer Reports rates thousands of products every year. This is the first time the magazine hasn't recommended the new iPhone. For those who already own one of the phones, which have a starting price of $199, Gikas had this to offer.

"We have our own solution for dealing12 with the problem."

He said a small piece of duct tape applied to the bottom left side of the phone improves its reception. Brett Neely, NPR News, Washington.

Seeing slight gains in US stocks today, at last check, Dow Jones Industrial Average up 18 points at 10,216, NASDAQ Composite Index up slightly two points at 2,198.

You're listening to NPR News.

At least 74 people are confirmed dead, about as many injured after twin bombings in the Ugandan capital yesterday. Explosions in Kampala leveled two bars where fans had gathered to watch the World Cup final on television. The Somali Islamist group known as al-Shabaab is claiming responsibility for the two bombings, and the FBI says it has joined the investigation13 in Uganda.

A federal judge is ordering the Obama administration to release pictures of terror suspects held at the US prison in Guantanamo Bay. NPR's Carrie Johnson reports.

Federal Judge John Bates says the government should release nearly 50 photos of detainees from Kuwait. Lawyers sue to get the pictures, using the Federal Freedom of Information Act. The judge says that photos of the four Guantanamo Bay detainees are of significant public interest. But he delayed the decision on whether to release hundreds of hours of videotapes of the men. The images of the Kuwaiti men are less controversial than pictures of alleged14 detainee abuse at the Abu Ghraib facility in Baghdad. Defense15 Secretary Robert Gates said last year the release of the Abu Ghraib pictures would hurt national security, and Congress passed a law that would keep those pictures secret. Gates didn't make the same assertion in the Kuwaiti case. The Justice Department says it's reviewing the judge's ruling. Carrie Johnson, NPR News, Washington.

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico are confirming six dead in today's shooting rampage at Emcore Corporation, a manufacturer of solar industry products. The dead include the shooter, a former Emcore employee who, authorities say, apparently16 took his own life. Four people were wounded.


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