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NPR 2010-08-09

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The official in charge of the Gulf1 oil spill-up says that the blown-out well will be further sealed this week. But as NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports, he is promising2 that won't be the end of relief efforts.

The well has already been sealed from the top. Retired3 General Thad Allen says the relief well will be used to also seal it from the bottom. Allen told CNN's "State of the Union" that parts of the region are already starting to recover.

"Some beaches are reopening. Fisheries are reopening. And that will happen as soon as we can, either by cleaning up the oil or having the areas tested for the seafood4 safety and so forth5. But we need to understand that different parts of the coast were impacted in very different ways."

Allen also stressed the need to revamp deepwater drilling, crucial technology for the cleanup had to be brought over from the shores off Africa and the North Sea. Going forward, he said that technology should be used for drilling in the Gulf as well. Jennifer Ludden, NPR News, Washington.

The man in charge of US troops in Iraq says Iraq's military has stepped up to the challenge and is ready to take over security operations. General Ray Odierno tells ABC's "This Week" despite the country's political stalemate, Iraq's military is showing signs of independence.

"They continue to do broad-scoped operations across all of Iraq. Uh, we continue to help them as they do these, and that will continue after 1 September, our assistance. But we do believe they are ready to assume full operations in Iraq."

The US is moving ahead with a major drawdown of its troops, which is set to be completed by the end of this month. After that, 50,000 US forces will remain in the country.

A South Korean fishing boat is being held by North Korea. South Korea's Coast Guard says the boat strayed into North Korean waters off the peninsula's east coast today. The BBC's John Sudworth reports the incident is increasing regional tensions.

The South Korean Coast Guard says that the fishing boat has been detained and taken to a North Korean port, where the four South Korean and three Chinese crewmen are now being questioned. There're fears that the case may be complicated because the detention6 comes at the same time that South Korea is staging a large-scale naval7 exercise meant to send a message of deterrence8 following the sinking of one of its warships9 in March. The exercise has drawn10 the threat of retaliation11 from North Korea, which denies any involvement in the sinking.

The BBC's John Sudworth reporting from Seoul.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the slaying12 of ten medical workers in Afghanistan—six of them Americans—is a despicable act of wanton violence. In a statement released today, she says it demonstrates the brutality13 of the Taliban. She says it will not, however, stop the international community from helping14 the Afghan people. The ten were gunned down late last week while on a medical mission. The Taliban has claimed responsibility. The bodies were all returned to Kabul earlier today.

This is NPR News.

Lawmakers will be returning to Washington this week. The House will be voting on a job's bill that has already made it through the Senate. Republicans say the 26-billion-dollar package is a giveaway to public employee unions, while supporters say it will save the jobs of as many as 145,000 teachers.

Numbers released by the US Border Patrol show Arizona's new immigration law has reduced the number of legal immigrants coming into the state. Officials say that has hurt commerce, especially in the southern part of Arizona. From member station KJZZ in Phoenix15, Mark Moran reports.

The number of legal visitors entering Arizona from Mexico has dropped 17% since Governor Jan Brewer16 signed Senate Bill 1070 in April. Mexico issued a warning to its citizens about travel to Arizona four days after her signature. Since then, a federal judge temporarily put on hold the most contentious17 parts of the law including provisions that require (the) immigrants to carry documentation, and that allow police officers to ask for proof of citizenship18 while enforcing another law. The state has appealed to the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals. The 17% drop in legal immigration amounts to about 12,500 fewer people a day coming into the state, compared with the same period last year, which is taking a toll19 on local businesses. For NPR News, I'm Mark Moran in Phoenix.

It's basketball and a barbecue for President Obama today. He played hoops20 with some pros21 including Kobe Bryant and Lebron James as well as a few college players. His audience included a crowd of wounded warriors22, troops injured in action. Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha are wrapping up their visit to Spain. Today, they had lunch with the king and queen, and as a parting gift, the king gave Mrs. Obama some seeds for the White House garden.


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