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NPR 2010-09-10

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The State Department is warning Americans abroad to be on alert for possible protests against the US after a Florida church announced it would burn copies of the Koran this Saturday. Ahead of that, NPR's Michele Kelemen reports governments worldwide warn burning the Koran could fuel Islamist extremism.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner says the Obama administration is urging a pastor1 to reconsider plans to commemorate2 9/11 by burning the Muslim holy book.

"He's facing an unequivocal message that this is not a good thing. This does not represent the United States, the values we hold, and that it could potentially put at risk Americans overseas."

The State Department issued a travel alert that says demonstrations3 have already taken place in several countries including Afghanistan and Indonesia. Embassies in Jordan, Algeria, Syria and Indonesia have also put out special warnings to Americans there to be on alert. Michele Kelemen, NPR News, Washington.

As the White House monitors developments in Florida this Saturday, it's also watching to see if Iran delivers on its promise to release American Sarah Shourd the same day. She is one of three American hikers in prison in Tehran over a year ago on espionage4 charges. The government is calling the release "an active clemency5" to mark the end of Ramadan.

A US appeals court in Washington DC has lifted a lower court ruling that temporarily blocked federally funded research using in embryonic6 stem cells. But as NPR's Julie Rovner reports, the reprieve7 itself might also be temporary.

A three-judge panel lifted the August 23rd injuction that brought most embryonic stem cell research funded by the National Institute of Health to a halt after it was appealed by the Justice Department. Government officials had argued that even a temporary stop could set back the promising8 science. But the appeals court said its ruling allowing the research to proceed is a temporary one. It wants more time to examine the government's case and that of the plaintiffs in the underlying9 lawsuit10: a pair of adult stem cell researchers. They argue the Obama administration's policy violates an existing congressional ban on research that harms embryos11. A further decision is expected later this month. Julie Rovner, NPR News, Washington.

Firefighters in Colorado are bracing12 for more erratic13 winds as they tackle flames in the foothills west of Boulder14. Thousands of people are unable to return home. But Kirk Siegler of member station KUNC reports that some rain over that past day has allowed crews to contain 30 percent of the blaze.

Light rain showers have helped firefighters get some containment15 on the blaze and it's by no means controlled though. Fire crews are expecting more bad weather tonight when wind gusts16 up to 50 miles an hour in the forecast. Those gusty17 winds on Labor18 Day first blew this fire out of control, eventually burning nearly 170 homes. Fire officials say that number could still climb as the entire burned area has still not been surveyed.

This is NPR.

US and Iraqi forces are continuing their hunt for four prisoners who escaped from a maximum security facility just outside of Baghdad. As NPR's Jonathan Blakeley reports, the escapees are believed to have terrorist links.

The prisoners escaped late Wednesday from a facility formerly19 known as Camp Cropper. US military spokesman Genaral Jeffrey Buchanan says they're investigating.

"We're working in concert with the Iraqi security forces to continue the search for them and working to bring closure. And obviously, it's regrettable."

The escapees, who have ties to al-Qaeda, are four of about 200 prisoners who're considered dangerous. And at the request of the Iraqi government, remain in US custody20. The rest of the 1,500 prisoners were transferred to Iraqi authority in July. Just a week after that handover, four other prisoners managed to escape. Jonathan Blakeley, NPR News, Baghdad.

The US Navy says it's detaining nine suspected pirates who allegedly hijacked21 the German-owned Magellan Star off the Somali coast yesterday. The US Fifth Fleet says Marines raided the ship before dawn and reclaimed22 control.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has issued disaster declarations for 40 counties affected23 by Tropical Storm Hermine. Rick Perry conducted an aerial tour of flooded parts of central Texas today. Separately, authorities have suspended their search for two swimmers, who've been missing since yesterday and are feared dead.

The trade deficit24 shrank more than expected in July. Government reports the gap narrowed 14 percent under $43 billion.

Last check on Wall Street, Dow was up 28 points at 10,415.


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