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NPR 2011-01-23

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Two days of negotiations1 with Iran are over without any sort of agreement on nuclear issues. Officials from six world powers tried to persuade Tehran to reconsider its refusal to stop enriching uranium. The European Union's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, says Iran kept making unrealistic demands concerning sanctions.

"This is not the conclusion I had hoped for. We have hoped to embark2 on a discussion of practical ways forwards and have made every effort to make that happen. I'm disappointed to say that this has not been possible."

The summit ended without even an agreement to meet again.

In eastern Afghanistan, a bomb has killed two NATO soldiers. And as NPR's Quil Lawrence reports, a standoff between the Afghan president and the parliament appears to be resolved.

Heavy fighting continues in the south and east of the country, and NATO officials said that several insurgents3 were killed. President Hamid Karzai appears to have bent4 to the demands of the parliament that was elected four months ago, but is not yet convened5. Even after officials'd certified6 the results, Karzai created a special tribunal to review complaints. Critics say Karzai wanted more seats for his fellow ethnic7 Pashtuns, who did poorly at the polls because insurgents' threats kept their turnout low. Observers fear the delay might be indefinite, leading Karzai to rule by decree. This weekend, MPs vowed8 to inaugurate the parliament with or without Karzai, possibly with UN and American support. After hours of negotiations at the presidential palace, Karzai told MPs they can finally take their seats on Wednesday. Quil Lawrence, NPR News, Kabul.

Hundreds of people attended today's funeral Mass for Sargent Shriver in Potomac, Maryland. The founding Peace Corps9 director and member of the Kennedy clan10 died this week at the age of 95. NPR's Pam Fessler has this look at today's rememberance.

Singer Wyclef Jean was among the many notable performers and guests who gathered at the suburban11 Washington DC church. Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama joined friends and members of the Shriver and Kennedy families to pay their respects to Shriver and his long life of public service. Vice12 President Joe Biden said Shriver's great optimism was contagious13.

"That vigorous mind, that heart full of grace, that love, that energy, optimism. It helped serve so many who had so little for so long."

Shriver started the Peace Corps for his brother-in-law President Kennedy. He also led the Johnson administration's War on Poverty and helped run the Special Olympics with his wife Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Pam Fessler, NPR News, Washington.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is in the intensive care unit of a rehabilitation14 hospital in Houston after a successful trip from Arizona. Doctors say she has great rehabilitation potential.

This is NPR News.

The director of human rights at the United Nations is urging the Mexican government to investigate if the kidnapping of 40 Central American migrants was done with the collusion of officials. James Blears in Mexico has more about the still unsolved abductions.

UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay wants to discover if there's any connection which links two incidents concerning a train, which was last month traveling through the southern Mexican state Oaxaca. It was initially15 halted by police and migration16 officials, who detained 92 of 250 migrants. But soon after the train resumed its trip, it was forced to stop by gunmen, who then abducted17 40 people. They haven't been seen since. Mr. Pillay says this happened in highly questionable18 circumstances. The Mexican Institute of Migration confirms it's still investigating the incident. For NPR News, I'm James Blears in Mexico City.

President Obama, in marking today's 38th anniversary of the Supreme19 Court's decision on abortion20, calls the procedure a constitutional right that he will protect. In a statement today, he says he remains21 committed to policies designed to prevent unintended pregnancies22. And he called on Americans to recommit themselves to ensuring that, in his words, our daughters have the same rights, the same freedoms and the same opportunities as our sons to fulfill23 their dreams. Anti-abortion activists24 will participate in an annual event called "March for Life" in Washington on Monday.

Holly25 Lahti, the recent winner of $190 million in the Mega Millions jackpot has not been seen or heard from since the drawing on January 4th, but an old mugshot of her sporting a black eye has surfaced. Court records indicate she and her husband had a history of violent disputes. He could now lay claim to some of the money.


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