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NPR 2011-03-11

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Defense1 Secretary Robert Gates says NATO’s not already to impose a no-fly zone or take any other military action against the Libyan government. Speaking at NATO headquarters in Brussels today, Gates says the alliance is still ironing out details. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, says she plans to meet members of the opposition2 in Washington and when she visits Egypt and Tunisia next week.

“I intend to convey strong support of the Obama administration and the American people, that we wish to be a partner in the important work that lies ahead as they embark3 on a transition to a genuine democracy.”

Two journalists are missing in Libya. The Brazilian paper O Estado de S. Paulo says it has learned that its staffer Andrei Netto is in prison. Reuters news service quotes Reporters Without Borders saying the same thing. Whereabouts of the other journalist, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad of the Guardian4 in Britain, is unknown.

The House Homeland Security Committee’s holding [a] controversial hearing about radicalization of Islam. And as NPR’s Barbara Bradley Hagerty tells us, there was no surprises but some emotion.

Congressman6 Peter King, who chairs the committee, has been accused of targeting an entire religious group because of a few Muslims who launched attacks. He said the investigation7 is justified8.

“Despite what passes for conventional wisdom in certain circles, there is nothing radical5 or un-American in holding these hearings.”

He called two men who testified that their family members had been radicalized in the US and blamed Muslim organizations for not doing enough to stop terror attacks, but the sheriff of Los Angeles County painted a different picture, saying that Muslims in his community had readily cooperated with police. They are appeared to be little new information, but Democrats9 were outraged10 by the narrow scope of the hearing. Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR News.

Unions are closely watching developments in Wisconsin, where the state assembly votes on a measure that includes stripping away collective bargaining rights for most public workers. The state’s Senate approved it, and Republican Governor Scott Walker is defending it. More from Wisconsin Public Radio’s Chuck Quirmbach.

Walker’s holding news conferences today to support action by state Senate Republicans who passed key parts of his budget repair bill. The most controversial items would reduce collective bargaining options for tens of thousands of public employees and require state workers to pay more for their pension and health insurance. Walker says lawmakers were assured that none of the 14 Democratic senators, who had left the state, had to be in the Senate chamber11 for the vote.

“Well, it’s a fiscal12 impact to the state and local government. It does not have appropriation13, and they can comply with it, with the council they were given.”

Wisconsin Democrats have said they’re continuing to analyze14 whether the Senate action follows state rules. For NPR News, I’m Chuck Quirmbach in Milwaukee.

Dow is down now more than 200 points.

This is NPR.

The Justice Department is charging 13 Somali men with piracy15 in an incident that left four Americans dead. Federal prosecutors16 in Virginia are announcing the indictments17. NPR’s Carrie Johnson reports the alleged18 pirates were flown from Somali to face justice.

The US Navy captured more than a dozen pirates after they allegedly took over a yacht off the east coast of Africa earlier this year. Ultimately, all four hostages on the yacht; US citizens wound up dead. The incident represented the first time Americans had been killed by pirates in recent memory, and it touched off debate over how to handle the growing problem. Authorities flew 13 men from Somalia and another from Yemen to North Virginia to face trial there. The men are due in court for an initial appearance Thursday afternoon. Carrie Johnson, NPR News, Washington.

Oil prices remain above $100 a barrel, although they appear to be sliding back. Investors19 are trying to determine how much a recent surge in the costs of crude has affected20 the economic recovery. Analysts21 warn that if drivers see prices continue to climb at the gas pump, they may start cutting back. Earlier, benchmark West Texas Intermediate for April delivery fell $1.20 to $103.18 per barrel, and that was earlier today.

US stocks really sliding down now more than 200 points or more than 1.6% at 12,014 in trading of three billion shares. This as investors continue to be worried about the health of the global economy and more concerns about oil-rich Middle East states. NASDAQ down 45 points at 2,707. S&P 500 down 22 at 1,298.

I’m Lakshmi Singh, NPR News.


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