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NPR 2011-03-20

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NPR News has confirmed that the US has fired a cruise missile targeting Libyan air defenses. The first shot in the UN authorized2 force against Libya came earlier today, when a French jet attacked a Libyan military vehicle. Representatives from the US, Europe and Arab nations met in Paris only hours before that attack to finalize3 plans to protect Libyan civilians4. NPR's Tom Gjelten reports there are questions about the effectiveness of such intervention5.

I think one of the big questions around this operation is whether it is coming too late. Just this morning, Muammar Gaddafi's forces were reported already to be inside Benghazi. And I think that some of the people, some of the critics of this government and others, who have been calling for this response for days and weeks now, are raising this question of whether it is coming too late. I think one of the things that's important here is how Gaddafi and his forces react. If they freeze, if they begin to pull back, we may see sort of some loss of momentum6 here as far as the international military action is concerned. If, on the other hand, he charges ahead, I think this will probably escalate7.

Russia is saying it regrets the West involvement in the Libyan conflict. In addition to aircraft, the US Navy has ships off the coast of Libya.

Events in Libya are prompting Defense1 Secretary Robert Gates to delay by one day a planned trip to Russia. A Pentagon spokesman says Gates wants to stay here to keep an eye on events in Libya. He is set to leave for his trip on Sunday.

People leaving the immediate8 area around the crippled Fukushima power plant are being encouraged to take potassium iodide. NPR's Joe Palca reports that potassium iodide is a harmless salt to protect people from the potentially damaging effects of radioactive iodide.

Radioactive iodine9 is one of elements produced as a byproduct in nuclear reactors10. Japanese officials have reported unacceptably high levels of radioactive iodine in milk and spinage from farms near the Fukushima plant. The thyroid gland11 concentrates iodine. Concentrating radioactive iodine increases the risk of thyroid cancer. The potassium iodide salt prevents this. Joe Palca, NPR News, Washington.

Japanese health officials say that small amounts of radiation have been detected in food and water miles from the stricken power plant. They says they do not pose an immediate health threat.

And the ripples12 of the earthquake and tsunami13 are having an effect on Honda. The automaker says it will suspend many orders in May for vehicles made in Japan and destined14 for US dealers15. Typically, car dealers put their orders in at least six weeks in advance. The company says it will resume production by the middle of week. It has already stopped some production in ships around the world, and pickup16 truck production in the United States has been suspended for a brief period of time. The company expects to deal with the shortage of parts.

This is NPR News in Washington.

Thirty-two teams who left in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament have play today. NPR's Mike Pasca reports that the matchups include a few surprises.

Almost every year, the basketball kind of sent a note: A 12th seeded team upsets a 5th seed in the tournament. But this year, it was the 6th seed that was especially vulnerable. Two biggest teams St. John's and Georgetown failed to underdogs Gonzaga and VCU respectively, but another biggest team Marquette pulled the upset as an 11th seed, beating Xavier. A 12th seed did again win this year as Richmond defeated Vanderbilt, and Louisville, a 4th seed, fell to Morehead State. Syracuse and Washington both advanced in last night's late games. Pittsburgh is the only No.1 seed in play today. They face last year's finalist Butler. Mike Pasca, NPR News, Washington.

President Obama begins a five-day tour of South America today. The president's first stop is in Brazil. The White House is focusing on the economic value of strengthening ties with countries in the region. The president is scheduled to make other stops in Chile and El Salvador.

The owner of a Taxes day care, where four children died in a fire last month, has reportedly turned herself into authorities in Nigeria. Jessica Tata's brother says the woman went to the US consulate17 in Nigeria, but the Associated Press says there's no independent confirmation18 of the story from officials there. Tata fled following the fire on February 24th.

Tensions along the Israel-Gaza border are increasing as militants19 fired more than 15 mortar20 rounds into an Israeli border community. Israel reportedly retaliated21 with an air strike in Gaza. This is the largest number of rounds fired into Israel in two years.

And reporting our top story: The US has fired a cruise missile at Libyan air defenses in Libya this afternoon.

I'm Jim Howard, NPR News, Washington.


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