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NPR 2011-06-23

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Americans are expecting to hear more details tonight from President Obama on his plans to bring US troops home from Afghanistan. NPR's Ari Shapiro is here to talk about what the president is expected to reveal tonight in his prime-time televised address.

Hi, Lakshmi. Well, you remember that about 18 months ago, President Obama ordered a surge of some 30000 troops into Afghanistan with a plan to start bringing troops home this July. Well, tonight, we're expecting him to talk about bringing 10000 troops home this year with the rest of the surge troops to follow, and the goal is to have all of the combat troops out by 2014. Right now, there's a total of some 100000 American troops in Afghanistan, another 50000 or so allied1 troops, and this is a quicker drawdown than many of the president's military leaders had wanted, but a slower drawdown that the American people who would like to see all American troops leave Afghanistan as soon as possible would prefer.

Yeah. Ari, what other key points are expecting here tonight from the president?

Well, he's gonna frame us as an evidence of a growing success in Afghanistan measured against the goals that he set in terms of denying al-Qaeda safe haven2, reversing Taliban momentum3 training, the Afghan national security forces. He's gonna talk about progress on all of those fronts, and he's not ready to say "mission accomplished4", but he will talk about positive sides on the horizon.

OK, Ari, thank you. That's NPR's Ari Shapiro.

The Federal Reserve confirms jobs and economic growth in general are not expected to grow this year as fast as previously5 thought. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke gives us a few reasons why.

"Consumers' purchasing power has been dampened by higher food and energy prices, and the aftermath of the tragic6 earthquake and tsunami7 in Japan has been associated with disruptions in global supply chains, especially in the auto8 sector9."

But Bernanke says growth should pick up next year. At the close of a two-day policy meeting, the central bank decided10 not to touch low interest rates.

Sirens sounding off in Minot, North Dakota, where about 11000 people are racing11 to get to higher ground. The Souris River is overtopping levees, threatening to unleash12 destructive floods through the center of town not seen since 1969. This as Onarori Shell is scrambling13 to get his family out.

"Oh, my gosh! It's * for two days straight. * lasted at about midnight, and my parents are ready to evacuate14 them also. So it's been kind of crazy."

Nearly 500 national guardsmen are helping15 with evacuations.

At last check on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 80 points at 12110; Nasdaq off 18 before the close or more than 0.5% at 2669; S&P 500 down eight points at 1287.

This is NPR News.

Syria's foreign minister is lashing16 out at his country's critics, promising17 that Syria will become a model of democracy within three months. NPR's Deborah Amos has this from Beirut.

Foreign Minister Walid Muallem condemned18 new economic sanctions imposed by Europe. "We will forget that Europe is on the map," he said in a televised news conference. He also vowed19 Syria would be an unprecedented20 example of democracy within months. His comments go beyond the more vague promises in a presidential speech earlier this week, another attempt to blunt the momentum of the protest movement. Dissidents dismissed the president's remarks as did Europe and the US. Turkey's president was quick to deem the reforms inadequate21. Syrian officials have been on the offensive to project confidence that the majority of Syrians support their reform program. Deborah Amos, NPR News, Beirut.

A teenager accused of being involved in cyber-attacks on the CIA website faces police charges in Britain. The 19-year-old is also suspected of having ties to a group that recently breached22 computer security at the US Senate and at Sony.

Venus Williams advances in Wimbledon after a thrilling match against her Japanese rival who at 40 was the second oldest woman to reach the second round after Martina Navratilova. Williams conceded the win was anything but easy, saying that her opponent doesn't play anywhere near her age. Five-time champion won 6-7, 6-3, 8-6. Spaniard Rafael Nadal's victory, meanwhile, was more swift. He defeated American Ryan Sweeting in the men's—6-3, 6-2, 6-4—to advance to the third round and a go at a third Wimbledon title.

I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News in Washington.


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