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NPR 2011-07-29

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Jin Hour.
The House of representatives is now debate House Speaker John Boehner's plan to cut the deficit1, but to voted expective leader today. Boehner's plan would raise the debt ceiling in exchange for deep cuts in spending. However, NPR's ?? ?? reports President Obama is not banking2 gone for his threat to veto the plan should get his desk.
White House Spokesman Jay Carney says he is still confident that Congress will raise the debt ceilng before Tuesday's deadline, but he says House Speaker John Boehner's plan is not the way to do it.
There's no question that this bill is a political act that has know life beyond this. It's crime existence and house.
More than 50 senators have promised to oppose the Boehner plan, that means it won't pass the Congress. But it's not clear that any other oppositons can leader. ?? ???, NPR News, the White House.
For his parts Speaker John Boehner says his plan is a resolved of compromise and he says now it's time for others to support his proposal and move forward.
Our solution that was put other by the Bi Partison leaders in Congress. There's no reason for them to say no. It's time for somebody in this town to say yes. We said yes on the budget, we said yes on the plan last week. Now we say yes again this week on the plan. And whether somebody on the other side they are going to take yes for answers.
Lawmakers are working against the deadline of next Tuesday to raise the nation's debt ceiling, meanwhile, the Treasury3 Department says it will soon be up with its ? priorities of which bill the government will pay, should Congress not reach the agreement on the debt ceiling. The government makes about 80 millon individual payments a month. Earning taxes base energy giant EXXON Mobil is reporting second quarter profits of more than 10 and a half billion dollars, that's best showing in years that bill civil with member station KERA reports.
It wasn't a record biking second quarter but EXXON Mobil, the world's larget publicly-treated oil company still solve profits sort 41% of a year ago. The company reported 10.7 billion dollars income. Analyst4 expected better and earnings5 did not meet expectations. EXXON Mobil battle line with help by rising oil prices above 100 dollars a barrel from much of the recorder. The global economy improved, too, to help meet the energy demand. CEO ?? ??? says her company spent a record 10.3 billion dollars to develop new energy supplies. From NPR News, I'm Bill Zebal in Dalas.
A muslim soldier who's been granted conscientious6 of ??'s ?? could be facing new charges. After the FBI says bomb-making component7 to were founded in his hotel room near Four Could, Texas. Nasel Abeden has allegedly been A-war since July. The 21-year-old Hard ??? religious beliefs would prevent him from fighting in any war.
On Wall Street first bully8 by better jobless claims this month, NASDAQ are now turning mixed. The Dow Jones Industrial Average's down 57 pints9 at 12,244. The NASDAQ compose indexes top 1 point at 2766. You're listening to NPR News from Washington.
The way states gather and report high school graduation rates has been so unreliable. The federal government has ordered all states to begin use a more transparent10 uniform method. NPR's ?? ?? has this story.
The US department of education want one school to report them number of students graduated in 4 years and then devide that number by the number of students who enroll11 4 years earlier. Schools will be allowed to account for kids transfer in and out or who may require in next 2 year to graduate. Most states used Hogipojive methods to count high school graduates resorting in widely different rates states to states. So much so, that the date in 26 states was considered useless. The new method is based on the 2005 agreement among the nation's governers to create tracking number for every student that will allow schools to control with greater certainty. When or where student completed high school. States must begin using the new methods this fall. ?? ?? NPR News.
180 public school employees in Atlanta are receiving notices that they are been put on paided administrative12 lead. As part of whites precheating investigation13. A state report out earlier this month. Applicants14 employee is in 44 schools for cheating on state tests. Official says at least 41 individual suspected the cheating have all requit or retired15. Atlanta school supreme16 attendant Allen David says he wants to begin termination proceedings17 as quickly as possible.
They had Norway's police security survey says that Anderson Breivik, the man who allgedly bombed building and attacked youth camp appears to be the associated paffic blown wolf. He said it was not part if, claimed with part of military group. Officials in Norway say they know doubt those claims.
Ange Power, NPR News in Washington.


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