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NPR 2011-08-31

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 The national guard is airlifting food and water to about a dozen Vermont towns where roads and bridges are washed out because of hurricane Irene, a storm that's blamed for more than 40 deaths ,billions of dollars in damage and widespread power outages in nearly a dozen eastern states.Vermont received more than 11 inches of rain over the weekend,which triggered some of the worst floodings in that state in nearly a century. High waters are also inundating1 homes and businesses in New Jersey2 where governor Chris Christie is visiting residents along the flooded XX river today. NPR's Jeff Brady reports one of the hardest hit comunities is the township of XX.

According to XX's mayor XX, about 60% of the city is flooded,affecting 300 homes. He says residents have plenty of warning to evacuate3 Sunday as the water was rising.
We're starting to receive now .There'll be a slow process. Probably poeple won't even be able to get into some areas until,maybe, Thursday.
XX says flooding in the wake of hurricane Irene was a foot higher than the previous record set back in 1903. Jeff Brady,NPR news.
As communities from the Caribbean to Canada tried to put Irene behind them, another potentially dangerous storm is forming. Forecasts say XX show it could become a major hurricane over the weekend but they say it's too early to say how much of impact that will have on the Caribbean or whether it'll even hit the United States.The storm is still far out in the Atlantic.
Rebel leaders in the Libyan capital Tripoli are calling on police and security forces to return to their jobs.NPR's Jason Beaubien reports the opposition5 is also vowing6 that its armed rebels will be merged7 into a new national military.
The interior minister for the rebel's Transitional National Council XX says many police are now back on the streets of Tripoli and the TNC is reestablishing security across the capital.Speaking at a press conference here, XX said there may be a few forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi left in Tripoli but only a few. The city streets over the last week have been filled with young men with guns.Many of them met at checkpoints throughout the area.XX said the TNC will call for these rebel fighters to join a national military or turn their weapons.Asked about his reaction to Algeria, taking in XX children of Gadhafi throughout the XX has an enemy act. Jason Beaubien,NPR news,Tripoli.
Anti-government activists8 in Syria are accusing security forces of opening fire on thousands of protestors today. They say at least 7 people ,including a 13-year-old boy, were killed. Gunfires reportedly erupted as these people were leaving mosques9 following prayers that marked the end of Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan.
You're listening to NPR news.
Warren Jeffs,the polygamist leader serving life in prison for child sexual assault remains10 hospitalized but reportedly not in a medically induced coma11.NPR's Wade12 Goodwyn says sources familiar with Jeffs's condition say the FLDS president actually has pneumonia13.
Warren Jeffs developed pneumonia over the weekend. He was taken to a hospital in Tyler in east Texas ,not far from where Jeffs was incarcerated14.According to a source familiar with Jeffs's condition,the polygamist leader was sedated15, pharmacologically paralyzed and put on the ventilator.He was not put into an induced coma as has been reported.Medically induced coma is typically done when a patient is suffering from brain swelling16 or intractable scissures .Jeffs is said to be improving.He's serving for a life sentence for sexually assaulting two of his under-aged daughters. Wade Goodwyn,NPR news,XX.
Voters in one of the nation's largest cities are picking a new mayor today.NPR's Ted4 Robbins says Phoenix17 residents are choosing from 7 candidates.
It's been nearly 30 years since Phoenix had such a competitive race for mayor.The candidates include a city councilman,two former council members,a political consultant,a lawyer and a business owner.If no candidate gets the majority of the votes,there'll be a runoff election in Novemebr.Current Phoenix mayor Phil Gorden is not eligible18 to run again because of term limits. Ted Robbins,NPR news.
At last,check on the Wall Street.The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 36 points at 11,575 in trading, just over 2 billion shares. NASDAQ gained 14 points at 2575.S&P 500 up 3 at 1213.
I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR news.


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