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NPR 2012-01-24

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 A Marine1 sergeant2 who faced manslaughter charges for killing3 unarmed Iraqi men, women and children in 2005 has entered a plea deal with military prosecutors4. Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich agreed to plead guilty to dereliction of duty for his role in the slayings at Haditha. As NPR’s Tom Bowman reports, all other charges have been dropped.

Sgt. Wuterich was the last of eight Marines to face charges for the Haditha killings5 that resulted in the deaths of 24 Iraqis, including ten women and children. All other Marines had their charges dropped or dismissed. One was acquitted6. The case centered on the rules of engagement which govern one of Marines can use his weapon against an enemy. Prosecutors argued that Wuterich lost control of his quad7 and failed to have the positive identification that’s required before opening fire. The defense8 said the killings were a tragic9 mistake, but Sgt. Wuterich acted within the military combat rules at the time. Tom Bowman, NPR News, Washington.
Oil prices have risen about 1% today following worry that the European Union has banned imports of oil from Iran. NPR’s John Ydstie reports tension over Iran’s nuclear development program is putting upward pressure on oil prices. 
With its ban on Iranian oil imports, the EU is joining the US in ratcheting up pressure on Iran to curb10 its nuclear development program which the West believes it’s aimed at developing nuclear weapons. On December 31, President Obama signed an order imposing11 a new round of US sanctions, including penalties on financial firms doing business with Iran. Oil prices have risen steadily12 in recent weeks as Iranian officials have threatened to block the strait of Hermuz and oil export route vital to the global economy. A senior Iranian member of parliament repeated the threat after the EU ban was announced. However, the increase in oil prices was minor13. John Ydstie, NPR News, Washington.
The White House says President Obama will host Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti on February 9th. Both leaders [are] expected to discuss Italy’s efforts to restore market confidence. Monti is an economist14 and academic, and he took over late last year to over-sweeping debt cutting measures in Italy. 
Destructive storms are moving through the Southern US today. NPR’s Debbie Elliott reports at least two people are dead, more than 100 injured. 
A predawn tornado15 ripped through Alabama, destroying homes and knocking down trees and power lines in at least seven counties. Roads are blocked, and tens of thousands of people lost electricity. Several communities near Birmingham were hit. Rescue workers are combing the damaged areas to make sure there are no more victims trapped in the debris16. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has declared a state of emergency. The path of the storm was similar to that of a deadly round of storms that struck the state in April but smaller in scope. Debbie Elliott, NPR News. 
This is NPR.
Republican US Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois is recovering after undergoing surgery early this morning. NPR’s Cheryl Corley reports the freshman17 senator suffered a stroke over the weekend. 
Senator Kirk checked into a hospital on Saturday, and tests revealed the senator had suffered a stroke on the right side of his brain. Doctors say the surgery performed to release swirling18 around the brain was successful, and that Kirk’s general good health, the nature of the stroke and his relative young age - he’s 52 - are positive factors. The stroke has affected19 his left arm and leg as well as some facial movement. Kirk was first elected to the Senate in 2010, then a member of the US House. He won one of most closely watched Senate races, capturing the seat formerly20 held by President Obama with 48% of the vote. Cheryl Corley, NPR News, Chicago. 
The European Union plans to ease its sanctions on Myanmar after the country also known as Burma agreed to move toward pro-democratic reforms. The EU says the first step is ending its visa ban on Myanmar’s president and other senior officials. 
Well, News Corp. is hoping to bring MundoFox to a Spanish-language market near you. Today the company said it was teaming up with Columbia-based RCN Television Group to launch a Latino broadcast network in the US. MundoFox will be carried on stations access were to about three quarters of US households. MundoFox will compete with Univision and Telemundo, and it launches this fall. 
At last check on Wall Street, Dow Jones Industrial Average down 30 points at 12,609 in trading just over two billion shares; NASDAQ off six points; it’s at 2,781.


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  • Marine creatures are those which live in the sea. 海洋生物是生存在海里的生物。
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  • This boat was formerly used on the rivers of China.这船从前航行在中国内河里。
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