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NPR 2012-12-23

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  From NPR News in Washington, I'm Nora Raum.
  Egypt's vice1 president resigned hours before the final phase of voting on the constitution. NPR's Leila Fadel reports the vice president led attempts by the embattled President Mohamed Morsi at national dialogue in the days leading up to the vote on the constitution.
  Vice President Mahmoud Mekki issued a statement saying he first submitted his resignation to the president early last month, but until today the political climate forced him to stay on. In a statement Mekki said that he realised the nature of politics didn't suit his profession as a judge. The statement hinted a dissatisfaction with Islamist President Mohamed Morsi's policies. Morsi enraged2 the opposition3 and a majority of judges when he issued decrees that put himself above the law last month before rushing an imperfect constitution to a referendum. Mekki defended those policies as Morsi's deputy, despite his history as an activist4 for the independence of the judiciary. It was unclear if Mekki's resignation had anything to do the clause in Egypt's Constitution that eliminates the position of vice president. Leila Fadel NPR News, Cairo.
  Police in India used tear gas and water cannons5 to break up mass demonstrations7 in the capital, New Delhi today. Protesters are demanding justice for a student who was gang-raped in a bus last weekend. NPR's Julie McCarthy is following the march and says police have also been beating demonstrators.
  The crowds are choking, putting hankerchiefs over their mouths so that they can breathe. And by the thousands, they are now repairing back to India Gate. It's not clear where this demonstration6 is going. The determination of demonstrators is extremely high. But this use of force against them today is dispersing8 them for the moment. Julie McCarthy, NPR News, in central Delhi.
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today he welcomed the nomination9 of Senator John Kerry to be secretary of state. He said Kerry is experienced and a known supporter of Israel security. President Obama nominated Kerry yesterday.
  The President is in Hawaii to celebrate Christmas. No public events are scheduled, but tomorrow, he will attend a memorial service for the late Senator Daniel Inouye. Before leaving Washington last night, the President recorded his weekly address with some help from the first lady.
  And on behalf of my favourite Americans,Michelle, Malia, Sasha and Bo, Merry Christmas, everybody.
  Happy holidays.
  House Speaker John Boehner delivered the Republican address. He urged Democrats10 to work with Republicans to avert11 the so-called "fiscal12 cliff".
  Hope springs eternal and I know we have it in us to come together and to do the right thing.
  Unless they can reach an agreement by the end of the year, income tax rates will go up and spending will be cut throughout the federal government.
  This is NPR News from Washington.
  A winter storm is complicating13 travel in many parts of the US this weekend. Several inches of snow fell today in parts of Pennsylvania. Danielle Karson reports this is expected to be the busiest holiday travel season in six years.
  Americans are shrugging off the snowstorms, heavy rain and fog that are causing flight delays and traffic jams. AAA predicts more than 93 million people will travel this weekend, packing hotels, airports and roads. Personal incomes rose last month, so AAA spokeswoman Heather Hunter says that's putting more money in people's wallets.
  People do have a bit more money for travel, also any of the pent-up demand after the recession when a lot of people pulled back is starting to work itself through.
  Economic growths in the jobs market are picking up. And that's good news for two key industries after a nearly two-year slump14. Hotels are seeing their occupancy rates steadily15 climb and airlines have been packing planes at record levels. For NPR News, I'm Danielle Karson.
  A pharmacy16 connected to the deadly meningitis outbreak this year has filed for a bankruptcy17 protection. The New England Compounding Center said it's facing 130 lawsuits18 and another 270 people have filed claims, saying they were injured by contaminated steroid injections. Filing bankruptcy protects the companies from its creditors19 while regarded its debts under the supervision20 of a bankruptcy judge.
  Writer Larry L. King has died. His wife said he died at a retirement21 home in Washington D.C. Thursday night. No cause was given. King wrote a magazine article that became a Broadway musical and became a movie starring  Burt Reynolds, the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Larry L. King was 83.
  I'm Nora Raum, NPR News, in Washington.


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