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NPR 2012-02-23

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 The Obama administration wants to cut the top corporate1 tax rate from 35% to 28%. NPR's Scott Horsley reports that's part of a broader proposal designed to simplify the tax code. 

The current corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the world. While the proposed rate of 28%, it's closer to the average for big industrial countries. In exchange for the lower overall rate, the administration wants to do away with dozens of targeted tax breaks for particular industries. At the same time, the White House wants to provide additional tax incentives3 to promote manufacturing. Treasury4 Secretary Tim Geithner says the proposal is designed to start a process that's bound to be long and contentious5. The secretary plans to meet with congressional tax writers within the coming weeks. Scott Horsely, NPR News, Washington.
President Obama is hailing the new African-American History Museum as not just a record of tragedy but a celebration of life. At the groundbreaking on the National Mall today, the president said it was on the grounds long ago that the pillars of democracy were built often by black hands. NPR's Allison Keyes says it was a moving event for a number of people.
I spoke6 a little bit earlier to a 92-year-old Navy from the first class Larinso Japel. He said he is proud to be here today. The ship upon which he served is being featured in the museum here with the USS Mason, and he said he is so proud. He did not say if he was going to live long enough not only to see an African-American president but to see a museum that would honor the contribution that African-Americans have made to this country. 
NPR's Allison Keyes.
After nearly seven months, the trail of Egypt's ousted7 President Hosni Mubarak draws to a close today. Grant Clark reports Mubarak is charged with corruption8 and ordering the death of hundreds of protesters during last year's uprising.
Defense9 lawyers are making their closing arguments today in the controversial trial, which has been unfolding largely behind closed doors. Prosecutors10 claimed Mubarak gave police shoot-to-kill orders and to use live ammunition11 against protesters, whose demonstrations12 ended history decades of rule a year ago. Mubarak could face the death penalty if found guilty, although any conviction is likely to be appealed. But there will be no verdicts today. The former leader is on trail along with his two sons Alaa and Gamal, as well as a former interior minister and several top police officials. Grant Clark, NPR News, Cairo.
Syrian activists13 are reporting helicopter gunships being used in northwestern Syria. In Homs, site of more than two weeks’ shelling, residents estimate dozens more people have been killed today. Among them, two Western journalists, American Marie Colvin and French native Remi Ochlik.
At last check on Wall Street, the Dow was down ten points at 12,956.
This is NPR News.
The death toll14 is rising in Argentina's worst train crash in decades. At least 49 people are dead, as many 600 injured. Authorities say a crowded train slammed into the buffers15 at a Buenos Aires station during morning rush hour. Authorities are still pulling victims from the wreckage16
Supporters of California's ban on same-sex marriage say they will appeal a ruling earlier this month by a federal appellate court that struck down Proposition 8. NPR's Richard Gonzales reports backers of the measure will ask a larger panel of the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to review the ruling.
A three-judge panel split 2 to 1, finding that Prop2. 8 is unconstitutional because it discriminates17 against a minority group for no compelling reason. But the sponsors of Prop. 8 say that decision is out of step with other federal court rulings, and they are requesting an en banc hearing, in other words, before all the judges of the Ninth Circuit. A majority of the judges on that panel would have to vote to grant the hearing. The appeal is expected to delay the possibility of the case going to the US Supreme18 Court. Richard Gonzales, NPR News, San Francisco.
Federal charges are being brought against the former supreintendent of West Virginia's Upper Big Branch mine, site of the 2010 explosion that killed 29 men. Gary May is accused of conspiring19 to defraud20 the federal government. So far, May is the highest-ranking Massey Energy employee to face criminal charges in connection with the tragedy.
Latest from Wall Street, Dow’s down nine points at 12,956 in trading now about two billion shares; NASDAQ also off eight points; it's at 2,940; and the S&P 500 falling two points at 1,360.
This is NPR News.


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