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NPR 2012-03-20

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 Jewish schools in religious sites across France are under a heightened security as the hunt continues for a gunman who killed three children and a teacher at a Jewish school in the southern city of Toulouse this morning. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports that the weapon was the same used in the killings1 of three French soldiers outside a military base in Toulouse last week.

In the two previous instances and the latest, the gunman drove up on a motorcycle, apparently3 chose his victims and fired at point-blank range before speeding off. The same 45-caliber handgun was used. French police say they are on the hunt for a possible terrorist or serial4 killer5 who could strike again. Witnesses at the school described a man dressed all in black with light green eyes. The dead in the latest incident include a rabbi and his two children—ages three and six—and an eight-year-old girl. No motive6 is yet known for the attacks. The killings have shocked the nation during a presidential campaign. President Nicolas Sarkozy and the other major candidates temporarily suspended the campaign and came to Toulouse to support the Jewish community. Eleanor Beardsley, NPR News, Toulouse.
The Army sergeant7 accused of slaughtering8 Afghan civilians9 has met with his attorney for the first time since the attack on villagers earlier this month. The lawyer, John Henry Browne, tells the Associated Press it was an emotional 3.5 hours at Fort Leavenworth, where Sgt. Robert Bales is being held in isolation10. He has yet to be charged.
Tomorrow is the deadline for presidential candidates to file their fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission. NPR's Scott Horsley reports President Obama's reelection campaign is giving supporters a sneak11 preview.
President Obama's reelection team released some selective highlights from its financial report through its Twitterfeed and campaign website. The campaign raised more than 45 million dollars last month, but it offered no breakdown12 of how much of that total goes to the Democratic National Committee. The campaign also has not yet said how much it spent in February or how much cash it still has on hand. February's fundraising total is about four times Mitt13 Romney's whole, but it's less than Mr. Obama himself raised during a similar period four years ago. Scott Horsley, NPR News, the White House.
Meanwhile, Republican Mitt Romney has been campaigning at President Obama's home turf of Illinois. In Springfield today, he talked about the economy. Though it's doing better, Romney says the economic recovery has been slower than expected under Obama's watch. 
Peyton Manning reportedly is going with the Broncos. The Denver Post says the quarterback superstar called Broncos legend John Elway to break the news. Elway is now Denver's vice14 president of football operations. Manning, a four-time NFL MVP, had a series of neck surgeries. He was released by the Indianapolis Colts after 14 years. ESPN is calling it a done deal though barring a snag during intensified15 contract negotiations16.
Before the close, the Dow was up six points. 
This is NPR News.
Russia's foreign minister is vowing17 to keep pressing the Syrian government to honor daily ceasefires that would allow humanitarian18 aid to get through to the hardest-hit Syrian neighborhoods. Today Sergey Lavrov said his government firmly supports the plan, though Russia and China still oppose a UN resolution that demands the Syrian government end its year-long crackdown on dissent19.
Searchers have found the body of the hot-air balloon pilot who went missing after he was struck by a powerful thunderstorm in Georgia last week. They say Edward Ristaino was ferrying skydivers when a fast-developing storm hit and sucked in his balloon. Skydivers say the pilot was able to find a field where they could parachute to safety before his balloon crashed.
Field is set for this year’s Sweet 16 in the men's NCAA Basketball Tournament, all four of the No.1 seats still alive. But as Scott Graf of member station WFAE reports, one has suffered a big injury.
Many had the University of North Carolina winning it all this year, but the Tar2 Heels suffered the tournament's most significant injury so far in yesterday's 14-point win over Creighton. Point guard and playmaker Kendall Marshall broke one of his wrists. He kept playing, but he's now scheduled to have surgery today. As a result, his status for the rest of the tournament and that of his team's chances to win this year's title aren’t clear. Meanwhile, the lowest-seeded team still playing is Ohio University. The 13-seeded Bobcats have won a school-record 28 games and are having their best seasons since 1964. Ohio will take on North Carolina Friday in St. Louis. For NPR News, I'm Scott Graf in Charlotte.
I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News.


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