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NPR 2012-04-29

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 On Rattlesnake Ridge1 in Washington’s Cascade2 Mountains, King County sheriffs believe they have found the dead body of Peter Keller. The survivalist had not been seen since last weekend’s killings3 of Keller’s wife and daughter, for which he’d been charged. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sergeant4 Katie Larson said officers blasted open the mouth of the bunker when an effort to communicate with Keller failed.

"We began trying to engage in conversation with the person in the bunker. Then we received a response, and at that point our TAC 30 team used an explosive to breach5 the roof of the heavily fortified6 bunker, and then that allowed us to enter the bunker.”
She said the apparent cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
There are reports a blind Chinese legal activist7 managed to escape house arrest in his village, and he’s currently under the protection of the US embassy in Beijing. As the BBC’s Martin Patience tells us, dissident Chen Guangcheng is now worried about his family.
Neither the American nor Chinese government has publicly commented on this case. But yesterday a prominent dissident told the BBC that Chen Guangcheng had been taken to the US embassy. After his dramatic escape from his home in Shandong province, Mr. Chen released a video calling for China’s premier8 to ensure the safety of his family. There are reports that the activist’s brother and a nephew are among those who've been detained by the police for helping9 him to flee. 
The BBC’s Martin Patience.
Congressional Republicans have passed a bill preventing increases in student loans. But as NPR’s David Welna reports, the White House is not satisfied.
The bill extending the Stafford college loan subsidies10 costs nearly six billion dollars. House Republicans paid for that by abolishing a preventive health fund of the new health care law. Democrats11 said that will harm the health of women and children. House Speaker John Boehner disagreed. 
“People want to politicize this because it’s an election year, but my God, do we have to fight about everything?”
The measure narrowly passed. But Connecticut Democratic Joe Courtney said as far as the bill will go, “this measure is dead. It will be vetoed. It’s not going anywhere.” Senate Democrats next month take up a similar loan extension bill. But it’s paid for by closing tax loopholes. David Welna, NPR News, the Capitol.
It his weekly address, the president is reminding soldiers and veterans of a crackdown on unscrupulous for-profit educational institutions seeking to benefit from GI education benefit dollars.
"The sad truth is that there are people out there who are less interested in help our men and women in uniform in getting ahead and more interested in making a buck12.”
The program was introduced to a military base in Georgia this Friday. The program is called “Know Before You Owe.” 
This is NPR News in Washington.
Spain is stepping up security ahead of the European Central Bank meeting in Barcelona next week. Lauren Frayer has details from Madrid.
With a single visa, you can normally travel freely within the so-called Schengen zone, 26 countries that make up most of mainland Europe. But now Spain has temporarily revoked13 the Schengen treaty, allowing officials to check passports along the border with France and the international airport in the country’s northeast. Those are the ones closest to Barcelona, where the European Central Bank convenes14 a board meeting Thursday. Spain wants to thwart15 protesters who might demonstrate outside the ECB meeting. Spain has Europe’s highest unemployment rate, and people here are angry about austerity measures imposed partly under pressure from the ECB. Last month, protesters set fires and clashed with police during a general strike here. For NPR’s News, I’m Lauren Frayer in Madrid.
Over a six-month period ending in March, thousands of unaccompanied child immigrants crossing the Texas border were rounded up by the US Office of Refugee Resettlement, this according to an AP review of the Department of Human and Health Services statistics. And all 5,000 children round up in US custody16 without a parent or guardian17. Government and nonprofit agencies have been working to expand shelter and reunification services as well as getting legal representation for the children.
The streets of Rome were filled with bicyclists today in a demonstration18 calling for more respect and safety for people traveling by bike. At one point, the protesters got off their bikes and laid down in the streets to symbolize19 cyclists and pedestrians20 struck by cars.
I’m Louise Schiavone, NPR News, Washington.


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