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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-09-01

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 President Obama is promising1 to all ways [always] look out for America's troops echoing that message today at Fort Bliss2, Texas. Two years ago, he visited Bliss, today[that/the day] he announced an end to the US combat role in Iraq while(when) he's pledging the same for troops in Afghanistan where he said the US presence will still be felt.

Even as this war ends, we will stay vigilant3, so Afghanistan is never again a source for attacks against America, never again.
The president's remarks come at an especially sensitive time in Afghanistan where attacks on coalition4 forces by members of Afghan security are rising.
President Obama is expected to tour hurricane-ravaged areas of Louisiana on Monday. His Republican challenger Mitt5 Romney was there today along with fellow Republican governor Bobby Jindul. Hurricane Isaac's survivors6 along the Gulf7 Coast are spending this day examining what's left of their homes. Neighborhoods are under water in parts of Louisiana and much of the state is still without power. NPR's Greg Allen is monitoring developments from New Orleans. 
Isaac had winds over 70 miles per hour [and salovo>>inside of] southern Louisiana for a day and a half before moving slowly north, bringing flooding to thousands of communities. In Plaquemines Parish, south of New Orleans, water is draining back to the gulf through a breach8<bridge> authorities dug yesterday in a levee there. Officials say they made breach levee in several more places. Louisiana's largest power company Entergy says it brought in more than 1,000 outstate workers to help restore power throughout the region. They will be working 16-hour shifts and will place first priority on restoring power to hospitals, police stations and fire stations. In Plaquemines, authorities made a grim discovery last night. A man and woman were found drown[ed] in their home. The first known fatalities9 here from the storm. Greg Allen, NPR News, New Orleans.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says the nation's unemployment rate is a grave concern and the Fed will do more to help booster the economy if required. NPR's Dave Mattingly reports on Bernanke's speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
With unemployment stuck above 8%, Bernanke describes the US economy as far from satisfactory. He offers no specifics, but says the Fed should not rule out new policies to try to jumpstart the job market. Scott Brown is chief economist10 at Raymond James Associates.
We've sort of been on this grey area with the economy is recovering, you know, [through full employment, things] will just be great. But the problem is we are not in full employment. We've got a lot of people who are unemployed11. We are going to get these[those] people back to work. 
Brown expects the Fed to announce steps at its September meeting. Dave Mattingly, NPR News, Washington.
At last check on Wall Street, Dow Jones Industrial Average up 90 points at 13,091; NASDAQ Composite Index gaining 18 points more than 0.5% before the close at 3,067; and the S&P 500 also gaining seven points. This is NPR News.
The New Jersey12 Community is mourning the deaths of two people killed just over 12 hours ago in a mass shooting at a supermarket. Police say a 23-year-old man, an ex-marine left his shift at a Pathmark store in Old Bridge Township and returned a half hour later armed with an AK-47 assault riffle and handgun. They say he opened fire on more than a dozen coworkers killing13 two of them before he took his own life. Police are still trying to determine a motive14
NASA pays tribute to a giant in space exploration. Hundreds of NASA employees, former astronauts and members of the public gathered at the Kennedy Space Centre to remember Nile Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. Armstrong died last Saturday at age 82. From member station WMFE, [Methi Petty] reports the Space Center's director paid tribute to the man he called, a personal hero. 
Standing15 next to a wreath and photo of the Apollo 11 commander in front of a replica16 of the lunar module17, Bob Cabana said Armstrong was an astronaut of the highest caliber18. He said Armstrong never dwelled on his remarkable19 accomplishments20 or sought the limelight. 
He was a teacher with a passion for aeronautics21 and space exploration who wanted to share his knowledge and his experience and he has continued to be a world leader in this area. 
Cabana said Armstrong's small step for man cemented his place in our hearts and history for ever, but it was just the start of a long journey in the continued quest for space exploration. A private memorial service for Armstrong was held in Ohio. For NPR News, I'm [Nethi Petty] at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 


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