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世界500强CEO访谈 第8期:宝洁雷富礼 设计是我们的核心能力(2)

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   Reporter: Most P&G products are sold in supermarkets and drugstores where the shelves are packed. How do you get shoppers to notice and buy your brand?

  Lafley:Ifs a huge challenge because the proliferation of brands, products and SKUs makes it difficult for the retailers2 to execute. These stores also have a predominantly temporary workforce3 and high turnover4 That puts a lot more pressure on package design to project an instantly recognizable brand with a clear brand promise. Consumers must clearly see who we are and what we can do for them. To do that, we try to create a category language and architecture so the shopping experience is ordered, patterned and intuitive. We spend a lot of time on that and work with our retail1 partners to make sure that our understanding and research are consistent with theirs. We've seen that by changing the way a product category is laid out, some retailers are realizing pretty sizable lifts in their total category business because shoppers are finding the experience easier and more intuitive.
  雷富礼:那是一个很大的挑战,因为越 来越多的品牌、产品和库存单位使得零售商们很难对产品进行销售,而且,这些商店里都是临时劳动力,他们有很大的流动性。这就在包装设计方面给我们带来很大的压力,我们需要规划出一个认知度高、有良好品牌承诺的品牌。消费者必须要清楚地看到我们是谁,我们能为他们做些什么。为了实现那样的目标,我们试着对产品进行分类,使人们的整个购物过程都很有秩序、很规范、很直观。在那方面我们花费了很多时间,并且与零售商进行合作,以确保我们在这方面的认识与所做的研究调查和他们是一致的。我们发现,通过改变产品分类的摆放方式,很多零售商在其整体的销售额上有很大提高,这是因为消费者发现那样的购物方式更轻松、更自在。
  Reporter:How can design make a difference to a brand and innovation company like P&G?
  Lafley:Design is critical to the creation of brand equity5. There are instances where we had great technology, great chemistry, but we did not get the product design or package design or the design of the delivery system right, and the consumer couldn't appreciate what the product had to offer. We have other examples where we got the design right and case with our new Swiffer duster product. It is an example of simple, but basic, good, intuitive design, and it is flying off the shelf.
  雷富礼:设计对于创造品牌资产是至关重要的。有那样的例子,当我们掌握有高科技、高化学技术,但是并没有将产品设计、包装设计或送递设计做得很好,结果使得消费者不知道我们的产品会给他们带来什么。也有实例证明,我们将设计做得很成功,结果消费者就很认同我们的产品。那就是我们的速易洁除尘 产品向我们证明的,产品设计简单但是很基础、很好的、很直观,结果产品卖得很好。
  Reporter:What kind of consumer research methods do you use?
  Lafley:Whatever works. We are relatively6 light users of focus groups. We prefer understanding real-world experiences. We would rather do shop - along or shopper simulations to get close to the real shopping experience. We like to get in the homes and get involved in the usage experience.
  Reporter:P&G has been masterful at keeping brands contemporary while extending the line. An example is Crest7.
  Lafley:Crest is an interesting example because it was introduced in 1955 as a therapeutic8 dentifrice. It took off when we offered ;avity pn vention in the 460s and continued to grow when we added tartar control. Our more recent effort to improve the consumer experience led us to redefine Crest as “home oral care” and that opened us up to new kinds of dentifrice-flavors, forms and whitening. We had been selling manual toothbrushes and thought it would be great to offer an electric toothbrush, like experience. We got into the SpinBrush for a $3—$7 price point. Obviously we want it all to look like one Crest brand on the shelf and in the home. We work hard on the architecture because these products all have different shapes and are shelved in different places in the store.


1 retail VWoxC     
  • In this shop they retail tobacco and sweets.这家铺子零售香烟和糖果。
  • These shoes retail at 10 yuan a pair.这些鞋子零卖10元一双。
2 retailers 08ff8df43efeef1abfd3410ef6661c95     
零售商,零售店( retailer的名词复数 )
  • High street retailers reported a marked increase in sales before Christmas. 商业街的零售商报告说圣诞节前销售量显著提高。
  • Retailers have a statutory duty to provide goods suitable for their purpose. 零售商有为他们提供符合要求的货品的法定义务。
3 workforce workforce     
  • A large part of the workforce is employed in agriculture.劳动人口中一大部分受雇于农业。
  • A quarter of the local workforce is unemployed.本地劳动力中有四分之一失业。
4 turnover nfkzmg     
  • The store greatly reduced the prices to make a quick turnover.这家商店实行大减价以迅速周转资金。
  • Our turnover actually increased last year.去年我们的营业额竟然增加了。
5 equity ji8zp     
  • They shared the work of the house with equity.他们公平地分担家务。
  • To capture his equity,Murphy must either sell or refinance.要获得资产净值,墨菲必须出售或者重新融资。
6 relatively bkqzS3     
  • The rabbit is a relatively recent introduction in Australia.兔子是相对较新引入澳大利亚的物种。
  • The operation was relatively painless.手术相对来说不痛。
7 crest raqyA     
  • The rooster bristled his crest.公鸡竖起了鸡冠。
  • He reached the crest of the hill before dawn.他于黎明前到达山顶。
8 therapeutic sI8zL     
  • Therapeutic measures were selected to fit the patient.选择治疗措施以适应病人的需要。
  • When I was sad,music had a therapeutic effect.我悲伤的时候,音乐有治疗效力。
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