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A Humble1 Gift

It is the last day of the school year and I stand empty-handed with no gift to give you.

It isn't that I haven2't tried to think of something thoughtful and kind-quite the contrary. For months, I have combed catalogs, browsed3 specialty4 shops and department stores, inquired in novelty shops, and even searched the Internet only to realize that no bauble5 or trinket or card could express the feelings of a mother's grateful heart for a teacher's loving dedication6.

How I wish a colorful bundle of fresh wildflowers could reflect the beauty of your way with children-the constant patience and nurturing7, the gentle encouragement. A keepsake basket laden8 with soothing9 soaps and bath oils would eventually serve only as a common gift were its sturdy, woven walls not filled to overflowing10 with examples of the individual ways you have touched the lives of your students.

Jewelry11 would be nice, but what can I afford that would not soon tarnish12 or grow quickly out of style? You deserve the gems13 of royalty14 for your perseverance15 and creativity, your devotion and talent.

During the past year, I have given you many gifts, mostly intangible ones.

My first gift arrived at the moment the first school bell rang last August, when I placed in you my trust, believing you would teach my child and reserve respect me as a parent. I added to that my constant and fervent16 prayers that you would be objective and fair, with the ability to set limitations while offering my child a chance to learn self-control and to soar a bit in the process. I sincerely petitioned that your classroom would be a safe haven for my child to grow and learn, lending itself to the crazy, yet somehow perfect, mixture of self-discipline and controlled instruction. I prayed for your health and your happiness, and for your ability to be supplied with the tools necessary to complete your task as teacher and educator and mentor17. I offered you my time as often as I could, and my support for your endeavors. Occasionally, I even offered you a challenge when I spoke18 my mind, sometimes-standing firm, sometimes backing down with a renewed assurance or a "wait and see" attitude.

I wish with all my heart that I could put a delicate ribbon on a gayly wrapped package and give you a "something" to express my appreciation19 and affection. But I have nothing to give you that would surpass the most precious gift I have ever had to offer and which you already so graciously accepted months ago-the one you have held close to your heart, laughed with and probably cried with, applauded and scolded, lifted and encouraged, molded and shaped-my child.

And today, as my child returns to my side for the summer, the gift I humbly20 give to you is found deep within my heart . . .

I give you my thanks.


1 humble ddjzU     
  • In my humble opinion,he will win the election.依我拙见,他将在选举中获胜。
  • Defeat and failure make people humble.挫折与失败会使人谦卑。
2 haven 8dhzp     
  • It's a real haven at the end of a busy working day.忙碌了一整天后,这真是一个安乐窝。
  • The school library is a little haven of peace and quiet.学校的图书馆是一个和平且安静的小避风港。
3 browsed 86f80e78b89bd7dd8de908c9e6adfe44     
v.吃草( browse的过去式和过去分词 );随意翻阅;(在商店里)随便看看;(在计算机上)浏览信息
  • I browsed through some magazines while I waited. 我边等边浏览几本杂志。 来自辞典例句
  • I browsed through the book, looking at page after page. 我翻开了一下全书,一页又一页。 来自互联网
4 specialty SrGy7     
  • Shell carvings are a specialty of the town.贝雕是该城的特产。
  • His specialty is English literature.他的专业是英国文学。
5 bauble BQ0yv     
  • That little bauble is not to be compared with this enormous jewel.那个小摆设不能与这个大宝石相比较。
  • A bauble is a showy ornament of little value.廉价珠宝是华而不实的装饰品。
6 dedication pxMx9     
  • We admire her courage,compassion and dedication.我们钦佩她的勇气、爱心和奉献精神。
  • Her dedication to her work was admirable.她对工作的奉献精神可钦可佩。
7 nurturing d35e8f9c6b6b0f1c54ced7de730a6241     
养育( nurture的现在分词 ); 培育; 滋长; 助长
  • These delicate plants need careful nurturing. 这些幼嫩的植物需要精心培育。
  • The modern conservatory is not an environment for nurturing plants. 这个现代化温室的环境不适合培育植物。
8 laden P2gx5     
  • He is laden with heavy responsibility.他肩负重任。
  • Dragging the fully laden boat across the sand dunes was no mean feat.将满载货物的船拖过沙丘是一件了不起的事。
9 soothing soothing     
  • Put on some nice soothing music.播放一些柔和舒缓的音乐。
  • His casual, relaxed manner was very soothing.他随意而放松的举动让人很快便平静下来。
10 overflowing df84dc195bce4a8f55eb873daf61b924     
n. 溢出物,溢流 adj. 充沛的,充满的 动词overflow的现在分词形式
  • The stands were overflowing with farm and sideline products. 集市上农副产品非常丰富。
  • The milk is overflowing. 牛奶溢出来了。
11 jewelry 0auz1     
  • The burglars walked off with all my jewelry.夜盗偷走了我的全部珠宝。
  • Jewelry and lace are mostly feminine belongings.珠宝和花边多数是女性用品。
12 tarnish hqpy6     
  • The affair could tarnish the reputation of the prime minister.这一事件可能有损首相的名誉。
  • Stainless steel products won't tarnish.不锈钢产品不会失去光泽。
13 gems 74ab5c34f71372016f1770a5a0bf4419     
growth; economy; management; and customer satisfaction 增长
  • a crown studded with gems 镶有宝石的皇冠
  • The apt citations and poetic gems have adorned his speeches. 贴切的引语和珠玑般的诗句为他的演说词增添文采。
14 royalty iX6xN     
  • She claims to be descended from royalty.她声称她是皇室后裔。
  • I waited on tables,and even catered to royalty at the Royal Albert Hall.我做过服务生, 甚至在皇家阿伯特大厅侍奉过皇室的人。
15 perseverance oMaxH     
  • It may take some perseverance to find the right people.要找到合适的人也许需要有点锲而不舍的精神。
  • Perseverance leads to success.有恒心就能胜利。
16 fervent SlByg     
  • It was a debate which aroused fervent ethical arguments.那是一场引发强烈的伦理道德争论的辩论。
  • Austria was among the most fervent supporters of adolf hitler.奥地利是阿道夫希特勒最狂热的支持者之一。
17 mentor s78z0     
  • He fed on the great ideas of his mentor.他以他导师的伟大思想为支撑。
  • He had mentored scores of younger doctors.他指导过许多更年轻的医生。
18 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
19 appreciation Pv9zs     
  • I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all.我想对你们所有人表达我的感激和谢意。
  • I'll be sending them a donation in appreciation of their help.我将送给他们一笔捐款以感谢他们的帮助。
20 humbly humbly     
adv. 恭顺地,谦卑地
  • We humbly beg Your Majesty to show mercy. 我们恳请陛下发发慈悲。
  • "You must be right, Sir,'said John humbly. “你一定是对的,先生,”约翰恭顺地说道。
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