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听电影学英文-蒙娜丽莎的微笑 14

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  [00:02.87]We split up. 我们分手了
[00:07.04]-What? -We split up. -什么? -我们分手了
[00:12.18]Well, that was fast. 真是太快了
[00:13.98]Well, not every relationship is meant for marriage. 不是每次恋爱最后都以结婚告终的
[00:17.48]-Some are strictly1 affairs? -Bill Dunbar. -有些仅仅只是恋爱? -比尔
[00:20.89]He’d be an affair. Let’s talk about that, Miss Watson. 他在和你交往吗,说说吧,沃森小姐
[00:24.29]You don’t believe in withholding2, do you? 你不会有所保留吧?
[00:26.49]No. I do, however, believe in manners. But for you, I’ll make an exception. 不,我确实懂得礼貌,但对你,我会例外
[00:31.36]That’s what we’re supposed to do for married students. Right, Betty? 对已婚的学生,就该这样,是吗, 贝蒂?
[00:35.80]Professor Dunbar and l are not having an affair. 邓巴没有和我在恋爱
[00:40.20]Did you have one with William Holden? 那你和威廉 赫尔登呢?
[00:42.21]-Connie! -She asked about Bill Dunbar. -康妮! -她已经都问了比尔 邓巴了
[00:44.41]-How did you hear that? -Oh, it is true! -你怎么会知道的? -哦,是真的!
[00:47.41]Betty, I told you. 贝蒂,我告诉过你的
[00:52.22]-Won’t you regret never marrying? -There’s still time. -你没结婚,不后悔吗? -还有时间
[00:55.62]I guess I assume that I will at some point. 我想我会随缘
[00:57.92]-I’m not gonna plan my life around it. -Neither should we. -不会去刻意为此安排我的生活 -我们也不应该
[01:01.16]-I didn’t say that. -You did to Joan. -我没那么说 -你对琼说了
[01:03.16]-That’s what she told me. -What are you saying? -是她这么告诉我的 -你在说什么?
[01:05.86]She knew you and Tommy were getting engaged. 她知道你和汤米 快要订婚了
[01:08.27]And she practically filled out your application. 她却仍然帮助你填了法学院的入学申请
[01:10.87]-I didn’t say that. -She’s been accepted. -我没那么说 -她已经被录取了

[01:13.37]Now she just has to figure out a way to tell Tommy. 现在她只要想办法告诉汤米就行了
[01:17.91]Why don’t you do it? You’re good at butting3 into people’s business. 你为什么不去?你很擅长管别人的闲事
[01:21.45]Funny, that’s what they say about you. 真有趣,别人正是这么说你的
[01:27.02]-Spencer, do I look all right? -Yeah, fine. -斯宾塞, 我这样行吗? -很好
[01:31.26]-I don’t have a lot of time. Speed it up. -Mr. Grouchy4. -我们时间不多,快点 -格罗切先生
[01:34.86]-All right, here we go again. -All right, go ahead, Louise. -好了,准备拍了 -拍吧, 路易丝
[01:39.43]Married Wellesley girls have become quite adept5 at balancing obligations. 结婚的韦尔斯利学院女孩在兼顾 学业和婚姻生活上游刃有余
[01:44.30]One hears such comments as: 有人听到这样的话:
[01:46.10]"I baste6 the chicken with one hand and outline the paper with the other. " "我一只手给烤鸡涂油,一只手写论文提纲”

  [01:50.84]While our mothers were called to work for Lady Liberty... 当我们的母亲们在为自由而工作的时候...
[01:54.21]...it is our duty, nay7, obligation to reclaim8 our place in the home... ...我们有责任,不,有义务 来重新担当起我们在家庭里...
[01:59.38]...bearing the children that will carry our traditions into the future. ...生儿育女延续传统的角色
[02:04.12]One must pause to consider why Miss Katherine Watson... 人们必须认真思考为什么 艺术史系的讲师...
[02:08.16]...instructor9 in the Art History department... ...凯瑟琳 沃森小姐...
[02:10.63]...has decided10 to declare war on the holy sacrament of marriage. ...决定对神圣的婚姻宣战
[02:14.73]Her subversive11 and political teachings encourage our Wellesley girls... 她颠覆传统的教学内容鼓励着韦尔斯利学院的女孩...
[02:18.54]... to reject the roles they were born to fill. ... 摒弃生来注定担当的角色
[02:39.09]Thank you. 谢谢
[03:01.08]Slide. 开始
[03:05.52]-Contemporary art. -That’s just an advertisement. -当代艺术 -那只是个广告
[03:08.15]Quiet! 安静!
[03:11.62]T oday you just listen. 今天你们只要听就行了
[03:16.16]What will the future scholars see when they study us? 未来的学者在研究我们的时候, 看到这会想什么?
[03:21.83]A portrait of women today? 今日女性之面貌?
[03:28.34]There you are, ladies. 女士们,注意了
[03:30.78]The perfect likeness12 of a Wellesley graduate. 一个韦尔斯利学院毕业生的真实写照
[03:33.48]Magna cum laude, doing exactly what she was trained to do. 全优的成绩, 这正是别人教她做的
[03:39.32]Slide. 下一张
[03:42.29]A Rhodes scholar. 领罗氏奖学金的研究生
[03:45.89]I wonder if she recites Chaucer while she presses her husband’s shirts. 我在想是否她在替丈夫 熨衣服的时候还在背诵乔叟的诗句
[03:49.93]Slide. 下一张
[03:53.10]Now, you physics majors can calculate the mass and volume... 你们这些学物理的可以来计算...
[03:57.30]...of every meat loaf you make. Slide. ...你们所做的肉面包的质量和体积 下一张
[04:01.11]A girdle to set you free. 给你们自由的束腹
[04:03.71]What does that mean? 那是什么意思?
[04:11.02]What does that mean? 那是什么意思?
[04:14.49]What does it mean? 什么意思?
[04:20.99]I give up. 我放弃
[04:25.13]You win. 你们赢了
[04:27.80]The smartest women in the country. 这个国家最聪明的女性
[04:34.74]I didn’t realize that by demanding excellence13... 我以前没有认识到,为了追求卓越...
[04:40.41]...I would be challenging.... ...我会去挑战....
[04:45.58]What did it say? 怎么说来着的?
[04:49.82]What did it say? 怎么说来着的?
[04:53.89]"The roles you were born to fill." "生来注定担当的角色"
[04:58.23]Is that right? 是吗?


1 strictly GtNwe     
  • His doctor is dieting him strictly.他的医生严格规定他的饮食。
  • The guests were seated strictly in order of precedence.客人严格按照地位高低就座。
2 withholding 7eXzD6     
  • She was accused of withholding information from the police. 她被指控对警方知情不报。
  • The judge suspected the witness was withholding information. 法官怀疑见证人在隐瞒情况。
3 butting 040c106d50d62fd82f9f4419ebe99980     
  • When they were talking Mary kept butting in. 当他们在谈话时,玛丽老是插嘴。
  • A couple of goats are butting each other. 两只山羊在用角互相顶撞。
4 grouchy NQez8     
  • Grouchy people are always complaining for no reason.满腹牢骚的人总是毫无理由地抱怨。
  • Sometimes she is grouchy, but all in all she is an excellent teacher.有时候她的脾气很坏,但总的来说她还是一位好老师。
5 adept EJIyO     
  • When it comes to photography,I'm not an adept.要说照相,我不是内行。
  • He was highly adept at avoiding trouble.他十分善于避开麻烦。
6 baste Nu5zL     
  • The paper baste the candidate for irresponsible statement.该报公开指责候选人作不负责任的声明。
  • If he's rude to me again,I'll baste his coat.如果他再对我无礼的话,我就要揍他了。
7 nay unjzAQ     
  • He was grateful for and proud of his son's remarkable,nay,unique performance.他为儿子出色的,不,应该是独一无二的表演心怀感激和骄傲。
  • Long essays,nay,whole books have been written on this.许多长篇大论的文章,不,应该说是整部整部的书都是关于这件事的。
8 reclaim NUWxp     
  • I have tried to reclaim my money without success.我没能把钱取回来。
  • You must present this ticket when you reclaim your luggage.当你要取回行李时,必须出示这张票子。
9 instructor D6GxY     
  • The college jumped him from instructor to full professor.大学突然把他从讲师提升为正教授。
  • The skiing instructor was a tall,sunburnt man.滑雪教练是一个高高个子晒得黑黑的男子。
10 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
11 subversive IHbzr     
  • She was seen as a potentially subversive within the party.她被看成党内潜在的颠覆分子。
  • The police is investigating subversive group in the student organization.警方正调查学生组织中的搞颠覆阴谋的集团。
12 likeness P1txX     
  • I think the painter has produced a very true likeness.我认为这位画家画得非常逼真。
  • She treasured the painted likeness of her son.她珍藏她儿子的画像。
13 excellence ZnhxM     
  • His art has reached a high degree of excellence.他的艺术已达到炉火纯青的地步。
  • My performance is far below excellence.我的表演离优秀还差得远呢。
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