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听电影学英语-重返17岁 08

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  [00:02.54]- Damn it! NED: Checkmate. - 可恶! - 将死了!
[00:03.38]NED: Boom. Checkmate, Samir! 将军,萨米尔!
[00:06.74]BOY: Uh, can I get a little help in here? 能帮我个小忙吗?
[00:11.42]Alex? 亚历克斯?
[00:19.46]How does it...? 你怎么会…?
[00:22.30]- Who did this to you? - The basketball team. - 是谁这么对你? - 篮球队
[00:25.82]But why? Why? You’re one of them. 什么?怎么会呢?你是其中的一员啊
[00:28.82]You’re popular. 你很受欢迎的啊
[00:32.66]Uh, look, this is kind of personal, and I don’t know you. 你看,这问题有点私人 而且我都不认识你
[00:35.02]- I’m taped to the toilet. - Yeah. - 我被绑在厕所里 - 嗯
[00:37.54]I’m sorry, I’m Mark Gold, uh, your uncle Ned’s kid. I just started here. 对不起,我是马克·高德 你奈德叔叔的儿子,我刚刚转过来
[00:41.38]Oh, cool. Cool, yeah. 噢,酷,挺棒的
[00:44.38]Well, I’d shake your hand... 好吧,我很想和你握手…
[00:47.90]...but it’s taped to my ass1. - Right. Right. - 但是我的手被绑在屁股上了 - 噢,对
[00:48.06]Would you mind? 你不介意…
[00:50.58]- Yeah, yeah, sure. - Yeah, um. - 不会,当然不介意 - 嗯,好的
[00:53.10]- Just rip. - I’m going to get it. - 撕吧 - 我要撕了
[00:56.78]- Band-Aid. - Go for it. - 就像是撕邦迪 - 放手撕吧
[01:01.30]ALEX: So how come we never met? 为什么我以前没有见过?
[01:07.14]My mom didn’t want anyone to know she had a kid with Ned. 我妈不希望有人知道她和奈德有个孩子
[01:09.82]- That makes sense. - Yeah. - 有道理 - 是啊

[01:11.14]So since we’re practically family and all... 既然我们也差不多是一家人,而且…
[01:14.18]...my dad says we should just keep an eye on each other, you know? …我爸说我们应该相互照应 你明白我的意思吗?
[01:16.86]Uh, yeah. Why not? 嗯,当然明白
[01:20.34]Next time you could get there before they tape me to the toilet. 下次你可以在他们 把我绑起来之前赶到厕所
[01:24.22]You got it. 没问题
[01:26.70]This looks good. 看起来不错啊
[01:32.90]Who’s that? 那是谁?
[01:35.94]- Nicole. - Are you two going out? - 妮可 - 你们正在交往吗?
[01:36.42]Oh, uh... 噢,嗯…
[01:40.26]No, no, she’s the, uh, head cheerleader. 不,不,她是,嗯,啦啦队的队长
[01:43.26]She’d never go out with me. 她不会和我交往的
[01:43.94]You know, when I first met your mother, I was so nervous... 你知道,当我第一次遇见你母亲的时候 我是如此的紧张…
[01:46.98]You met my mother? 你遇到我妈?
[01:47.62]- What? - My mother. - 什么? - 我妈妈
[01:50.30]You said, "The first time I met your mother, I was nervous." 你说,“我第一次遇见你母亲的时候 我很紧张”
[01:53.66]- Oh, that’s weird2. Is your mom hot? - Dude, what...? - 噢,那听起来真怪,你妈妈很辣吗? - 伙计,你说什么…?

  [01:57.02]- What do I say to that? - I was joking. Joking, dude. - 我在说些什么? - 我开玩笑的,玩笑而已
[02:04.02]ALEX: Stan. 斯坦
[02:08.06]I hate that guy. 我恨那家伙
[02:10.54]- Oh. - Thanks. - 噢 - 谢了
[02:11.06]BOY: What? - Huh. - 什么? - 哼
[02:12.90]- Freshman3. STAN: Good sandwich. - 低年级 - 三明治不错
[02:18.10]Is that the guy who taped you to the toilet? 是他把你绑在洗手间里的吗?
[02:18.78]MIKE: Yeah. 没错
[02:21.26]Yesterday he shoved me in a washing machine in my own house. 昨天他把我推进了我家的洗衣机里
[02:25.10]- What was that jerk doing at your house? - It’s Maggie’s boyfriend. - 那个蠢蛋在你家这么对你? - 他是玛姬的男朋友
[02:29.78]Maggie has a boyfriend? 玛姬有男朋友?
[02:31.66]Well... 好吧…
[02:34.34]...l’m very disappointed in your sister. …我对你姐很失望
[02:39.18]He’s looking. Don’t make eye contact. He’s kind of temperamental. 他正在看这边,不要和他对视 他脾气很古怪
[02:42.86]- You’re looking. Stop it, stop it. - I’ll look at him. - 你还在看,停下,停下 - 我会一直盯着他
[02:45.54]STAN: Hey, twinkle douche. 嗨,你这个爱眨眼的脑残
[02:49.22]If I wanted you in the cafeteria, I would’ve taped you to a lunch lady. 如果我希望你出现在餐厅 我会把你和派午餐的大妈绑在一起
[02:52.58]MIKE: You little punk. 你这个小杂种
[02:56.26]You don’t talk to him that way. 别对他这样说话
[03:02.10]STAN: Yeah? 是吗?
[03:05.46]What are you gonna do? 你打算怎么样?
[03:11.98]What am I gonna do? 你问我打算怎么样?
[03:14.14]First... 首先…
[03:15.98]...l’m going to call your father. …我要打电话给你爸
[03:20.60]Heads up! 看这个!
[03:31.90]Give me my ball back, bitch. 把球还给我,婊子
[03:35.06]You know, Stan, I feel sorry for you. 你知道吗,斯坦,我真的很同情你
[03:37.90]- You don’t know me. - Oh, but I do. - 你又不认识我 - 不,我了解你
[03:39.74]All too well. 太了解了
[03:43.78]You’re the man. 你就是那个
[03:46.26]Captain of the basketball team. 篮球队的队长
[03:46.46]Dates the pretty girls. 和一堆漂亮女生约会
[03:50.62]High school is your kingdom. 高中是你的王国
[03:54.46]But, people... 可是呢,各位…
[03:56.98]Why? 为什么呢?
[04:00.50]It’d be way too easy to say Stan preys4 on the weak simply because he’s a dick. 很明显斯坦专门欺负弱小 只因为他是个小鸡鸡
[04:06.54]No, no. 不对,不对
[04:07.02]No. 不对
[04:09.86]Stan here... 在这里的斯坦…
[04:10.54]...is much more complex than that. 其实要比那复杂很多
[04:15.38]See, according to leading psychiatrists5... 根据最前沿的精神病学家研究…
[04:17.90]...Stan’s a bully6 for one of three reasons. 斯坦欺凌弱小 是因为三个原因中的一个
[04:21.90]One: 第一
[04:24.74]Underneath all of that male bravado7... 在他男性的虚张声势下…
[04:27.10]...there’s an insecure little girl banging on the closet door trying to get out. …其实内心深处一直有一个不安分的 小女孩想要跳出心扉,释放出来

  [04:34.30]Two: 第二
[04:34.98]Like a caveman... 就像穴居人…
[04:36.66]...Stan’s brain is... …斯坦的脑子…
[04:39.98]...underdeveloped. …还没进化完全
[04:41.18]Therefore, Stan is unable to use self-control. 因此,斯坦无法自我控制
[04:45.02]And so he acts out aggressively. 以至于他总是充满侵略性
[04:46.54]And the third reason: 最后,第三个理由
[04:51.86]Stan has a small wiener. 斯坦的鸡鸡很小


1 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
2 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
3 freshman 1siz9r     
  • Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college.杰克决定大一时住校。
  • He is a freshman in the show business.他在演艺界是一名新手。
4 preys 008ad2ad9007c4d7b3ecfb54442db8fd     
v.掠食( prey的第三人称单数 );掠食;折磨;(人)靠欺诈为生
  • His misfortune preys upon his mind. 他的不幸使她心中苦恼。 来自辞典例句
  • The owl preys on mice. 猫头鹰捕食老鼠。 来自辞典例句
5 psychiatrists 45b6a81e510da4f31f5b0fecd7b77261     
n.精神病专家,精神病医生( psychiatrist的名词复数 )
  • They are psychiatrists in good standing. 他们是合格的精神病医生。 来自辞典例句
  • Some psychiatrists have patients who grow almost alarmed at how congenial they suddenly feel. 有些精神分析学家发现,他们的某些病人在突然感到惬意的时候几乎会兴奋起来。 来自名作英译部分
6 bully bully     
  • A bully is always a coward.暴汉常是懦夫。
  • The boy gave the bully a pelt on the back with a pebble.那男孩用石子掷击小流氓的背脊。
7 bravado CRByZ     
  • Their behaviour was just sheer bravado. 他们的行为完全是虚张声势。
  • He flourished the weapon in an attempt at bravado. 他挥舞武器意在虚张声势。
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