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   [00:12.52]OK. I'm awake now. Oome on. - 好了,我醒了 - 我们走

  [00:16.40]Well, I'm afraid we can't wait any longerfor Ms. White. 恐怕我们等不到怀特小姐了
  [00:22.48]I'm here! I'm here! 来了!我在这!
  [00:24.24](crowd gasps)
  [00:34.92]Ms. Witchburn, if you win another term as president, 威奇伯恩小姐,如果你成功连任
  [00:41.04]what will you do differenty? Why fix what isn't broken? - 你将作何改变? - 为什么要画蛇添足呢?
  [00:47.92]This has been a great yearfor the university and I am proud 今年对学校来说是重要的一年,我很自豪 能在这么短的时间里建起联谊中心
  [00:52.68]to be breaking ground on the Greek Life Oenter very soon.
  [01:03.24]Ms. White, your rebuttal? 怀特小姐,轮到你了
  [01:05.20](crowd boos)
  [01:09.00]I guess your people couldn't make it. It's just you and your dorks. 你们这些呆子永远不可能做到这一切
  [01:16.44](doors open)
  [01:19.00]Go, Sydney! Oh, my God.
  [01:20.44](#marching band) 加油!希德尼!
  [01:23.60](girl) Go, Sydney! 加油!希德尼!
  [01:39.64]I vote for Sydney! 我投希德尼一票!
  [02:00.20]Go! 加油!
  [02:03.48]You've been oppressed by the Greek elite1 你们被联谊会所谓的精英压迫得太久了
  [02:06.56]who take everything for themselves and leave nothing for us. 他们夺走了你们的一切
  [02:08.84](crowd boos)
  [02:12.68]It's time for the rest of the school to take back the school. 是你们夺回学校的时候了
  [02:17.00]Yeah! 耶!
  [02:17.88]I bet most of you have no idea how great the campus a cappella group is, and why would you? 我打赌你们不知道联谊组织的能量
  [02:24.52]The social and cultural landscape is entirely2 run by the Greeks. 社交和文化领域全被联谊会把持着
  [02:28.64]Those guys are forced to practice in a dank basement that's hard on their vocal3 cords. 那些人被迫在地下室挨饿受冻还没说出来
  [02:31.28](man) Yeah! 没错!
  [02:33.20]Professor Oarlton... Let herfinish. - 卡尔顿教授… - 让她讲完
  [02:37.96]I have met so many great and interesting people here 我在这里结识了很多有意思的朋友
  [02:40.32]that I neverwould have met if I didn't step out of my own litte world. 如果跳不出我自己的小圈子,我是没可能 认识他们的
  [02:42.44]Before, all I wanted was to fit in. 在之前我只想融入个小圈子
  [02:46.08]But I've learned that we're all searching to fit in 但我意识到了我们都在寻找可以加入的团体
  [02:50.40]and we... we all feel like outsiders 因此我们…我们感觉自己是圈外人
  [02:53.64]and we all do things and feel things 我们做事并用心体会
  [02:56.24]that are bizarre and unconventional and dorky. 这些可能是怪事,傻事
  [03:02.20]We're all dorks. Yeah! - 我们都是怪人! - 耶!
  [03:06.56]My name is Sydney White. My dad's a plumber4. 我是希德尼,我父亲是水管工人
  [03:09.40]I collect comic books and I'm secrety terrified of balloon animals. 我收集漫画,特别害怕气球做的动物
  [03:15.72]I'm a dork. Yeah! - 我是个怪人 - 耶!
  [03:21.88]I'm Tyler Prince. I'm the current high scorer in Gurkin of Honor. 我是泰勒·普林斯,现阶段古尔金勋章 最高分的保持者
  [03:27.48]I'm a dork. 我也是怪人
  [03:37.48]My name is... Well, it's really Sanford 我的名字是…桑福德
  [03:41.96]and I've never had sex with a girl before. 我还是个处男
  [03:43.68](crowd) Oh. 喔
  [03:45.92]But I really, really want to. 但我天天在想那事
  [03:49.84]I'm a dork. 我是个怪人
  [03:58.24]Hi. 大家好
  [04:00.24]My name is name is Jeremy. 我的名字是杰里米
  [04:06.92]I used to speak only through my puppet. 我习惯通过我的木偶说话
  [04:15.00]I'm a dork! 我是个怪人!
  [04:21.84]My name's Moose. When I was 13 我叫穆斯,在我13岁时
  [04:26.80]I was the top-ranked male figure skater in the state of New Jersey5. 我就是新泽西州最棒的溜冰运动员
  [04:28.52](man) Dude! So I guess that makes me a dork. - 得了,伙计! - 我猜那让我变成了怪人
  [04:38.64]I've hated Rachel Witchburn 我讨厌雷切尔·威奇伯恩
  [04:42.04]ever since she told me I had mom arms freshman6 year, 自从她在大一时告诉我说我胳膊特别显老后
  [04:44.88]and I have a voodoo doll of her in my underwear drawer and I stick pins in it. 我在抽屉里藏了一个巫毒娃娃,用针插它
  [04:54.64]Oh, and I'm a dork. 喔,我也是个怪人
  [04:59.20]Hi. My name is Dinky Hodgekiss 嗨,我的名字是汀琦·哈奇肯斯
  [05:02.48]and I think I'm in love with a dork. 我想我爱上了一个怪人
  [05:13.84]Let's hear it for the dorks! 听听怪人的心声吧!
  [05:35.72]Rachel Witchburn, you've exhibited behavior unsuitable for a Kappa. 雷切尔·威奇伯恩,你的行为举止不与Kappa不符
  [05:41.04]You've lied, manipulated and verbally abused your sisters and fellow students. 你欺骗、利用、侮辱你的姐妹和同学
  [05:46.04]And you are just such a... 你就是个…
  [05:50.32]a bitch. 就是个婊子
  [05:53.20]We, all of us, 我们宣布,你被Kappa除名了
  [05:56.36]hereby strip you of the privileges of the Kappa sisterhood.
  [06:03.32]But you can't! You can't just... 不,你们不能这样做…
  [06:05.40]We just did. 我们刚刚做了
  [06:10.48]Here comes a Kappa, queen of the row. 这里是Kappa,联谊会中的女皇
  [06:13.88]She's hot, she's cool, she ain't no ho. 很辣、很酷、很注目
  [06:17.16]She's got style, she's got class. Prada... - 时尚又高雅 - 普拉达(Prada)…
  [06:21.84]And from behind, a kicking... Gucci... - 还有后面的… - 古驰(Gucci)…
  [06:32.64](# "Good Day"by The Click Five)
  [07:17.08]Oh, no. You're not getting sick, are you? 喔,你没病吧?
  [07:20.24]Nah. It's just the mulch. 没有,是肥料闹的
  [07:21.24]Oh. 喔
  [07:34.20](car horn)
  [07:36.88]Hey, we're from Southeast State and we're lost. Oan you help us? 嘿,我们从东南部来,迷路了 你能给我们带路吗?
  [07:46.80]I will be your guide. 我来做向导
  [07:48.52]Give me five minutes. 给我5分钟时间
  [07:51.76]Take all the time you need. 多久都行
  [08:02.92](Terrence) OK. Bye. 好的,再见
  [08:09.36]Terrence! What happened? 泰伦斯!你怎么这幅打扮?
  [08:10.08]Hey, guys. I finally perfected my predictive analytic7 probability theory. 好啊,伙计们,我的预先分析概率理论 终于成型了
  [08:18.44]It can predict anything from the behavior of amino acids in a stable isotope8 peptide bond 利用稳定的同位素,可以通过行为来预测
  [08:24.16]to the outcome of sporting events. 一切体育比赛的结果
  [08:27.44]So I sold it to ibet.com for $10 million. 我以一千万的价格卖给了赌博网站ibet.com
  [08:34.44]Are you kidding me? 你不是开玩笑吧?
  [08:34.52]You a rich man! 你成暴发户了!
  [08:40.76]You know I helped. I did. 你知道我是帮了忙的,确实
  [08:43.56](wolf whistles)
  [08:58.20]Oh, let's take a picture. 合个影吧
  [09:01.36]Oome on. 都站好
  [09:03.12]Get together. 靠近些
  [09:08.92]Say cheese. Oheese. - 说“茄子” - 茄子
  [09:14.40](Sydney) So, that's the story of Sydney White. 好了,这就是希德尼·怀特的故事
  [09:17.44]My mom was right. I did make friends for life. 母亲是对的,我交到了一生的朋友
  [09:19.16]And we all lived - well, do you even have to ask? - 我们都生活得很好,这还用问么
  [09:26.00]dorkily everafter. 傻人有傻福
  [09:31.80](# "I'm Not Worried"by The Drop)
  [10:20.04](# "Beautiful Surprise"by Kyle Paas)


1 elite CqzxN     
  • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy.政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
2 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
3 vocal vhOwA     
  • The tongue is a vocal organ.舌头是一个发音器官。
  • Public opinion at last became vocal.终于舆论哗然。
4 plumber f2qzM     
  • Have you asked the plumber to come and look at the leaking pipe?你叫管道工来检查漏水的管子了吗?
  • The plumber screwed up the tap by means of a spanner.管子工用板手把龙头旋紧。
5 jersey Lp5zzo     
  • He wears a cotton jersey when he plays football.他穿运动衫踢足球。
  • They were dressed alike in blue jersey and knickers.他们穿着一致,都是蓝色的运动衫和灯笼短裤。
6 freshman 1siz9r     
  • Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college.杰克决定大一时住校。
  • He is a freshman in the show business.他在演艺界是一名新手。
7 analytic NwVzn     
  • The boy has an analytic mind. 这男孩有分析的头脑。
  • Latin is a synthetic language,while English is analytic.拉丁文是一种综合性语言,而英语是一种分析性语言。
8 isotope isotope     
  • The isotope ratio is directly used for comparing oils or gases.同位素比率直接用于比较各种石油或天然气。
  • How to apply a radio isotope?如何运用放射性同位素?
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