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英语听力:听电影学英语-怪兽大战外星人 08

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  [00:02.46]All right. Let's take this thing down. 好了,我们把他干掉吧
[00:16.30]Retrieval has failed. 回收失败
[00:16.50]Don't get upset. It happens to everyone. 别难过,人人都有失败的时候
[00:22.02]That lower life form thinks she can steal my Quantonium?! 这个低等生物认为她可以 偷走我的量子核?
[00:29.10]Send another probe at once! 立刻派出另一个探测器!
[00:34.06]Oarbon-based life form, locally known as Susan, is now too strong. 基于碳元素的生命体,当地 称之为苏珊,已经十分强大
[00:39.74]Oh, you think because you're all big and strong 你以为你很高很壮...
[00:44.10]and you can destroy my robot probe ...还打坏了我的机器人探测器...
[00:47.78]that you're gonna send me running and hiding?! ...就可以让我又躲又藏的了?
[00:50.58]My days of running and hiding are over! 我躲躲藏藏的日子已经结束了!
[00:56.14]Oomputer, set a course to Earth. 计算机,向地球航进
[00:57.70]I will retrieve1 the Quantonium myself, 我要亲自回收量子核
[01:03.78]even if I need to rip it out of her body 就算我要一个细胞一个细胞地...
[01:05.90]one cell at a time! ...撕开她的身体!
[01:13.66]Oareful, it's hot. 小心,很烫
[01:17.78]Three weeks ago, if you had asked me to defeat a giant alien robot, 三周前,如果你要我去打败一个 巨大的外星机器人的话
[01:22.78]I'd have said, "No can do." But I did it! Me! 我会说 “我无能为力” 但是我做到了!我!
[01:25.74]I'm still buzzing. 我还有点晕乎乎的
[01:27.94]Did you see how strong I was?! Probably isn't a jar in this world I can't open. 你看到我有多厉害了吗? 可能这世上没有我开不了的罐子了
[01:31.54]You were positively2 heroic, my dear. 当时你绝对十分英勇,亲爱的
[01:36.02]I especially loved how you saved those people on the bridge. 我特别喜欢你救出桥上的人的方式
[01:38.90]It was a nice touch. Wasn't she amazing, Link? 真令人感动 她不令人惊叹吗,林克?
[01:42.06]Yeah, she was great. Really cool. Loved it. 是啊,她真棒,很不错,我也喜欢
[01:45.66]Oh, poor Link. 可怜的林克
[01:48.34]After all that tough talk, you were out-monstered by a girl. 说了那么多的狠话 你的怪物任务被一个女孩解决了
[01:51.62]- No wonder you're depressed3. - Hey, I'm not depressed. I'm tired. - 怪不得你那么沮丧 - 嘿!我不沮丧,我只是累了
[01:56.70]Why are you tired? You didn't do anything. 你怎么会累?你没做什么啊
[01:56.78]Well, I haven't been sleeping well. 我最近没睡好,好吧?
[02:00.66]I got sleep apnes... apnea. Whatever. It's not fun. 最近睡觉时没有喘气...呼吸 管它的,反正不好玩
[02:06.02]So Link's a little rusty4... I mean, sleep deprived. 所以林克才会有点迟钝... 我是说,睡眠不足
[02:07.82]You'll be back to your old self in no time. 你很快就会回到以往的状态的
[02:10.62]And so will I. 而我也是
[02:14.46]What happened to the "there isn't a jar in the world I can't open" stuff? 那“这世上没有我打不开的罐子”呢?
[02:15.98]Wait. Did you find a jar you couldn't open? Were pickles5 in it? 等等,你找到了你打不开的罐子了? 里面有泡菜吗?
[02:21.26]- Where's the giantjar of pickles?! - What my associate is trying to say - 那罐巨大的泡菜在哪儿? - 我的同僚想说的是...
[02:25.70]is that we all think the new Susan is the "cat's me-wow." ...我们都认为这位 全新的苏珊十分令人惊叹
[02:32.58]I'm sorry. 对不起
[02:34.06]Thanks, you guys. That is so sweet, 谢谢,大家伙,这真体贴
[02:37.26]but I have a normal life waiting for me. You know? 但我还有正常人的生活等着我 明白吗?
[02:41.94]So, tell me, exactly, how this normal life thing works with you being giant. 那么,确切地告诉我,你那么 巨大,正常人生活什么的怎么实现?
[02:46.30]I'm not gonna be a giant forever. 我不会永远这么巨大啊
[02:47.78]Derek won't rest until we've found a cure for my... 德里克会不休不止地寻找治疗我...
[02:53.14]...condition. We're a team. ...状况的方法,我和他一条心
[02:54.02]We could all do with a Derek. Perhaps, someday, we could make his acquaintance! 我们可以让德里克加入 或许,某天,我们可以认识一下他
[03:00.50]Really? You guys want to meet Derek? 真的?你们想见德里克?
[03:13.02]First stop, Modesto! 第一站,莫德斯托!
[03:15.14]Ginormica, I called your family to let them know you were coming home. 女巨人,我给你家里打电话 通知他们你回家
[03:18.10]Now, I also called the Modesto PD and told them not to shoot at you. 而且我还给莫德斯托警局的人 打了电话,让他们不要朝你开火
[03:22.46]Thanks, General. 谢谢你,将军
[03:35.30]OK, remember, these people aren't used to seeing... 好了,记住,这里的人并不乐见...
[03:40.74]...anything like... ...某些像...
[03:42.86]...you, or you... ...你,或你...
[03:44.14]...or you. ...或你的人
[03:46.90]So just be, you know, cool. Just be... you know... 所以你们要...就是...平静些 你们要...就是...
[03:50.90]Follow my lead. 跟我做就好
[03:56.38]Stop! That was an accident! 住手!刚才那个是不小心的
[03:58.94]Don't destroy anything! 什么东西都别弄坏!
[04:04.90]Susan? 苏珊?
[04:05.18]- Susie Q! - Mom? Daddy? - 小苏珊! - 妈?爸?
[04:12.06]- Did they experiment on you? - No, Mom. I'm fine. - 他们在你身上做试验了吗? - 没有,妈,我很好
[04:24.62]These are my new friends. 这些是我的新朋友
[04:25.86]Oh, Derek! I missed you so much, 哦,德里克!我太想你了!
[04:28.46]thinking that we'd someday be together again! 想着总有一天我们会再在一起的!
[04:31.18]It's the only thing that got me through prison! I love you! I love this man! 这是唯一让我熬过监狱生活的事情! 我爱你!我爱这个男人!
[04:34.82]No, B.O. B! That's my mother! You're suffocating6 her! 不,鲍勃!那是我妈妈! 你要憋死她了!
[04:40.90]Honey, are you all right? 老婆,你还好吧?
[04:42.26]- I taste ham. - Sorry, Mom. - 我尝到火腿味了 - 抱歉,妈
[04:46.18]He's just a hugger. 他就是这么热情
[04:48.14]Where's Derek? 德里克在哪儿?
[04:49.62]He's at work, sweetie. 他在工作,亲爱的
[04:51.74]You know how he is about his career. 你知道他怎么对待工作的
[04:56.22]- We're not gonna celebrate without him! - Susan! - 没有他我们不能庆祝啊 - 苏珊
[04:57.98]What do I do with all your little friends? 我该怎么招待你的这些小朋友们?


1 retrieve ZsYyp     
  • He was determined to retrieve his honor.他决心恢复名誉。
  • The men were trying to retrieve weapons left when the army abandoned the island.士兵们正试图找回军队从该岛撤退时留下的武器。
2 positively vPTxw     
  • She was positively glowing with happiness.她满脸幸福。
  • The weather was positively poisonous.这天气着实讨厌。
3 depressed xu8zp9     
  • When he was depressed,he felt utterly divorced from reality.他心情沮丧时就感到完全脱离了现实。
  • His mother was depressed by the sad news.这个坏消息使他的母亲意志消沉。
4 rusty hYlxq     
  • The lock on the door is rusty and won't open.门上的锁锈住了。
  • I haven't practiced my French for months and it's getting rusty.几个月不用,我的法语又荒疏了。
5 pickles fd03204cfdc557b0f0d134773ae6fff5     
n.腌菜( pickle的名词复数 );处于困境;遇到麻烦;菜酱
  • Most people eat pickles at breakfast. 大多数人早餐吃腌菜。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I want their pickles and wines, and that.' 我要他们的泡菜、美酒和所有其他东西。” 来自英汉文学 - 金银岛
6 suffocating suffocating     
  • After a few weeks with her parents, she felt she was suffocating.和父母呆了几个星期后,她感到自己毫无自由。
  • That's better. I was suffocating in that cell of a room.这样好些了,我刚才在那个小房间里快闷死了。
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