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英语听力:听电影学英语-高校天后/青春舞会皇后 10

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  [00:06.60]LOLA: Look for someone who's selling tickets. 洛拉:寻找买票的人
[00:10.24]Isn't there a stall1 or something? 这里有货摊或是类似的东西吗?
[00:11.48]No. They're just ordinary people doing ordinary scalping. 不,只是一些普通人 在卖黄牛?
[00:15.60]Watch this. You have to be strict with these people. 看着 对这种人必须表情严肃
[00:16.88]You have to bargain and deal. 你得跟他们讨价还价
[00:18.88]How much? 多少?
[00:19.64]$ 165 in orchestra2. Can't get any better than that. 165美元,在乐队旁边 没有更好的座位了
[00:22.84]We'll take them. 我们要了
[00:25.20]$ 165 doesn't leave us very much for incidentals. 花165美元买票我们就没剩多少了
[00:26.88]When you get to see Stu Wolff, you don't need incidentals. 能看到斯图·沃尔夫就行了 剩下来做什么?
[00:29.96]It's in your makeup3 bag. 在你的化妆包里
[00:31.60]Oh, right. 哦,对
[00:38.36]What's wrong? 怎么了?
[00:40.16]Ella, it's not here. 埃拉,钱不在这儿
[00:42.24]My makeup bag's not here. 我的化妆包不见了
[00:44.40]It must be. 一定要找到
[00:45.40]It has to be. 一定要找到啊
[00:46.10]In the train. 在火车上
[00:47.10]I left it behind the sink. 我把它放在水槽后面了
[00:47.28]When did you last see it? 你上次见到它是什么时候?
[00:51.76]Oh, no. 哦,不
[00:54.04]Oh. Maybe it's karma. 哦,也许这是报应
[00:56.16]All we have to do is go in with a large group of people. 我们现在能做的就是 随着大群的人进去
[00:58.24]What? You mean sneak4 in? 什么? 你是说偷溜进去吗?
[01:02.12]Sneaking would be beneath us, “偷溜”这个词 有损我们的人格
[01:04.88]but I can't think of a better word for what we're about to do. 但我找不到更好的词 来表达
[01:08.88]I have never snuck ever. 我从未这样鬼鬼祟祟的
[01:09.24]I can't do it. 我不能这么做
[01:12.36]I'm terrified just being here. 在这个我感到紧张
[01:14.36]Stage fright. It'll pass. 短暂的恐惧 一下就会过去的
[01:15.04]This is a little tricky5, so just follow my lead, okay? 这需要些技巧 你跟着我,行吗?
[01:17.92]I wonder what song they'll do. 我很好奇他们会唱什么歌
[01:20.92]I hope they do "Love Loser." 我希望他们唱 《爱情败将》
[01:21.48]Oh, I'm so excited! 哦,我实在是太激动了
[01:23.68]I feel like I've been waiting for this forever. 感觉就像我已经期待很久了
[01:26.04]Just a minute. 等等
[01:29.84]Can I have another look at your ticket, please? 可以让我看一下你的门票吗?
[01:33.48]Right. My ticket. Sure. 好吧 门票,当然
[01:38.96]You know, it's not here. 先生,它不在这儿
[01:40.16]I must have dropped it or something. 一定是丢了
[01:42.04]No ticket, no concert. 没门票 别看演唱会
[01:45.16]I demand to see your supervisor6. 我要求见你的上司
[01:49.64]Yeah? You can see him outside. 好啊 你可以在外面见他
[01:59.24]Come to the door. 过来
[02:01.64]Come to the door. 过-来
[02:04.32]Okay, go see Stu. 好吧,去见斯图
[02:06.60]Go see Stu. 去见斯图
[02:09.92]Go see Stu! 去-见-斯-图!
[02:09.96]Okay, stay there. 好吧,站着别动
[02:10.96]Don't move. I'm coming in. 别走 我一会儿就进来
[02:13.08]I just have to be with my cousin. 我必须和我的表妹一起
[02:16.36]She has this rare disease7 that makes you gag 她得了一种奇怪的容易窒息的病
[02:16.84]and you can't breathe and then you die. 就是不能呼吸,然后死掉
[02:18.96]She shouldn't be left alone. 不能让她独自一人
[02:21.60]She's alone, the one who's gagging and not breathing. 她现在正独处呢, 就是那个有些窒息的人
[02:24.48]I have to be with her at all times. 我必须时刻陪着她
[02:28.68]Okay. 好吧
[02:31.36]Good plan. 不错的计划
[02:36.16](Music playing, crowd cheering in distance) (音乐响起, 远处人群欢呼)
[02:37.12]Maybe we should just go to the hotel. 也许我们该回酒店
[02:39.12]What? And miss the concert? 什么? 错过这场演出?
[02:43.20]We're not actually at the concert. 我们并不算在现场
[02:43.60]Yeah, I don't think so. 是啊,这样感觉不好
[02:44.68]We're close. 我们离得很近
[02:45.68]Stu Wolff's only a few yards away from us. 斯图·沃尔夫离我们 只有咫尺之遥
[02:48.08]And then he'll be at the after-party with us. 而且聚会的时候 他会和我们在一起
[02:52.36]Your belief system amazes8 me. 你的信仰系统真令我感到奇怪
[02:53.80]Ella, where are you going? 埃拉,你去哪儿?
[02:57.92]Don't leave me! 别离开我!
[02:59.28]Come back! Ella! 回来!埃拉!
[03:01.80]Ella, what are you doing? 埃拉,你在做什么?
[03:03.56]I'm going back to the hotel. 我要回酒店
[03:04.24]So you're just gonna give up? 我们就这样放弃吗?
[03:05.04]What if everyone gave up, Ella? 如果每个人都放弃那会怎么样,埃拉?
[03:08.44]There'd be no America, no electricity, no TiVo. 那这个世界上就不会有美国, 不会有电
[03:10.76]We'd all have to watch our shows at their scheduled times. 不会有TiVo公司, 那样我们必须在指定的时间看节目
[03:12.20]We'd never get to see the work of Renée Zellweger 我们永远也不欣赏看到 芮尼·齐维格
[03:15.68]or Christina Aguilera. 和克里斯蒂娜·阿吉莱拉的演出
[03:16.48]If everyone gave up, 如果每个人都放弃
[03:17.60]we'd all be sitting in mud huts in Europe eating weeds. 我们现在就还在欧洲的茅草小屋里 吃着杂草
[03:19.68]I didn't say stop progress. 我不是说不要进步
[03:21.76]I just said, "Go back to the hotel." 我只是说“我要回酒店”
[03:24.16]Don't you want to see the look on Carla's face 难道你不想看到
[03:26.44]when we show up at that party? 卡拉见到我们出现在聚会上 时的表情吗?
[03:27.64]Yeah, I do. 是啊,我想
[03:29.12]Great! Then let's go to Soho. 太好了 那我们现在就去苏活区
[03:30.08]Where in Soho? 去苏活哪儿?
[03:31.72]We don't even know where Stu lives. 我们连斯图住在哪儿都不知道
[03:35.00]Sure, we do. I have this. 当然知道了 我有
[03:41.32]A picture of a door? 一张门的照片?
[03:43.12]It's a black door with windows. 它是一扇带着窗子的黑门
[03:44.16]It's not just a door. 不单是门
[03:47.00]Have some faith, Ella. 有点信心好不好,埃拉
[03:49.20]Soho is New York's artistic9 soul. 苏活区是纽约的艺术灵魂
[03:50.08]It's just around the corner. 拐个弯就是了
[03:52.28]Get ready or not, 'cause here I come 准备好了吗 我来了
[03:55.44]Dance, dance, dance, have some fun 跳,跳,跳舞 开始狂欢
[03:56.16]6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
[03:58.04]Get up, get up 起来,起来
[04:00.10]Get up, up, up 起来,来,来
[04:03.84]Oh 哦
[04:04.28]Up, up, up 起,起,起
[04:06.52]67 blocks is around the corner? 67个街区就是你说的 拐个弯就到?
[04:10.68]Rain falls down on their parade 雨点落在她们的舞台上
[04:13.64]Lemons into lemonade 柠檬变成柠檬汁
[04:16.44]Can't slow me down, no way, no way 不要让我停止 没门,没门
[04:17.12]- Ready? - Yeah. - 准备好了? - 是的
[04:21.00]Dream on, tomorrow's coming fast 坚定你的梦想 明天很快就会来
[04:21.44]Yesterday is in the past 昨天已经过去
[04:25.40]All you got is now 你拥有的就是现在
[04:26.20]Ready? 准备好了?
[04:28.96]Ohh. 哦
[04:30.72]Dance, dance, dance, have some fun 跳,跳,跳舞 开始狂欢
[04:30.96]'Cause here I come 因为我来了
[04:34.60]6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
[04:37.24]Get up, get up 起来,起来
[04:57.88]There's a man following us. 有个人在跟踪我们
[05:00.88]Don't be silly, Ella. 别傻了,埃拉


1 stall tUpzx     
  • She sells fruits at a market stall.她在市场的货摊上卖水果。
  • He has a stall that sells designer ripoffs.他开了个铺子卖仿冒设计师品牌衣服。
2 orchestra 90OyN     
  • He plays the violin in an orchestra.他在管弦乐队中演奏小提琴。
  • I was tempted to stay and hear this superb orchestra rehearse.我真想留下来听这支高超的管弦乐队排练。
3 makeup 4AXxO     
  • Those who failed the exam take a makeup exam.这次考试不及格的人必须参加补考。
  • Do you think her beauty could makeup for her stupidity?你认为她的美丽能弥补她的愚蠢吗?
4 sneak vr2yk     
  • He raised his spear and sneak forward.他提起长矛悄悄地前进。
  • I saw him sneak away from us.我看见他悄悄地从我们身边走开。
5 tricky 9fCzyd     
  • I'm in a rather tricky position.Can you help me out?我的处境很棘手,你能帮我吗?
  • He avoided this tricky question and talked in generalities.他回避了这个非常微妙的问题,只做了个笼统的表述。
6 supervisor RrZwv     
  • Between you and me I think that new supervisor is a twit.我们私下说,我认为新来的主管人是一个傻瓜。
  • He said I was too flighty to be a good supervisor.他说我太轻浮不能成为一名好的管理员。
7 disease etMxx     
  • The doctors are trying to stamp out the disease.医生正在尽力消灭这种疾病。
  • He fought against the disease for a long time.他同疾病做了长时间的斗争。
8 amazes 584fef26f0d89e402a2d0cc44c9e840d     
使大为吃惊,使惊奇( amaze的第三人称单数 )
  • Your knowledge amazes me. 你丰富的知识令我吃惊。
  • The power that amazes, We look, but never will see? 为什么这种令人惊异的力量我们看到了却永不会明白?
9 artistic IeWyG     
  • The picture on this screen is a good artistic work.这屏风上的画是件很好的艺术品。
  • These artistic handicrafts are very popular with foreign friends.外国朋友很喜欢这些美术工艺品。
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