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   [00:00.02]你不玩了 卡特? You done already, Carter?

  [00:01.82]是的 我们那儿有点挤 Yeah. Our lane’s getting a little crowded.
  [00:07.80]你一点也不像你表妹 是吗? You don’t really like your cousin, do you?
  [00:10.83]不是  只是 她有时候会有点...   No, it’s... It’s just... She can be sometimes, you know, a...
  [00:17.67]公主气质!  她会赢的 Princess. She could win it all.
  [00:19.94]她会成名的 She is getting really popular.
  [00:22.01]周一就投票了  我们不能让她比我们更出风头 The vote is on Monday. We can’t let her get more popular than we are.
  [00:25.85]现在只有一种方法 There’s only one thing to do in a situation like this.
  [00:29.28]借过  借过 罗伊 Excuse me! Excuse me! Roe1! Excuse me! Excuse me! Roe.
  [00:34.69]你真厉害  能教我们怎么做到的吗? You are such a natural. Will you show us how to bowl like that?
  [00:38.43]- 当然可以 可我叫罗西  - 哦 罗伊是我们给你起的外号 -Of course. But my name is Rosie. -Oh! Roe’s our nickname we gave you.
  [00:43.40]我们朋友之间都起外号的 她叫切尔斯 We give all of our friends nicknames. She’s Chels.
  [00:45.97]她叫布鲁伊  你的是罗伊 现在你是我们的朋友了 And she’s Brookie and you’re Roe. You’re one of us now.
  [00:54.74]- 卡特?   -又咋了 ROSALlNDA: Carter? CARTER: What?
  [00:56.54]你为什么那么关注那个叫丹尼的男孩 Why do you care so much for this boy Donny?
  [00:59.08]谁说我关注他了 Who says I care for him?
  [01:03.38]好吧 自从三年级我就彻底爱上他了 Fine. I’ve been totally in love with him since, like, the third grade,
  [01:07.12]当他在篮球框下面吻过我后 when he kissed me under the basketball hoop2.
  [01:08.66]- 这就是你想听的吗?  - 他是很帅气 -ls that what you want to hear? -He is quite beautiful.
  [01:11.09]像白马王子 Much like a prince.
  [01:13.59]我想知道他内心是不是也很好 I wonder if he is beautiful on the inside as well.
  [01:18.47]- 明天还去打球吗?  - 不行 我要去鱼饵店兼职 -Shall we bowl again tomorrow?  -I can’t. I’m working at the bait shack3.
  [01:23.10]我从没工作过 这算正常吗? I’ve never worked before. Is this normal?
  [01:24.94]是的 很多小孩都要工作 Yes. Lots of kids have jobs.
  [01:27.17]- 那我去帮你  - 不行 -Then I will help you.  -You can’t.
  [01:29.34]- 为什么不行  - 因为那是我的 -Why not?  -Because it’s mine.
  [01:31.08]你不能什么都跟我争 You can’t have everything that’s mine!
  [01:33.88]好吧 找一份工作有那么难吗? 自己去找嘛   Well, just... Want a job so bad? Just go get one yourself.
  [01:40.09]好吧 All right.
  [01:44.06]晚安 卡特 Good night, Carter.
  [02:01.01]谢谢你给我这份兼职  切尔西 Thank you for giving me this job, Chelsea.
  [02:02.78]小菜一碟  罗伊  好像往南所有17家店都是我爸的 No prob, Roe. Daddy owns, like, 1 7 Udderlys all over the South.
  [02:06.41]- 他是"国王"   - 你父亲是国王? -He’s the King.  -Your father is a king?
  [02:09.28]就是卖点冰冻酸奶罢了  还有一件事 Of frozen yogurt. One more thing.
  [02:14.29]你得戴上这个 You have to wear this.
  [02:24.27]这些是做冷冻酸奶酪的机器 So these are the frozen yogurt machines.
  [02:26.23]你只需按这个杆  它就自动出来了 You just pull the lever and when it comes out
  [02:27.77]你只需旋转的接着奶油就行了  很简单  对吗? you just put a little swirly4 on top and you’re good to go, okay?
  [02:29.90]- 旋转的?  - 这会很有意思的 -Swirly?   -This is gonna be great.
  [02:31.87]你的朋友们都会来这儿支持你的  And all your friends will be here to support you.
  [02:33.71]我们都想看到你第一件工作成功 We all want you to succeed at your first job.
  [02:36.44]- 太感谢你了 - 啊哈 -Thank you so much.  -Uh-huh.
  [02:57.47](BOTH LAUGH NASTlLY)
  [03:03.90]埃德! Ed!
  [03:05.87]大家看啊  她在这儿呢 <i>ED: Here she is, folks,</i>
  [03:07.58]路易斯安那州 门罗湖未来的"归途王后" a future homecoming princess of Lake Monroe, Louisiana.
  [03:11.68]这位美人是谁  请问? Who is this natural beauty, you ask?
  [03:13.88]走开好吗?  我在工作呢 Will you go away? I’m working.
  [03:15.82]这就是卡特·梅森 This is Carter Mason.
  [03:19.12]代号?  鱼饵女孩 <i>Secret identity? Bait Girl.</i>
  [03:21.42]对自己的天生丽质如此自信 So confident of her innate5 royalty6,
  [03:23.32]她完全不怕处理这些恶心的生物 she is completely unafraid to handle whatever disgusting creature...
  [03:27.70]嘿 Hey!
  [03:28.83]别这样  别动我的相机 求你了 Isn’t that... Not on my camera, please.
  [03:31.53]那就关掉 <i>Then turn it off.</i>
  [03:32.80]不 No.
  [03:33.97]今天是我最后一天看平凡的你了 Today’s my last day to get the "before" footage.
  [03:36.37]明天就要选后投票了 The princess vote is tomorrow.
  [03:37.84]好啊 去拍切尔西或者布鲁克伊吧 Well, then go shoot Chelsea or Brooke.
  [03:39.87]才不呢  我都拍了N多他们了 Nah. I’ve got tons of them already.
  [03:42.71]- 她们掏钱要我帮他们拍   - 你会为她们做吗 -They pay me to film them.  -ls that why you’re doing this?
  [03:45.11]- 出于钱  - 当然不 -’Cause of the money?  -Absolutely.
  [03:47.45]我是门罗湖唯一一个没有车的高中男生 I’m the only senior guy in Lake Monroe who doesn’t have a car.
  [03:50.12]看出来了 Figures.
  [03:53.72]你真的这么讨厌选后这些事情吗? You really hate this whole princess thing, don’t you?
  [03:56.12]我不讨厌  只是觉得没有意义 I don’t hate it exactly. I just think it’s shallow.
  [03:59.69]像切尔西和布鲁克伊那样的女孩 她们只关心漂亮的鞋子 Girls like Chelsea and Brooke, all they care about is shoes.
  [04:03.00]好像穿上好衣服就高人一等似的 Like wearing the right clothes makes them superior.
  [04:06.47]我只想做些生命里有意义的事 I just want to do something more important with my life,
  [04:08.87]就像我爸爸一样 Iike my dad.
  [04:11.24]是吧 他不过卖些鱼饵罢了 Yeah, yeah, he does sell some sick bait.
  [04:15.11]是的 Right.
  [04:16.24]说到公主  罗西去哪了 So, speaking of princesses, where’s Rosie?
  [04:20.25]我应该知道吗? How should I know?
  [04:21.32](CELL PHONE RlNGlNG)
  [04:27.12]我想我刚找到她了 I think I just found her.
  [04:30.46]嘿 我都等了10几分钟了 GlRL 1 : Hey, I’ve been waiting here for, like, 1 0 minutes.
  [04:33.46]我都等一天了 BOY 1 : I haven’t got all day!
  [04:36.36]在稍等一下 ROSALlNDA: Just a second.
  [04:38.17](PEOPLE GRUMBLlNG)
  [04:45.87]稍等下 Hold on.
  [04:47.98]哦 不 Oh, no!
  [04:54.68]脑子进水了 GlRL 2: It’s not brain science!
  [04:56.62]快点  我们可都付了钱的 BOY 2: Come on, what are they paying you for?
  [04:58.42]我都等好久了 GlRL 2: I’ve been waiting for, like, ever!
  [05:02.99]够了 切尔西 她在里面快忙乱  快去帮她 Come on, Chels. She’s dying in there. Help her out.
  [05:08.13]是啊  布鲁克伊 我们该进去帮忙了 You’re absolutely right.Brookie, we should go in there.
  [05:11.47]哦 切尔西 等我们的趾油干了再说吧 Oh, Chels.If only our pedicures were dry.
  [05:18.81]好的 Fine.
  [05:20.57]牛仔 你愿意帮我个大忙吗 Bull, will you do me a huge favor?
  [05:24.14]当然了 愿意 Yeah. Yeah.
  [05:31.62]等等  我怎么知道该按哪个 (SOFTLY) Wait.How do I know it’s the right one?
  [05:34.76]大的 红色的 你不会错过的 It’s big. It’s red. Can’t miss it.
  [05:52.57]我真不能相信  这太荒诞了 BOY 3: I can’t believe it. This is ridiculous!
  [05:55.18]给我酸奶酪 好吗?  - 你需要帮忙还是什么 BOY 4: I want my yogurt, okay?  GlRL3: You need some help, or what?
  [06:01.08]在吗? BOY 4: Hello?
  [06:03.22]我该走了 GlRL 3: I have to go!
  [06:07.12](MACHlNERY POWERlNG UP)
  [06:20.27]哦 不 Oh, no!
  [06:34.11](PEOPLE SQUEALlNG)
  [06:43.56](PEOPLE LAUGHlNG)
  [06:53.87]你在这儿干吗? What are you doing?
  [06:55.37]你还好吗? 到这儿来 罗西 Are you okay? Come here, Rosie.
  [06:59.74]- 你说要找工作的  - 可不是这种 这是失败者的工作 -You said to get a job. -Not this one! This job’s for losers.
  [07:03.91]相信我  我做过这活  鱼饵店都比这儿好 Trust me, I’ve had this job. The bait shop is a step up.
  [07:06.85](PEOPLE CHATTERlNG)
  [07:08.45]嘿  看后面 Hey, check it out.
  [07:15.26]- 到底怎么回事  - 切尔西设计耍你了 -What is happening?  -CARTER: Chelsea set you up.
  [07:18.49]她请这么多人来 就是要看你出丑 She invited all those people to come watch you make a fool of yourself.
  [07:22.76]卡特 没关系 Carter, it’s okay.
  [07:25.80]我不是傻子 I am not a fool.
  [07:27.20]她不能把不属于我的东东强加在我头上 And she cannot make something out of me that I am not.
  [07:30.10]罗西 我们得做点什么 Rosie, we have to do something.
  [07:33.64]我不会失态的  因为公主就是这样 I will turn the other cheek, because that is what princesses do.
  [08:03.90]你老爸  酸奶酪之王 Your father, the King of Yogurts,
  [08:07.37]会对你非常失望! would be very disappointed in you.
  [08:18.32](ALL GASPlNG)
  [08:22.52]至少  我不是公主 Yeah, well, I’m not a princess.
  [08:26.73](EXCLAlMlNG lN DlSGUST)
  [08:30.63](ALL LAUGHlNG)
  [08:33.97]她不会成为公主的 She can’t be a princess!
  [08:35.57]别慌  她是很有实力 Don’t freak, but she kind of can.
  [08:37.64]好多人给我发信息说 得有10多次了 I’ve just been texted, like, 1 0 times.
  [08:40.04]大家都看好她 Everybody thinks she’s pretty cool.
  [08:42.14]明天 全校就要为三个名额投票了 Tomorrow, when the whole school votes for three princesses,
  [08:45.01]她会是其中一个的 she could be one of them.
  [08:47.15]如果她得到足够的票数 - 别说了! -And if she gets enough votes... -Don’t say it.
  [08:49.55]她会当选王后的 ...she could become queen.
  [08:50.82]不  我才是王后 命中注定的  No, I’m the queen! It’s my destiny!
  [08:53.52](ALL MURMURlNG)
  [08:55.42]现在看来好像很不确定 That’s kind of iffy now.
  [08:57.29]我宁可把那些脏东东全吃掉  也不想她带上属于的我的王冠 I’d rather eat carbs than see her wearing my crown.
  [09:01.03]- 我们必须阻止她  - 怎么办 -We have to stop her.  -How?
  [09:04.50]如果她当不了公主  就成不了王后  对吧 If she never becomes a princess, she can’t be the queen, right?
  [09:09.07]我不知道你要干什么 I’m not sure where you’re going here.
  [09:11.41]带上你的手机 我们还有很多新闻要发布呢 Grab your cell. We’ve got a whole lot of texting to do.
  [09:17.98]这就是普通美国人都会的技能  三年级生就会了 So, it’s a skill that most Americans master in, like, the third grade,
  [09:20.35]- 什么时候学都不晚  - 我想试试了 -but it’s never too late to learn. -I am ready to try.
  [09:23.38]好运了 Good luck.
  [09:29.56](CARTER LAUGHS)
  [09:30.66]很好 Nice.
  [09:32.39]接下来 我们要学懒散  翻白眼  和跟老爸顶嘴 Okay, next we’ll work on slouching, eye-rolling and talking back to my dad.
  [09:37.23]要是现在优雅先生能看到我  他一定会气疯的  If Mr. Elegante could see me right now, he would be so mad at me.
  [09:41.03]- 优雅先生是谁 - 我的皇家衣服设计师 -Who’s Mr. Elegante? -My royal dress designer.
  9:44.51]你在开玩笑 对吧 You’re kidding, right?
  [09:46.07]没 他是我们家的亲密好友 No. He is a close family friend.
  [09:48.38]每当出什么事  我总会第一个给他打电话 If there were ever an emergency, he would be the first I would call.
  [09:52.61]当王后一定很有美妙 Must be nice to be a queen.
  [09:55.42]其实 可不只是衣服和王冠那么简单 Actually, it’s not all about the dresses and crowns, Carter.
  [09:59.39]我妈妈告诉我说父王从不自称自己国王 My mother told me that my father never called himself king.


1 roe LCBzp     
  • We will serve smoked cod's roe at the dinner.宴会上我们将上一道熏鳕鱼子。
  • I'll scramble some eggs with roe?我用鱼籽炒几个鸡蛋好吗?
2 hoop wcFx9     
  • The child was rolling a hoop.那个孩子在滚铁环。
  • The wooden tub is fitted with the iron hoop.木盆都用铁箍箍紧。
3 shack aE3zq     
  • He had to sit down five times before he reached his shack.在走到他的茅棚以前,他不得不坐在地上歇了五次。
  • The boys made a shack out of the old boards in the backyard.男孩们在后院用旧木板盖起一间小木屋。
4 swirly 09cf7119578491851a2520568ece5a5a     
  • There is now a black swirly animation when a spell is resisted. 当法术被抵抗的时候有一个黑色旋涡形的效果。 来自互联网
5 innate xbxzC     
  • You obviously have an innate talent for music.你显然有天生的音乐才能。
  • Correct ideas are not innate in the mind.人的正确思想不是自己头脑中固有的。
6 royalty iX6xN     
  • She claims to be descended from royalty.她声称她是皇室后裔。
  • I waited on tables,and even catered to royalty at the Royal Albert Hall.我做过服务生, 甚至在皇家阿伯特大厅侍奉过皇室的人。
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