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听电影学英语-后天 07

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  [00:35.22]Yes, I’m looking at it right now. 对  我正在看
[00:37.70]-Yes, it is. -What’s happening? 对  是 发生了什么事?
[00:42.02]I’ll call you back. 我会给你打回去的
[00:42.78]Mr. President, Los Angeles has been devastated1 by a series of tornados2. 总统先生  洛杉矶遭遇了 一系列的龙卷风袭击
[00:49.34]On top of that, the FAA wants your approval to suspend all air traffic. 除此之外  联邦航空局希望你下令 终止所有空中交通
[00:52.94]-What do you think we should do? -Until we can figure it out... 你认为我们该怎么办? 在我们搞清楚事情原委之前...
[00:57.30]...I don’t think we have much choice, sir. ...我想我们没有什么选择  先生
[00:57.62]What you’re seeing is what’s left of downtown Los Angeles. 你们现在所看到的是龙卷风过后的 洛杉矶市内情况
[01:03.74]Hey, man, I just got off the phone with my mom. 嘿  哥们 我刚刚给我妈妈打完电话
[01:05.66]Excuse me, you guys. I’m really sorry, but we need to change the channel. 对不起大家  我十分抱歉 但是我们需要换频道
[01:11.14]The FAA has grounded all air traffic in the United States. 联邦航空局已经 终止了美国所有空中交通
[01:14.58]Unfortunately, the order came too late for two planes... 不幸的是这道命令 对这两架飞机来说来的太晚了...
[01:17.86]...brought down by severe turbulence3 in the Midwest. ...猛烈的湍流 致使它们在中西部地区坠毁
[01:21.54]-The first flight.... -So much for " one in a billion. " 第一架... "十亿分之一"理论不起作用了
[01:26.54]All right. All right, listen up, everybody. Listen up, please. 好  好  听着  大家  请听一下
[01:31.18]We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we don’t have much time... 我们有很多工作要做 我们没有太多的时间...
[01:35.10]...so let’s get started, please. Vorsteen? ...那么我们现在开始 请  沃斯亭?
[01:36.78]All our grid4 models are worthless. 我们所有的网格模型都没有用了
[01:41.42]I don’t think grid models are gonna be a lot of help here. 我认为这次网格模型帮不了我们
[01:42.62]Canadians report tremendous circulation moving from the Arctic. 加拿大人报告猛烈的旋风正从北极移来
[01:47.38]In Siberia, there’s a low-pressure system never before seen. 在西伯利亚  一个前所未见的 低气压云团已经形成
[01:48.86]And Australia just saw the strongest typhoon ever recorded. 澳大利亚遇到了有史以来 最强烈的台风
[01:52.38]-These things are interconnected? -We have to consider the possibility. 这些现象之间有联系吗? 我们必须考虑这种可能性
[01:58.46]The only force strong enough to affect global weather is the sun. 唯一有可能影响全球气候的力量 是太阳
[02:01.10]-What’s NASA have to say? -We’ve already checked. 国家航空航天局有什么看法? 我们已经检查过了
[02:02.50]Solar output is normal. 太阳一切正常

  [02:07.22]-What about the North Atlantic Current? -What about it? 那么北大西洋暖流呢? 那有什么关系?
[02:10.06]I got a call last night from Professor Rapson at the Hedland Center. 我昨晚接到了海德兰中心 瑞博森教授的电话
[02:15.54]He thinks the current has changed. 他认为暖流已经变化了
[02:22.50]The current depends upon a balance of salt and freshwater. 暖流的形成取决于 淡水与盐份间的微妙平衡
[02:26.18]-We all know that. -Yes... 这个我们都清楚 是的...
[02:28.14]...but no one knows how much freshwater has been dumped into the ocean... ...但是从来没有人调查过 因为极地冰雪的融化...
[02:32.14]...because of melting polar ice. ...有多少淡水流入了大海
[02:34.50]I think we’ve hit a critical desalinization point. 我想我们达到了一个 盐分稀释的关键点了
[02:39.98]It would explain what’s driving this extreme weather. 这可以解释是什么造成了 这种极端的天气
[02:42.34]Hedland had some pretty convincing data. 海德兰中心有一些令人信服的数据
[02:45.18]They’ve asked me to feed it into 他们已经要求我将之输入
[02:48.78]my paleoclimate model to track the next events. 我的古气候模型当中  以预测今后的情况
[02:50.42]Are you suggesting these weather anomalies are gonna continue? 你是说这些不正常的天气还会继续吗?
[02:53.78]Not just continue. Get worse. 不仅仅是继续  会更糟
[02:59.86]I think we’re on the verge5 of a major climate shift. 我认为我们遇到了 一次巨大的气候转变
[03:08.78]What are you gonna tell the Administration? 汤姆  你准备和管理层怎么讲?
[03:12.62]-What do you expect me to tell them? -The government has to make preparations. 你想我应该讲什么? 政府现在必须作好长期性准备了
[03:17.18]-You have a theory. -Give me the mainframe. I’ll prove it. 杰克  你有的只是一个理论 给我巨型机  我可以证明它
[03:20.74]No. 不行
[03:24.82]You have 48 hours. 你有四十八小时
[03:27.70]-Professor Hall. -Yes. 霍尔教授 是
[03:28.38]-I think your theory may be correct. -Walk with me. 我认为你的理论有可能是正确的 跟我来
[03:31.66]Just a few weeks ago, I monitored the strongest hurricane on record. 就在几个星期前 我观察到了最强烈的飓风记录
[03:37.18]The hail, the tornados, it all fits. 冰雹  龙卷风  这些都合乎理论
[03:39.66]Can your model factor in storm scenarios6? 你的模型能够模拟风暴下的形势吗?
[03:41.90]-We haven’t had the time. -Well, maybe I can help. 我们没有时间 喔  也许我可以帮忙
[03:43.50]-Welcome aboard. -Thanks. 欢迎加入 谢谢
[03:47.66]-Hi. -Hi. 嗨 嗨
[03:47.86]Hi, I’m Jason. 嗨  我是詹森
[03:52.74]Do you have Peter’s CT scan results? 你有彼得的CT扫描结果吗?
[03:54.86]Yeah. The treatments shrunk the tumor7 20 percent. 有  治疗让肿瘤减小了百分之二十
[03:56.94]-ls his eyesight better today? -No. No change. 他今天的视力好点了吗? 不  没有变化

  [04:12.46]-Hi, Peter. How are you doing today? -A little better. 嗨  彼得  你今天怎么样? 好点了
[04:15.94]Good. 好
[04:16.18]Let me listen here. 让我来听听
[04:20.78]Can you read that? 你能看见那上面的字了吗?
[04:20.90]No, but I remember the story from the pictures. 不能  但是我记得图片里讲的故事
[04:27.62]You do? 是吗?
[04:27.86]My mother used to read it to me. 我妈妈以前经常读给我听
[04:31.90]She must be very proud of you. You’ve been such a brave, big boy. 她一定会为你骄傲的 你这个勇敢的  大男孩
[04:36.10]-Thank you. -You’re welcome. 谢谢 不客气
[04:46.90]Jack, you’ve been working for 24 hours straight. 杰克  你已经一连工作了二十四个小时了
[04:49.30]You’re the only one who hasn’t taken a break. 你是唯一一个没有休息过的
[04:53.46]Maybe I’ll try to shut my eyes for a while. 也许我该眯一小会儿了
[04:55.94]Call me when you get the results. 如果你拿到结果通知我


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v.彻底破坏( devastate的过去式和过去分词);摧毁;毁灭;在感情上(精神上、财务上等)压垮adj.毁坏的;极为震惊的
  • The bomb devastated much of the old part of the city. 这颗炸弹炸毁了旧城的一大片地方。
  • His family is absolutely devastated. 他的一家感到极为震惊。
2 tornados 64f19dd0af7a26fe4bcdede94053f93c     
n.龙卷风,旋风( tornado的名词复数 )
  • And the national weather service reports several tornados touch down. 国家气象中心报告预测龙卷风将来袭。 来自互联网
  • They had stock footage of lightning, tornados, and hurricanes. 他们存有关于闪电、龙卷风和飓风的电影胶片。 来自互联网
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  • In this application,the carrier is used to encapsulate the grid.在这种情况下,要用载体把格栅密封起来。
  • Modern gauges consist of metal foil in the form of a grid.现代应变仪则由网格形式的金属片组成。
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  • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse.国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
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6 scenarios f7c7eeee199dc0ef47fe322cc223be88     
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  • Again, scenarios should make it clear which modes are acceptable to users in various contexts. 同样,我们可以运用场景剧本来搞清楚在不同情境下哪些模式可被用户接受。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
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  • He was died of a malignant tumor.他死于恶性肿瘤。
  • The surgeons irradiated the tumor.外科医生用X射线照射那个肿瘤。
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