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英语听力:听电影学英语-美味情缘 01

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  [00:43.06]<i>Some chefs call them "lovebirds," a romantic dish for that special occasion.</i> 有些厨师将这道菜命名为鸳鸯 作为特别日子的浪漫料理
[00:54.90]<i>Properly cooked, they're as tender as butter.</i> 适当烹调后肉质像牛油般滑嫩
[00:58.06]<i>They can be roasted, stuffed with wild rice or barley1...</i> 也可以塞入野米或大麦炙烤
[01:03.34]<i>...or you can broil2 them, poach them...</i> 或是烘焙、水煮、烧烤
[01:06.18]<i>...barbecue them, and even braise them.</i> 甚至可以炖煮
[01:08.54]<i>But there's no greater sin than to overcook a quail3.</i> 最大的罪恶就是把鹌鹑煮得过熟
[01:12.26]<i>Perfectly4 cooked, it must have a touch of pink on the breast.</i> 烹煮得刚好,胸肉要呈现粉红色
[01:14.50]<i>But you need the right quail. It has to be fleshy or it dries out too easily.</i> 不过要挑对新鲜鹌鹑,肉质要丰嫩,不然很容易干粗
[01:19.58]<i>I prefer to serve them roasted.</i> 我喜欢炙烤鹌鹑
[01:22.78]That makes their taste richer and more robust5. 吃起来的味道浓厚香醇
[01:28.02]And a side of truffle ravioli and wild mushrooms... 松露意大利饺和野菇
[01:28.90]...goes deliciously well with them. 是完美配菜
[01:31.26]Of course, you can also cook them in a pig's bladder... 当然也能塞进猪膀胱烹煮
[01:36.06]...in a mix of Madeira and cognac. 混搭马得拉和科涅克酒提味更好
[01:38.82]You see, the bladder helps protect the quail, keeps it moist. 猪膀胱包住鹌鹑,肉汁不会流失
[01:42.22]You could serve it with a tender sauce of thyme, spring onions... 可以用百里香、青葱
[01:46.06]...caramelized shallots, truffles. 爆油葱和松露做成酱汁
[01:49.78]Truffles go perfectly with almost any quail dish... 松露可以搭配任何鹌鹑料理
[01:52.66]...because they elevate the delicate taste. 因为它具有提味的作用
[01:56.26]Are you feeling okay? 你还好吧?
[02:02.30]They wonderfully elevate the delicate taste of the quail. 松露能让鹌鹑的味道更香甜
[02:09.58]...otherwise you just better forget about it. 不然就最好想都别想
[02:11.94]- Now, for a appetizer6, I suggest... - Kate, would you mind... - 至于前菜,我建议… - 凯特…
[02:15.34]...if I change the subject for a moment? - No. - 我换个话题,好吗? - 好啊
[02:18.42]Why do you come to see me every week? 你为什么每周来见我?
[02:23.38]My boss said she'd fire me if I didn't get therapy. 我不来就会被老板开除
[02:25.46]And why do you think she thinks you need therapy? 她为什么觉得你需要心理治疗?
[02:28.26]Why? 为什么?
[02:30.78]You know what? 你知道吗?
[02:31.66]I haven't the faintest idea. 我也搞不清楚
[02:50.22]Ordering two tasting menus. Fire two amuse-bouche. 两份尝鲜菜单,准备两道前菜
[02:54.02]Leah, I need a quail and a Dover sole for table nine. 黎儿,九号桌要鹌鹑和多佛比目鱼
[02:56.58]I'm still waiting on those beef tenderloins. Where are they? Pick up! 我还在等那道烧烤牛里肌肉,到底在哪里?快上菜!
[03:00.46]Terrine, carpaccio. 法国派,义式生牛肉
[03:05.86]Excuse me, you should know Hal Reeves says the lamb... 大厨,芮夫说烤羊排
[03:08.06]...has never been so good before. - Really? And what would he know? - 美味极了 - 是吗?他怎么知道?
[03:12.82]Kate, the Petersons are here. They wanna tell you how brilliant you are. 凯特,毕氏夫妇想说你是顶级厨师
[03:15.90]- Brilliant chefs belong in the kitchen. - At least say hello. - 谢了,但顶级厨师都留在厨房 - 至少去打声招呼
[03:19.30]You know they're some of my best customers. 他们是常客
[03:23.46]In a minute. Just don't cook them too long, because they get... 一下子就好,不要煮太久,不然会…
[03:24.38]- They get tough, I know. - No, dry. Dry, Leah. - 知道啦,会变太硬 - 不对,是太干涩
[03:27.86]I get tough. Quail get dry. 我会变强硬,鹌鹑会变干涩
[03:28.86]Kate, I wanna go over the menu for next week. 凯特,我想讨论下星期的菜单
[03:32.14]Later, okay? 待会儿,好吗?
[03:42.74]<i>You're a magician, Kate.</i> 你真是个料理魔法师
[03:44.22]And you know my husband sings your praises constantly. 我先生一直对你赞不绝口
[03:49.42]In fact, it's hard not to be jealous. 很难不吃你的醋
[03:51.42]I worship anyone who can surprise my palate. 我崇拜能让我的味蕾惊喜的厨师
[03:51.70]It's always a pleasure to cook for you both. 很荣幸能为两位服务
[03:55.30]- We'll see you next week, right? - Of course. - 下星期再见吧 - 当然了
[03:59.30]- Good night. - Good night. - 晚安 - 晚安
[04:06.66]Nice to see you. 请慢走
[04:08.54]I'm telling you it's not cooked properly. 这块鹅肝烹调得不对
[04:11.38]- May I ask what this is about? - Kate, I'll handle this. - 这是怎么回事? - 凯特,我来处理
[04:13.58]- I take it you're the chef? - Yes. - 我猜你是主厨? - 没错
[04:17.38]- There's something I'd like to show you. - Don't do this. - 太好了,我给你看样东西 - 肯,别这样
[04:20.14]My wife's foie gras hasn't been cooked long enough. 我太太的鹅肝烤得不够久
[04:21.66]- Excuse me? - Why don't I bring you... - 什么? - 让我免费招待
[04:23.42]...a new appetizer with my compliments? - It's cooked just fine. - 另一道前菜 - 我的鹅肝烤得刚刚好
[04:28.42]Nothing to be ashamed of, honey. Even the best stumble over foie gras. 别觉得丢脸,顶级厨师也会出错
[04:30.42]<i>There's nothing wrong with this. It's precisely7 comme il faut.</i> 这块鹅肝没问题,完美无缺
[04:35.06]<i>- What is that supposed to mean? - Comme il faut? "As it should be. "</i> - 那是什么意思? - 完美无缺?
[04:36.38]140 degrees in the oven, 80 degrees water temperature, for 25 minutes... 意思是刚刚好,烤箱华氏140度,水温80度足足烤25分钟
[04:42.06]...not too long, not too short, with the perfect touch of pink, honey. 不多不少,色泽,呈完美的粉红色,先生
[04:44.62]That's it. We'll take our business somewhere else. 我受够了,咱们到别家餐馆
[04:46.90]Let's go. 走吧
[04:52.30]May I suggest Vinnie's hot dog stand at the corner? He cooks to order. 我推荐转角的文尼热狗小摊,他一定会听你的
[04:58.98]<i>How many times have I told you?</i> 我要告诉你多少次?
[04:59.94]You can't make a scene every time someone doesn't like your food. 客人不满意,不能和对方吵架


1 barley 2dQyq     
  • They looked out across the fields of waving barley.他们朝田里望去,只见大麦随风摇摆。
  • He cropped several acres with barley.他种了几英亩大麦。
2 broil xsRzl     
  • Bake,broil,grill or roast foods rather than fry them.烧烤或烘烤而不要油炸食物。
  • He is in a broil of indignation.此刻他正怒气冲冲。
3 quail f0UzL     
  • Cowards always quail before the enemy.在敌人面前,胆小鬼们总是畏缩不前的。
  • Quail eggs are very high in cholesterol.鹌鹑蛋胆固醇含量高。
4 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
5 robust FXvx7     
  • She is too tall and robust.她个子太高,身体太壮。
  • China wants to keep growth robust to reduce poverty and avoid job losses,AP commented.美联社评论道,中国希望保持经济强势增长,以减少贫困和失业状况。
6 appetizer jvczu     
  • We served some crackers and cheese as an appetizer.我们上了些饼干和奶酪作为开胃品。
  • I would like a cucumber salad for an appetizer.我要一份黄瓜沙拉作开胃菜。
7 precisely zlWzUb     
  • It's precisely that sort of slick sales-talk that I mistrust.我不相信的正是那种油腔滑调的推销宣传。
  • The man adjusted very precisely.那个人调得很准。
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