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听电影学英语-食品公司 09

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  [00:08.62]Look at the broccoli1. 看看这些花椰菜
[00:12.46]It’s too expensive, man. 太贵了,天啊
[00:16.46]- What do you want to eat then? - Mama. -那你想吃什么呢? -这个吧,妈妈
[00:18.50]First check to see how many are there for a pound. 先看看1磅有多少吧
[00:28.02]- Uh, we’re not getting it. - Why not? -嗯,我们不买这个了 -为什么?
[00:29.86]You’d only get two or three. 你只能吃到两三个
[00:30.70]- No. Come on. - Aww! -噢,买嘛 -哎
[00:39.90]Maria: We can find candy that’s cheaper. 我们可以买到廉价的糖果
[00:42.58]We can find chips that are cheaper. 廉价的炸薯片
[00:44.42]The sodas2 are really cheap. 苏打汽水也很便宜
[00:46.10]Sometimes you look at a vegetable and say 当你看着超市里卖的蔬菜,你会说
[00:48.62]"Okay, we can get two hamburgers over here "看看,买这些蔬菜的价钱"
[00:52.78]for the same amount of price." "足够我在别处买2个汉堡了"
[00:56.14]Pollan: Why is it that you can buy 为什么你可以在麦当劳
[00:56.62]a double-cheeseburger at McDonald’s for 99cents, 用99美分买到一个双层吉士汉堡?
[01:00.46]and you can’t even get a head of broccoli for 99cents? 在市场用同样的钱却买不到一个花椰菜?
[01:03.30]- You want the small one? - We’ve skewed our food system -你想要个小的吗? -我们的饮食已经陷入了误区
[01:05.82]to the bad calories 习惯了食用不健康的食物
[01:08.18]and it’s not an accident. 这不是一个意外
[01:10.34]I mean, the reasons that those calories are cheaper is 我是说,这些不健康的食物之所以能卖得这么便宜
[01:12.86]because those are the ones we’re heavily subsidizing. 是因为我们一直在补贴它们的供应商 而补贴是来自于美国老百姓交纳的税款 却被用来补贴本来就十分富有的大公司
[01:19.22]And this is directly tied to the kind of agriculture 这也是和我们现行的农业经营模式
[01:19.74]that we’re practicing 以及农业政策
[01:22.74]and the kind of farm policies we have. 直接相关的
[01:25.26]All those snack-food calories are 所有这些高热量的零食
[01:28.42]the ones that come from the commodity crops-- 都是用经济作物生产出来的
[01:30.10]from the wheat, from the corn 包括小麦,玉米
[01:31.42]and from the soybeans. 还有大豆
[01:32.26]By making those calories really cheap, 这些不健康的食品如此廉价
[01:35.94]that’s one of the reasons that the biggest predictor 使得最有可能受过度肥胖困扰的人群
[01:38.46]of obesity3 is income level. 就是工薪阶层
[01:39.14]Over the course of human history, 纵观人类历史
[01:42.50]we were struggling to make sure we had 我们一直不懈努力
[01:43.82]enough food and enough calories 就是为了让大部分人
[01:46.50]for a sizable percentage of the human race. 能够吃得饱
[01:50.02]Now the problem is too many calories. 现在问题反而是他们太饱了
[01:52.18]The industry blames obesity 食品工业把过度肥胖
[01:53.70]on a crisis of personal responsibility. 归咎于人们忽视自身健康的生活方式

  [01:56.18]But when you’re engineering foods 但是,当食品工业改造食物时
[01:57.70]you are pressing our evolutionary4 buttons. 也按下了"改变人们健康体质"的按钮
[01:59.54]The fact is we’re hardwired 实际上,人类生来
[02:04.38]to go for three tastes-- 就偏好三种食物的味道
[02:04.90]salt, fat and sugar. 盐,脂肪,还有糖
[02:09.90]These things are very rare in nature 这些东西在大自然里很稀少
[02:11.26]Now sugar is available 24/7 现在,我们随时可以获得糖
[02:13.94]in tremendous quantities. 大量的糖
[02:14.94]We’re eating hundreds of pounds of the stuff a year. 我们现在每年摄入上百磅的糖
[02:18.62]This diet of high-fructose corn syrup5 这些由高果糖玉米糖浆
[02:21.30]and refined carbohydrates6 和高纯度碳水化合物组成的食物
[02:22.46]leads to these spikes7 of insulin 导致人体分泌的胰岛素激增
[02:24.66]and, gradually, a wearing down of the system 人体的糖类代谢系统
[02:28.18]by which our body metabolizes sugar. 就这样逐渐崩溃了
[02:34.54]Maria: My husband’s diabetic. 我丈夫有糖尿病
[02:37.54]One of my main concerns is 让我担忧的是
[02:40.06]he could lose his sight. 他可能会失明
[02:43.06]He does get into-- sometimes he’s shaking, 他的病不时发作,例如颤抖
[02:45.74]so I’m afraid that he’s gonna start not being able to drive, 所以我很担心他会逐渐失去驾驶能力
[02:50.26]’cause that’s what he does for a profession. 因为这是他的职业
[02:52.94]We have to consider his medicine. 医药费也是很重的负担
[02:55.62]What is it, $70? 这是什么? 70美元?
[02:57.62]50 pills costs me about $130. 50片药要130美元 关于美国医药界的黑幕, 请见迈克尔·摩尔(MIAHCAEL MOORE)的纪录片《精神病人 SICKO》
[03:00.46]Maria: But he’s on two different types of pills. 他同时服用2种药
[03:01.46]$100-and-something for one pill 这一种要100多块
[03:02.30]and then $100- and-something for another. 另一种也要100多块
[03:04.14]That takes a lot of our income away. 我们很大一部分收入花在了药物上
[03:06.30]We’re really tight from either 我们被搞得手头很紧
[03:10.34]paying for his medicine to be healthy 无论是爲了他的病花钱买药
[03:12.86]or buying vegetables to be healthy. 还是买蔬菜吃而获得健康
[03:15.54]So which one should we do? 我们该怎么选择呢? 买药,药价太贵 而不买药买菜吃,菜价又太贵
[03:21.38]It’s hard to see my dad suffer with diabetes8 看见爸爸因为糖尿病而受苦让我很不好过
[03:24.22]And it’s really sad to see that my sister might have it. 我姐姐也可能会患上糖尿病,这让我更伤心
[03:27.74]There’s something that’s going on 我们的生活方式
[03:30.06]in the way that we live our lives, 一定是出了什么问题
[03:32.58]where we play, where we buy our food 我们的娱乐,我们买食物的地方
[03:34.94]and the types of food that we’re able to buy 还有我们能买到的食物
[03:36.62]that is causing this epidemic9. 都是造成这种流行病的原因
[03:37.62]It’s not just our community. 这种情况不只出现在我们的社区

  [03:41.46]It’s not just Baldwin Park. It’s everywhere. 也不只是鲍德温公园区,到处都是
[03:42.98]How many of us know one person 我们之中有多少人
[03:45.98]in our family with diabetes? 有1个家庭成员有糖尿病?
[03:49.66]Three? Keep your hand-- 有3个? 先不要放下手
[03:49.98]How about two? 有2个?
[03:54.34]It used to be that type 2 diabetes 2型糖尿病 (人体对胰岛素敏感性下降导致的高血糖)
[03:57.02]And now it’s affecting children at epidemic proportions. 现在,它在儿童中也成了流行病
[04:01.54]每3个2000年后出生的美国人 就有1个会较早罹患糖尿病
[04:11.86]而对于美国的少数族裔 比率是每2个就有1个 因为他们更穷,没钱买菜吃 只能吃便宜的快餐,所以也更容易患上糖尿病
[04:18.10](birds chirping) 在草地里
[04:31.98](chickens clucking)
[04:58.78]Joel Salatin: Everything we’ve done 在现代的工业化农业生产中
[04:58.94]in modern industrial agriculture 我们所做的一切
[05:00.10]is to grow it faster, fatter, bigger, cheaper. 就是为了农产品长得更快,更肥,更大,更便宜
[05:05.30]Nobody’s thinking about E. coli, 没人思考埃舍利希氏大肠杆菌、
[05:09.14]type 2 diabetes and the ecological10 health 2型糖尿病,还有我们整个系统的
[05:12.98]We’re outsourcing 我们现在
[05:13.30]of the whole system. 生态健康问题
[05:16.66]autonomous farmer decision making-- 把独立的农业生产决策假手于人 JOEL SALATIN:POLYFACE农场的主人
[05:20.18]we’re outsourcing that to corporate11 boardrooms 让千里之外某个大城市的食品公司董事会
[05:22.70]in big cities 1,000 miles away 掌握决策权
[05:26.86]where people make decisions and don’t live 这些做决定的人
[05:29.06]with the consequences of those decisions. 无需面对这些决定造成的后果


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