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   [00:01.90]l was never any harder on him, as far as l could see 我不觉得我对他有特别要求

  [00:02.62]You were all different, and look at him today 你们每个人个性都不同 看看他今天的成就
  [00:07.94]Did l tell you l went to see him in New York? 我有跟你说我到纽约去看他吗?
  [00:11.02]-No. -Yeah, he wasn’t there - 没有 - 他不在家
  [00:13.62]but l saw some of his artwork downstairs in a gallery 但我在楼下的画廊 看到了他的作品
  [00:14.22]below his apartment. lt was right there on display. lt was just beautiful 就在他家楼下展示 美丽极了
  [00:18.98]So look what happened to him 所以看看他后来
  [00:27.14]l don’t know, Dad 我不知道,爸
  [00:29.94]How can you say that? Look at you 你怎能这么说?看看你
  [00:30.82]You’ve wanted to be a dancer ever since you were a little girl 你从小就想当舞者
  [00:36.10]You were gifted, and nobody pushed you 你很有天分 我们也都没逼你
  [00:37.38]-What about your plans? -lt all worked out - 那你的计划呢? - 一切顺利啊
  [00:40.58]What did you wanna be when you were my age? 你在我这个年纪时 想要做什么?
  [00:42.18]l didn’t have any plans 我没有计划
  [00:45.66]l just wanted to hold down a job 我只想要安安稳稳工作
  [00:45.94]and find somebody crazy enough to marry me, like your mother 找个够疯狂而愿意嫁我的人 像你妈
  [00:50.98]But when you guys came along, things were different 但你们出生后一切都不一样了
  [00:55.10]What kind of father would l have been if l hadn’t pushed you? 我若不对你们有所期望 算是什么父亲呢?
  [00:56.30]There were opportunities 有许多的机会
  [01:00.06]So there wasn’t anything you wanted to achieve? 所以你自己没有什么 想实现的梦想啰?
  [01:01.34]No, l didn’t really think much about it. Never really gave it much thought 不,我从未多想过 从来没认真想过这问题
  [01:06.62]All l wanted to do was just be a good father, that’s all 我只想要当一个好父亲
  [01:22.62]So you’ve got your boarding pass 你的登机证拿到了
  [01:22.70]and you’re all checked in, and we know your gate 行李也寄好了 我们也知道你的登机门
  [01:29.38]So? 所以呢?
  [01:31.38]l’ll come visit you as soon as l can, l promise 我会尽快回去看你的 我保证
  [01:32.14]l’d like that. l wanna get us all around the same table together 我会很高兴 我想要大家一起吃团圆饭
  [01:37.06]-At Christmas? -Or before, it’s up to you - 圣诞节时吗? - 之前也可以,看你
  [01:39.54]Great. Count me in 好啊,算我一份
  [01:45.70]Here 给你
  [01:45.78]What’s this? 这是什么?
  [01:49.18]l had to give it to each of you 你们每人都有一份
  [01:50.18]-Well, shall l open it? -No, open it later - 现在开吗? - 不,待会再开
  [01:54.86]-Are you sure? -Sure l’m sure - 你确定? - 我确定
  [01:56.22]Okay 好
  [01:58.58]Okay 好
  [02:05.46]-Be good. -Just for you - 要乖喔 - 为了你我会的
  [02:11.94]-Be good. -l will - 要乖喔 - 我会的
  [02:29.90]Bye, Dad 再见,爸爸
  [02:40.26]Have a good flight 旅途愉快
  [03:05.70]-Rosie, where’s Dad? -He’s on his way home. I just left him - 萝西,爸呢? - 他在回家的路上,我刚看他走
  [03:11.58]What did you find out? 你有什么消息?
  [03:14.78]David was caught buying some drugs in a bar 大卫被抓到在酒吧买毒品
  [03:16.62]No 不
  [03:18.02]He got sick so quickly that they now think 他很快就不舒服,他们怀疑
  [03:19.62]he may have panicked2 and swallowed some of the drugs 他可能在被逮捕时 一时紧张
  [03:20.82]-when he was arrested. -Is he okay? Have you seen him? - 吞了一些毒品 - 他还好吗?你见到他了吗?
  [03:25.58]Not yet. He was taken to a hospital 还没,他在医院
  [03:27.86]I’m there now, but they’re not being very helpful 我现在人在这 可是他们不怎么帮忙
  [03:28.06]What do you mean? 什么意思?
  [03:30.78]I keep asking if he’s here, but I can’t get a straight answer 我一直问他人在不在 可是都得不到直接的答案
  [03:33.66]Listen, the lawyer’s with me and the guy from the embassy’s here 听着,律师跟我在一起 还有大使馆的人
  [03:37.90]I need you to call Robert 我需要你打电话给劳勃
  [03:38.58]I promised I’d call him before his concert 我答应他会在演奏会前打给他的
  [03:39.62]tell him what’s going on. Can you do that for me? 把消息告诉他 可以请你帮我打吗?
  [03:43.30]Yeah 好
  [03:59.26]Excuse me? How much longer before we land? 请问还要多久才降落?
  [04:01.94]Forty minutes, but there’s a storm so it might take a little longer 40分钟,但我们遇上了暴风雨 可能会耽搁一阵子
  [04:07.42]We go around it, not through it 我们会绕道,不会穿越
  [04:08.54]-Can l have some more water, please? -Sure - 可以再给我一点水吗? - 好的
  [04:20.46]Excuse me 抱歉
  [04:30.78]Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign 各位先生女士 机长刚开启系上安全带警示
  [04:35.14]so we ask you to please return to your seats as soon as possible 请您尽快回到座位上
  [04:43.94]Sir, you need to push your table up. Thank you 先生,请您将桌子收好 谢谢
  [04:54.86]Sir, is everything all right? 先生,您还好吗?
  [05:04.66]Okay, sir. You’re gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine 先生,您不会有事的 您不会有事的
  [05:11.46]Just breathe for me. You’re gonna be fine 继续呼吸,您不会有事的
  [05:15.82]Come on, it’s ready. Everybody sit down 快点,好了 大家快坐下
  [05:19.78]Hey, David. Come on! 嘿,大卫,快点!
  [05:23.46]-Thank you. -How come you’re home, Dad? - 谢谢 - 你怎么会在家,爸爸?
  [05:27.94]-l took the day off work. -But you’d never do that - 我今天休假 - 但你从不请假的
  [05:30.42]l know, but l wanted to spend some time with you guys 我知道,但我想跟你们一起
  [05:33.02]-ls anything wrong? -No, nothing is wrong - 出了什么事吗? - 不,没事
  [05:36.70]Well, you know, actually there is something 嗯,其实是有点事
  [05:39.78]You know, l’ve been asking myself a question 我不断地问自己一个问题
  [05:42.98]that’s been like a puzzle, and l can’t figure it out 那像是谜语一般 我一直都搞不懂
  [05:47.34]Let’s stop eating for a minute 我们先暂停吃饭
  [05:51.62]l keep asking myself why you all lied to me 我一直问我自已 你们为什么都欺骗我
  [05:58.06]Amy, Jeff wore the same shirt to work the morning after l stayed 艾美,杰夫在我过夜的隔天早上 又穿了同件衬衫上班
  [05:58.18]all of you 所有人
  [06:01.94]He doesn’t live with you anymore, does he? 他根本就不住在那里了 对不对?
  [06:06.42]He left home about three months ago 他三个月前就离家了
  [06:06.90]There’s another woman. That’s why Jack3 hates him 他有了另一个女人 所以杰克才这么讨厌他
  [06:10.42]When that man Tom came over to me at the station and shook my hand 那个叫汤姆的过来与我握手时
  [06:14.98]he wanted to make an impression, didn’t he? 他是想留下好印象,对吗?
  [06:15.46]You pulled a chair up before he came over ’cause you were expecting him 你在他到之前就拉了把椅子 因为你在等他
  [06:19.82]Tom was waiting at the station 汤姆在车站等
  [06:22.22]l wanted to know that you’d met him. l didn’t want to miss the opportunity 我必须让你见见他 我不想要错失这机会
  [06:25.82]ln case l get sick and we never get the chance to meet? 因为万一我生病 可能就没机会见他了吗?
  [06:38.14]Robert 劳勃
  [06:40.50]l think we should go in. l think l felt some rain 我想我们该进去了 好像下雨了
  [06:43.18]There were posters all over the city. You weren’t going to Europe 整个城市都贴满了海报 你根本没有要去欧洲
  [06:43.78]You weren’t even performing that night. We could have spent time together 你当天晚上也没有演出 我们本有时间相处的
  [06:48.14]But you lied to me. You didn’t wanna be with me 但你却骗了我 你不想跟我一起
  [06:48.54]No, the truth is, Dad, there are lots of things that we don’t tell you 不,说真的,爸 我们许多事都没跟你说
  [06:54.02]but that doesn’t mean that we want to hurt you 但这并不表示我们想要伤害你
  [06:58.42]Mom didn’t always tell you everything and you know that 妈也不是事事都告诉你 你也很清楚
  [06:59.38]Don’t blame your mother for this, and wipe your mouth 别将这事怪到你妈头上 把嘴擦一擦
  [07:03.70]Rosie, the baby is yours, isn’t it? 萝西,那孩子是你的吧?
  [07:08.54]l was going to tell you 我本来要跟你说的
  [07:12.34]-Go on. Tell him the rest. -Robert, shut up - 快啊,快跟他说 - 劳勃,闭嘴
  [07:15.58]-Go on. l’ll tell him. -Shut up - 快啊,不然我跟他说 - 闭嘴
  [07:19.98]She doesn’t know if she likes boys or girls 她不知道自己 究竟喜欢男生还是女生
  [07:21.98]Robert, stop it 劳勃,别说了
  [07:25.26]Did your mother know you were pregnant4? 你妈知道你怀孕的事吗?
  [07:27.90]And she kept it from me. Why would she do that? 她竟然瞒着我 为什么呢?
  [07:29.70]We were going to tell you, but then Mom got sick 我们本来要跟你说的 但是妈突然病了
  [07:36.78]l didn’t wanna disappoint you 我不想要令你失望
  [07:43.22]David, do you still live in New York at that apartment? 大卫,你还住在纽约的公寓吗?
  [07:46.02]No 不
  [07:47.70]-Then where can l find you? -l can’t tell you - 那我要去哪找你 - 我不能告诉你
  [07:51.42]Tell me where l can find you and when l can see you 告诉我要去哪里找你 我才能看得到你
  [07:51.50]-l don’t wanna see you, Dad. -No, stop... Do not laugh at me - 我不想要见你,爸 - 不,停止...别笑我
  [07:59.14]Tell me the truth 告诉我实情
  [08:01.22]Wipe that smirk5 off your face. Wipe the smirk off your face! 别对着我笑 别对着我笑!
  [08:04.14]l have your skateboard right in the shed1 over there. l know exactly where it is 你的滑板就在那边的棚里 我知道在哪里
  [08:07.98]l’ll burn the damn6 thing! You hear me? 我把它烧了!你听到了吗?
  [08:09.86]-Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. Quiet! -A two-by-four with wheels! - 别笑、别笑,安静! - 装了轮子的木板!
  [08:12.66]After everything l’ve done for you, this is all you can do is laugh? 我为了你们做了这么多 你们就只会笑?
  [08:18.34]When l’m asking you about something that’s worrying me? 当我在询问一件令我担心的事?
  [08:20.70]Jesus! David! 老天!大卫!
  [08:21.82]Your mother always asked me why l was so hard on you 你妈总是问我 为什么对你这么要求
  [08:23.42]This is why. This is exactly why! Have some respect! 就是因为这样,正是因为这样! 你放尊重点!
  [08:40.38]-So what am l supposed to do? -Act as though nothing’s wrong - 我应该要怎么办? - 假装一切都没事
  [08:44.54]That’s what Mom did. lt’s best for all of us 妈总是这样 那样对我们最好
  [08:48.26]l can’t do that. l can’t act as if nothing happened 我没有办法 我无法假装什么事都没发生
  [08:51.22]What do l tell your mother? What do l say? 我怎么跟你妈交代? 我要跟她说什么?
  [08:51.94]Anyway, she won’t ask or anything ’cause she’s dead 反正她也不会多问 她已经死了
  [08:56.34]David! 大卫!
  [09:05.14]That’s it. l’ve had enough! 够了,我受够了!
  [09:07.46]-l’m out of here. -Me, too! l’m out of here! - 我要走了 - 我也是!我要走了!
  [09:07.82]Come on! 走吧!
  [09:12.02]Tell her nothing 什么都别跟她说
  [09:13.38]-How can l do that? -lf you love her as she loves you - 我怎能这样? - 你若像她爱你一样爱她
  [09:18.06]then you’ll tell her what she wants to hear 那你就会跟她说 她想要听的话
  [09:21.06]Tell her that we are all fine 告诉她我们都很好


1 shed sESzm     
n.车棚,小屋,脱落之物,分水岭;vt.使流出,放射,脱落,散发,摆脱;vi. 流出
  • There are a lot of straws in the shed.棚子里有许多稻草。
  • His nose told him that he was getting near the cow shed.他的嗅觉告诉他,他正走近牛棚。
2 panicked 63b9abda985d983cbcc4cdaa570f581c     
  • The gunfire panicked the baby. 炮声使婴儿受到了惊吓。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The government panicked into imposing a kind of cultural homogeneity. 政府在恐慌下开始强制实施某种文化统一政策。 来自辞典例句
3 jack 53Hxp     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
4 pregnant IP3xP     
  • She is a pregnant woman.她是一名孕妇。
  • She is pregnant with her first child.她怀了第一胎。
5 smirk GE8zY     
  • He made no attempt to conceal his smirk.他毫不掩饰自鸣得意的笑容。
  • She had a selfsatisfied smirk on her face.她脸上带着自鸣得意的微笑。
6 damn jnyzC     
  • Damn this useless typewriter!这台破打字机真该死!
  • I knew damn well what he was going to say.我非常清楚他要说什么。
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