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英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 03

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  [00:02.92]Elbows. One, two, three, four. 手肘,1,2,3,4
[00:05.64]- We'll just take it that far. - Suckers. - 先做到这步 - 废柴
[00:09.32]- Let's see it. Joey, count 'em in. - Five. six. seven. eight. - 我们看看,<u>祖伊</u>,为他们数拍子 - 5,6,7,8
[00:12.48]- ( All ) One and two. three. four. - Why we come here? - 1、2,3,4 - 我们为何来这里?
[00:14.44]five, six, seven and eight. 5,6,7、8
[00:16.44]One, two, three, four. 1,2,3,4
[00:20.60]- If you wanna learn. keep with the counts. - Learn? - 若你们想学,就要跟着拍子 - 学?
[00:22.68]Lady. I'm schooling1 you. (All) Whoa! 小姐,是我在教你!
[00:29.48]( All Chattering2 )
[00:34.16]All right. 好吧
[00:36.16]- Pay no mind to them. - You like that? - 别介意他们 - 你喜欢吗?
[00:39.60]∮∮ ( Rap Playing Loudly)
[00:48.72]Okay, okay, comedy hour's over. Let's get back to it. 好了,好了,喜剧结束,我们继续练习
[00:52.44]It's not you. My brother Benny and them just wanna show off. 不是妳的问题 哥哥<u>宾尼</u>和他们爱出风头
[00:57.28]I know. sweetie. 我知,亲爱的
[00:58.68]- Take care. all right? - Okay. - 保重,知道吗? - 好的
[01:03.68]Bye. Bye. - 拜拜 - 拜拜
[01:05.36]- All right. Let's start from the top. - ∮∮ (Hip3-hop4 Resumes ) - 好吧,我们从头开始
[01:18.84]Okay. There. That didn't hurt. did it? 好,这里,不痛了,对吗?
[01:23.24]Okay. all set to go. 好吧,可以走了
[01:30.80]Oh, sweetie. I don't know why you can't just teach ballet at a nice uptown studio. 亲爱的 我不明白为何妳不去住宅区的舞室教芭蕾舞
[01:34.68]Haven't you seen my hip-hop class? They love it. 妳没看过我的Hip Hop班吗?他们都喜欢
[01:38.08]But hip-hop can't take you the places ballet can. All that real dance training. 但Hip Hop地位比不上芭蕾舞 那种真正的舞蹈训练
[01:41.12]Ah. here are my girls. Hi. Dad. - 我的妻女在这儿 - 嗨,爸爸
[01:45.20]Hi. baby. Honey. - 嗨,宝贝 - <u>哈妮</u>
[01:46.52]There's so many beautiful things in the world. and I just want you to see 'em. 世上还有更多美好的东西 我只想妳去看看
[01:51.08]Ma. So. can we make it to midtown in 20 minutes? 妈...那么我们二十分钟后在市中心见?
[01:54.56]- Not another video audition6? - As a matter of fact. I was just heading that way. - 不是另一次影带面试吧? - 事实上,我正想出发
[02:04.00]And don't worry so much. 别那么担心
[02:06.76](Woman ) ∮ It's no use when I miss you∮
[02:13.76]∮ 'Cause I always want you∮
[02:18.12]∮ Girl, it's like a piece of me ∮∮
[02:23.80]Two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. 2、3、4,5、6、7、8
[02:26.96](Man ) Next. 下一位
[02:32.72]- Honey Daniels. And you're with? - No one right now. - <u>哈妮丹尼丝</u>,妳的舞伴是? - 暂时没有
[02:34.88]Sorry. The open audition was this morning. We're not seeing any more unsolicited dancers. 抱歉,公开面试是今早 我们不再接见自荐的舞蹈员
[02:38.20]But the ad said the audition was all day. It is. but the open part ended at noon. - 但广告说面试是全日进行 - 对,但公开面试在中午结束
[02:44.08]I have a job and couldn't get off before noon. 我要工作,所以中午前不能来
[02:45.76]Unfortunately. there were about a thousand girls who could. Can't I just audition? - 真不幸,但也有上千名女孩可以来 - 不若就让我面试吧?
[02:49.40]Next. 下一位
[03:01.28]∮∮ (Hip-hop ) ∮∮ (Woman Singing Indistinctly)
[03:12.00]Check it. That's what I'm talking about. 看,我就是说这些
[03:12.60]I should be dancing in videos like this. You're right, you should. - 我该像她们般在音乐影带跳舞 - 妳说得对,妳应该的
[03:18.08]But sometimes you gotta start in the back door if you wanna get in the front. 有时妳该由后门争取上幕前
[03:21.24]( Chuckles7 ) You al ready gave me that lecture. 真是至理名言
[03:22.00]I 'm gonna keep giving it you. 'Cause if you would have listened to me. 我会一直说这些金句 若妳肯听我的说话
[03:27.28]your ass5 would have been famous by now. For what? - 妳早就一举成名 - 为了什么?
[03:30.96](Phone Ringing)
[03:32.24](Woman ) Michael Ellis Productions. 《<u>米高艾力斯</u>制片公司》
[03:35.04]Yes, that video is shooting next Thursday. 是,那影带将在下星期四开拍
[03:37.72]You seen Michael? He's over there. - 你见到<u>米高</u>吗? - 他在那里
[03:41.40]( Phone Ringing )
[03:43.40]Ellis Productions. 《<u>艾力斯</u>制片公司》
[03:46.48]Yes, he is. One moment, please. 是的,他在,请等等
[03:53.56]Who is that? That's Katrina. - 她是谁? - 她是<u>嘉翠娜</u>
[03:56.64]She in a lot of joints8. Works a lot. She was at the Overdrive. 她在行头有很多联系 接很多工作,曾在《超远》工作
[03:60.72]No. no. not her. 不,不,不是她
[04:03.80]Her. 是她
[04:08.96]∮∮ (Hip-hop ) ∮∮ ( Woman Singing Indistinctly)
[04:11.44]What up? What up? You're getting her drunk. - 什么?什么? - 妳快灌醉她了
[04:15.68]Come on. Keep it coming. Keep it coming. 来吧,不要停,不要停
[04:21.80]Excuse me. Are you a dancer? 请问,妳是舞蹈员吗?
[04:22.84]Yeah. I thought so. - 对 - 如我所料
[04:26.44]Look. I want you to dance for me. 听着,我想妳为我跳舞
[04:31.20]Come on. Gina. 走吧,<u>珍娜</u>
[04:34.28]I'm a-- I'm a video director. and I'm shooting next week. 我是个...我是个影带导演 下星期我会开拍
[04:34.88]No. no. Look. Seriously. Seriously. 不,不,听着,认真的,认真的
[04:40.44]Oh. and you wanna offer me the privilege of slapping on a thong9 and shaking my ass in your camera? 而你想我帮你特别演出 拍屁股、玩皮鞭、扭屎忽的动作?
[04:43.84]Thanks. but I'll pass. Let's go. 承蒙错爱,但我欣然拒绝,走吧
[04:47.32]What are you doing? He's a director. 妳在做什么?他是导演
[04:49.48]Every guy's a director when he wants some booty. Look. Look. Listen. - 每个男人想沟女都说是导演 - 听着,听着,先听听
[04:55.88]It's a little loud down here. so let's go talk about it up in the V.I.P. Iounge. 这里有点嘈吵,我们到上面的贵宾房谈吧
[04:58.76]All right. I heard that. 好吧,我听到了
[05:00.52]It don't matter where we are. I'm not taking my clothes off. 去哪里都一样,我不会脱衣的


1 schooling AjAzM6     
  • A child's access to schooling varies greatly from area to area.孩子获得学校教育的机会因地区不同而大相径庭。
  • Backward children need a special kind of schooling.天赋差的孩子需要特殊的教育。
2 chattering chattering     
n. (机器振动发出的)咔嗒声,(鸟等)鸣,啁啾 adj. 喋喋不休的,啾啾声的 动词chatter的现在分词形式
  • The teacher told the children to stop chattering in class. 老师叫孩子们在课堂上不要叽叽喳喳讲话。
  • I was so cold that my teeth were chattering. 我冷得牙齿直打战。
3 hip 1dOxX     
  • The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone.股骨连着髋骨。
  • The new coats blouse gracefully above the hip line.新外套在臀围线上优美地打着褶皱。
4 hop vdJzL     
  • The children had a competition to see who could hop the fastest.孩子们举行比赛,看谁单足跳跃最快。
  • How long can you hop on your right foot?你用右脚能跳多远?
5 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
6 audition 8uazw     
  • I'm going to the audition but I don't expect I'll get a part.我去试音,可并不指望会给我个角色演出。
  • At first,they said he was too young,but later they called him for an audition.起初,他们说他太小,但后来他们叫他去试听。
7 chuckles dbb3c2dbccec4daa8f44238e4cffd25c     
轻声地笑( chuckle的名词复数 )
  • Father always chuckles when he reads the funny papers. 父亲在读幽默报纸时总是低声发笑。
  • [Chuckles] You thought he was being poisoned by hemlock? 你觉得他中的会是芹叶钩吻毒吗?
8 joints d97dcffd67eca7255ca514e4084b746e     
接头( joint的名词复数 ); 关节; 公共场所(尤指价格低廉的饮食和娱乐场所) (非正式); 一块烤肉 (英式英语)
  • Expansion joints of various kinds are fitted on gas mains. 各种各样的伸缩接头被安装在煤气的总管道上了。
  • Expansion joints of various kinds are fitted on steam pipes. 各种各样的伸缩接头被安装在蒸气管道上了。
9 thong xqWyK     
  • He fastened the dog to the post with a thong.他用一根皮带把狗拴到柱子上。
  • If I switch with Harry,do I have to wear a thong?如果我和哈里调换,我应该穿皮带吗?
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