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听电影学英语-玩具总动员3 10

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  [00:03.32]Yes, sir. 是 长官
[00:13.86]Where do you think you’re going? 你以为你逃得了吗?
[00:17.79]- Buzz, we’re your friends.  - Spare me your lies, Temptress. - 巴斯 我们是你的朋友  - 少花言巧语 你这个妖女
[00:21.55]Your emperor is defeated and I’m immune to your bewitching good looks. 你的王国已经覆灭了 我是不会为你的美貌所蛊惑的
[00:26.04]Hey, Mungo. Get your paws off my wife. 嘿 大宝宝 把你的爪子从我老婆身上拿开
[00:28.73]- Let go of me, you drooling doofus.  - Not him. I think this potato needs to learn himself some manners. - 放开我 你这个流哈喇子的笨蛋  - 别关这里 得给这个蛋头点颜色看看
[00:35.63]- Take him to the box.  - Hey, put me down, you moron1! - 把他放到盒子里面去  - 嘿 放下我 你这个混蛋!
[00:39.00]Where are you taking me to? Bad baby. Bad baby. 你要把我带到哪里去? 坏孩子 你个坏孩子
[00:41.64]- Ken2, what’s going on?  - Barbie. I told you to wait in the Dream House. - 肯尼 这是怎么回事啊?  - 芭比 我说了让你在梦之屋里面等啊
[00:46.57]- What are you doing with my friends?  - Get in. - 你把我的朋友们怎么了?  - 进去吧
[00:49.99]- Barbie, wait.  - Don’t touch me! - 芭比 等等  - 别碰我!
[00:53.16]- We’re through!  - Barbie, I... - 我们之间完了  - 芭比 我...
[00:57.43]- And give me my scarf back.  - Ow! - 把我的围巾还给我  - 噢!
[01:01.38]- Lightyear, explain our overnight accommodations.  - Sir. Yes, sir. - 巴斯光年 给他们说下夜宿的规矩  - 是 长官
[01:06.11]Prisoners sleep in their cells. Any prisoner caught outside their cell, spends the night in the box. 囚犯必须睡在自己的囚房 一旦被抓到跑出囚房 就关在盒子里面过夜
[01:11.62]Roll call at dusk and dawn. 傍晚和清晨各点一次名

[01:13.85]Any prisoner misses roll call, spends the night in the box. 点名不到 就关在盒子里面过夜
[01:17.78]Prisoners do not speak unless spoken to. 除非长官问话 否则囚犯禁止说话
[01:20.96]Any prisoner talks back, spends the night... 顶嘴的囚犯 就关在...
[01:24.08]In the box. We get it! 盒子里面过夜 知道了!
[01:26.27]At ease, soldier. They’re neutralized3. 冷静 他们已经知道了
[01:29.20]But remember, they’ll say anything to make you doubt yourself. 但是切记 他们会花言巧语 让你怀疑自己
[01:33.51]Don’t worry, Commander. Any doubt I had... 不用担心 长官 我所有的疑虑...
[01:35.17]got pounded out of me at the Academy. 在警官学校时就都没有了
[01:37.88]Listen up folks. We got a way of doing things here at Sunnyside. 听着伙计们 国有国法 家有家规 阳光幼儿园也有规矩

  [01:42.23]If you start at the bottom, pay your dues, life here can be a dream come true. 只要你从底层做起 任劳任怨 生活总有一天会很惬意的
[01:48.55]But if you break our rules, step out of line... 但是 如果你们敢坏我规矩 越过雷池...
[01:51.93]try to checkout4 early, well, you’re just hurting yourself. 想要逃走 那你们就是自讨苦吃
[01:59.20]- Woody! What did you do to him?  - You all get a good night’s rest... - 伍迪! 你把他怎么了?  - 你们都好好休息吧...
[02:04.34]You got a full day of playtime tomorrow. Ha ha ha ha ha! 明天还要陪孩子们玩一整天呢 哈哈哈哈!
[02:12.69]1225 Syca... 等我找找 1225号 Syca...
[02:16.65]Who is Velocistar237? Velocistar237是谁?
[02:20.89]That’s just a dinosaur5 toy down the street. That’s nothing. Let me just take care of that. 他只是街角的一个恐龙玩具 没什么 我来回复
[02:25.86]Just a dinosaur... 一个恐龙玩具...
[02:27.86]All right. Sycamore. Ok. Enter. 好了 Sycamore大道 好了 按回车
[02:31.37]Please don’t be far. Please. Please. 拜托 不要太远 拜托
[02:34.98]- Right around the corner? It’s right around the corner!  - Yay! - 就在街角? 就在那个街角!  - 耶!
[02:40.00]Look at me! I’m big toy on campus! 看我! 哈哈 我马上就可以去上大学啦!
[02:43.15]- Hello. I’ll see you at the Sock Hop6.  - Ok, Potsie. - 你好 回头在赤裸舞会见  - 好的 傻瓜
[02:46.91]Hey, wait, listen ... if any of you guys ever get to Sunnyside Daycare... 嘿 等等 听着... 要是你们有谁去了阳光幼儿园...
[02:50.18]- you tell them that Woody made it home.  - You came from Sunnyside? - 告诉我的朋友们 伍迪回到家了  - 你从阳光幼儿园来的?
[02:53.14]- But, how’d you escape?  - Well, it wasn’t easy. - 你是怎么逃出来的?  - 是不容易
[02:57.79]What do you mean "escape"? "逃出来"是什么意思?
[03:00.33]Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair. 阳光幼儿园是毁灭和绝望之地
[03:03.57]Ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries. 它由一个浑身散发着草莓气味的邪恶熊掌管
[03:08.18]- Lotso?  - The guy may seem plush and huggable on the outside... - 抱抱熊?  - 这个家伙外表看起来或许平易近人 和蔼可亲...
[03:12.17]- but inside, he’s a monster. - But, how do you know that? - 但实际上 他是个恶魔  - 你们怎么知道?
[03:17.34]Chuckles. He’ll tell you. 小丑 他会告诉你的
[03:24.61]Yeah, I knew Lotso. 是的 我认识抱抱熊
[03:27.89]He was a good toy. A friend. 他曾是个很好的玩具 很好的朋友
[03:30.94]Me and him, we had the same kid. Daisy. 他和我 我们属于同一个主人 她叫Daisy
[03:36.27]I was there when Lotso got unwrapped. 抱抱熊来的时候 我在那里

  [03:41.79]Daisy loved us all. But Lotso ... Lotso was special. Daisy非常的爱我们 但是抱抱熊... 它是Daisy的最爱
[03:49.26]They did everything together. 他们干什么都一起
[03:52.70]I’ve never seen a kid and a toy more in love. 我从未见过孩子和玩具感情会这么好
[03:56.97]One day we took a drive. 有一天 我们一起坐车出去
[04:00.03]At a rest stop, we had a little playtime. 到车站时 我们玩了一小会儿
[04:04.24]After lunch, Daisy fell asleep. 吃过午饭后 Daisy睡着了
[04:14.97]She never came back. 她再也没有回来
[04:22.35]Lotso wouldn’t give up. 抱抱熊不肯放弃
[04:27.76]It took forever, but we finally made it back to Daisy’s. 我们走了很久 最终我们回到了Daisy的家
[04:38.40]But by then, it was too late. 但是 已经太晚了
[04:52.71]Something changed that day inside Lotso. 那天以后抱抱熊就变了
[04:55.93]- Something snapped.  - She replaced us. - 变得和以前不一样了  - 我们被取代了
[04:59.50]- Come on.  - No, she only replaced you. - 我们走  - 不 只有你被取代了


1 moron IEyxN     
  • I used to think that Gordon was a moron.我曾以为戈登是个白痴。
  • He's an absolute moron!他纯粹是个傻子!
2 ken k3WxV     
  • Such things are beyond my ken.我可不懂这些事。
  • Abstract words are beyond the ken of children.抽象的言辞超出小孩所理解的范围.
3 neutralized 1a5fffafcb07c2b07bc729a2ae12f06b     
v.使失效( neutralize的过去式和过去分词 );抵消;中和;使(一个国家)中立化
  • Acidity in soil can be neutralized by spreading lime on it. 土壤的酸性可以通过在它上面撒石灰来中和。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • This strategy effectively neutralized what the Conservatives had hoped would be a vote-winner. 这一策略有效地冲淡了保守党希望在选举中获胜的心态。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 checkout lwGzd1     
  • Could you pay at the checkout.你能在结帐处付款吗。
  • A man was wheeling his shopping trolley to the checkout.一个男人正推着购物车向付款台走去。
5 dinosaur xuSxp     
  • Are you trying to tell me that David was attacked by a dinosaur?你是想要告诉我大卫被一支恐龙所攻击?
  • He stared at the faithful miniature of the dinosaur.他凝视著精确的恐龙缩小模型。
6 hop vdJzL     
  • The children had a competition to see who could hop the fastest.孩子们举行比赛,看谁单足跳跃最快。
  • How long can you hop on your right foot?你用右脚能跳多远?
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