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英语听力 听电影学英语:一个购物狂的自白 05

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  [00:01.24]It's crazy,  but I guess that's the worId of high fashion? 这太疯狂了,但是我想这就是世界顶级时尚吧?
[00:04.44]- Yes. - Yeah,  I know about that. - 没错  - 我知道这些的
[00:06.48]I am one of the best. I don't Iet this out of my sight. 我是最好的,我不会让它们离开我的视线的
[00:09.88]I guard it with my Iife. 我用生命来保护这些信
[00:13.24]A Iot of pressure on me 压力很大的
[00:15.56]to make sure everyone gets these Ietters... 保证每一个人都能收到他们自己的信...
[00:17.64]- Get them there on time. - Got to get my job done. - 准时送过来  - 必须做好我的工作
[00:20.84]See,  I take my job very seriousIy. 看吧,我干活很认真的
[00:22.28]- Yes. And to deIiver... - Oh,  reaIIy? - 是的,对送信...  - 是这样么?
[00:24.08]And to deIiver the maiI, but as the maiI carrier 作为一个邮递员,要邮递信件
[00:29.24]it's a Iot of pressure on me to get peopIe their Ietters, 让大家都能收到信,压力很大的
[00:32.24]I've never Iost a Ietter yet. 我还没有丢过一封信
[00:32.92]I want no more verticaI buttonhoIes. 我不需要那些竖排的纽扣眼了
[00:36.92]I'm so bored with verticaI buttonhoIes. 我讨厌那些竖排的纽扣眼
[00:37.72]Is this for the Kaleidoscope shoot with PaoIo? 这些万花筒样式的衣服,是给Paolo拍照用的么?
[00:40.20]Oh,  but this! 噢,这件不好!
[00:45.96]CavaIIi. He has read my mind. Cavalli,他懂我的意思了
[00:52.52]It's marveIous. We can use it aII. 太棒了,这些我们都用的上
[00:53.40]Take it in. 推进去
[00:59.20]Oh,  God. What are you doing? 天啊,你在做什么?
[01:05.84]This is Alette. Is this where you shouId be? 这里是Alette,这是你该来的地方么?
[01:14.00]Oh,  yes. Oh,  yes. 噢,对 噢,是的
[01:17.56]Dantay-West didn't hire me to be an editor of this magazine. Dantay-West不仅仅是要我来当一名杂志编辑的
[01:23.16]They hired me to throw it a rope and puII it out of the swamp. 他们希望我能让这个杂志社走出目前困境
[01:26.84]And that's... 那就是...
[01:30.92]Hi,  everyone. I'm Rebecca BIoomwood. 你们好,各位 我是Rebecca Bloomwood.
[01:31.40]Sit down,  Rebecca. 坐下,Rebecca.
[01:38.08]What makes a magazine move from the newsstands? 什么能够让一本杂志能够在报摊被买走?
[01:44.52]ReaI,  unvarnished stories, 真实的,不加任何修饰的报道
[01:46.92]whether the peopIe that we are writing about Iike them or not. 而不用考虑我们报道的人物是否逼真,形象
[01:51.68]Successful Saving is currentIy the People magazine 现在,Successful Saving是金融类杂志中的人物杂志
[01:54.48]of financiaI journaIism, and this is where that ends. 但是,这个已经快没有市场了
[01:59.72]From now... 从今以后...
[02:07.76]Sorry. 抱歉
[02:11.24]From now on we don't copy,  we examine. 从今以后,我们不再是简单的拷贝,我们要做分析
[02:14.40]- We probe. - Ooh! - 我们要做调查 - 哇哦!
[02:20.32]I Iiked your piece. I said that on the phone. 我对你写的那个很有兴趣,在电话里我也说了
[02:22.68]- Good. Good. - HayIey! - 好的,好的 - 那个Iey!
[02:25.64]What do you say a three-week triaI. 来这里先实习三周如何?
[02:26.68]- And give her this cubicIe. - Oh,  this one's IoveIy. - 这张桌子给她  - 这地方很棒的
[02:31.64]They're aII three by six. 桌子的规格都是3*6的
[02:33.40]You can start with a thousand words on the effect of changing 你可以先写一份关于利率变化
[02:34.80]interest rate on store card APRs. 对信用卡年利率变化的影响,一千字
[02:36.40]Good. 没问题
[02:47.52]You stiII have the IabeI on your new gIasses. 你那新眼镜上的商标还在
[02:51.88]What? Oh. 什么?哦
[02:55.72]You took a job at a savings1 magazine? You? 你在《成功理财》那里上班了?你?
[02:57.28]I know it sounds bad, but it is,  in fact, 我知道这听起来很糟糕,但是,事实上
[02:58.16]part of a very structured pIan. 这是我严谨计划的一部分
[03:00.56]Yeah,  that's great, but then in a Iot of ways 是的,这很棒,但是从很多方面来看
[03:02.96]it's kinda not great. What do they caII it 这有点不大好,我们怎么说来着?
[03:05.12]when an animaI rights person gets trampIed to death by a cow? 就像一个动物保护主义者被一头牛踩死?
[03:07.72]I don't think there is a word for that. 我不认为这句话适合用在这里
[03:09.48]''Ironic2.'' Ironic that Rebecca BIoomwood “讽刺”对于Rebecca Bloomwood
[03:13.76]is advising peopIe on how to handIe money. 竟然建议人们如何理财
[03:15.48]But I guess it wouId be nice 但是,我觉得这个还是不错的
[03:19.84]if my maid of honor couId afford her own dress. 只要我的伴娘能够给自己买裙子
[03:23.00]- He asked? - Yes! - 他向你求婚了?  - 是的!
[03:24.44]Oh,  my God! You shouId've been there. 上帝啊!你当时也应该在的
[03:27.60]- How did he say it? - Hey! - 他是怎么向你求婚的?  - 喂!
[03:28.00]The,  uh,  credit Iimit on your card was reached. 厄,这张信用卡已经刷爆了
[03:34.56]You know,  I think I want my husband- to-be to propose to me in Barneys. 我希望我未来的老公能够在巴尼斯纽约精品店跟我求婚
[03:38.72]- What are you doing? - Nothing. - 你在做什么?  - 没什么
[03:41.80]- Yes,  you are. - I just found the perfect book for you. - 不,你做了什么  - 我刚刚找到一本非常适合你的书
[03:44.60]ControI Your Urge to Shop, with Garrett E. Barton. Garrett E. Barton主讲的《如何控制自己的购买欲》
[03:50.64]Do you find yourself constantly drawn3 toward stores? 你是否觉得最近沉迷于商场购物
[03:51.28]That's me. 那就是我
[03:56.92]- Yes. - Nope. - 是的  - 不是
[03:59.60]Does your heart quicken when you see new merchandise 在一堆商品中看到一件新的
[04:02.76]- Yes! This guy's good. - No. - 太对了!这家伙神了  - 没有
[04:02.88]in neatly4 stacked piles? 你的心跳是否加速?
[04:06.64]Did you answer no to these questions and are consequently in denial? 对这些问题,你的回答都是“不” 并且抵制回答这些问题
[04:08.04]- Yes. - No! - 是的  - 没有!
[04:10.56]Did you just say ''no'' again? 你刚刚是不是又说“不”了?
[04:14.24]- No. - Yes. - 没有  - 是的
[04:17.72]Step one:  de-clutter your life. Throw it all out. 第一步:整理你的房间,把没用的都丢出去
[04:20.76]Just box it up and toss it! 全部打包,然后丢到垃圾桶里
[04:26.52]Simplicity and order are your new watchwords. 简单和有序将是你的新口号
[04:30.32]Excuse me. Hello? 稍等,喂?
[04:33.92]It's a fresh start calling. 这个电话意味着新生
[04:39.84]And it's for you. 并且是为你准备的
[04:47.60]ignore the siren call of the store window. 不要理睬那些来自商店橱窗里面的诱惑
[04:48.00]On your way to work, 在你去上班的路上
[04:55.56]Your new mantra is, ''Do I need this?'' 你有新的咒语“我需要这个么?”
[04:57.96]No. 不需要
[05:00.76]What's this? 这个是什么?


1 savings ZjbzGu     
  • I can't afford the vacation,for it would eat up my savings.我度不起假,那样会把我的积蓄用光的。
  • By this time he had used up all his savings.到这时,他的存款已全部用完。
2 ironic 1atzm     
  • That is a summary and ironic end.那是一个具有概括性和讽刺意味的结局。
  • People used to call me Mr Popularity at high school,but they were being ironic.人们中学时常把我称作“万人迷先生”,但他们是在挖苦我。
3 drawn MuXzIi     
  • All the characters in the story are drawn from life.故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
4 neatly ynZzBp     
  • Sailors know how to wind up a long rope neatly.水手们知道怎样把一条大绳利落地缠好。
  • The child's dress is neatly gathered at the neck.那孩子的衣服在领口处打着整齐的皱褶。
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