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听电影学英语-足迹 11

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  [00:03.50]Your man was right.Your spy, whoever he was. 你的线人说得没错 我指你的间谍 不管他是谁
[00:07.70]There were three shots. 我开了三枪
[00:08.50]The first two were real.The third one was blank. 前两发是实弹 第三发是空包弹
[00:13.70]He was terrified.When I shot him, he fainted. 他吓得要命 当我朝他开枪时 他居然昏了过去
[00:16.90]When he came round I gave him a drink, pat on the bum1... 当他醒过来 我给他喝了一杯 拍拍他的屁股...
[00:21.10]...he left the house, his tail, if you want to call it that, between his legs. 他离开了这房子 两腿夹着他的尾巴 (实际上指JJ吓软了)如果你这么称呼的话
[00:23.70]And I haven’t seen him since. 自此之后就再没见过他了
[00:24.90]You gave him a pat on the bum? 你拍了他的屁股?
[00:29.70]You gave him a metaphorical2 pat on the bum? 你给了他的屁股隐晦的一拍?
[00:30.10]Metaphorically. 这是隐晦的说法
[00:33.50]-Sure.-How did he take it? -没错 -他做何反应呢?

[00:35.10]-What?-The pat. -什么? -拍屁股啊
[00:38.70]He was fine.He told me that it was game, set and match to me. 他没事 他说那是个游戏 我赢了
[00:41.90]So this guy had a sense of humor, is that what you’re saying? 原来这家伙有挺幽默感 你刚才就说这些吗?
[00:45.70]Oh, yes.He left the house with a twinkle in his eye. 噢 是的 他了眨一下眼睛就离开了
[00:48.70]So tell me, what was the point of all this? 那么告诉我 这一切的关键是什么?
[00:52.90]Humiliation3. 羞辱
[00:54.70]It’s nice to see your wife’s lover... 看见自己老婆的情人...
[00:56.30]...a shivering, frightened, fucking wreck4 in front of you. 在自己面前发抖、害怕、脚软 感觉实在很好
[00:59.70]As a matter of fact, I liked him. 说实话 我喜欢他
[00:59.90]I thought he was attractive. 我觉得他很有吸引力
[01:02.90]I thought we could have become good friends. 我觉得我们可以成为好朋友
[01:03.90]The shortest way to a man’s heart, as I’m sure you know, is humiliation. 通往男人心的最短途径 我相信你知道 就是羞辱
[01:08.90]It binds5 you together. 羞辱令你们走到一起
[01:13.90]You found him attractive? 你觉得他很有吸引力?
[01:16.90]I put myself in my wife’s shoes, in a manner of speaking. 我从我妻子的立场去想 以她说话的习惯
[01:20.90]I was trying to find out what attracted her to him. 我想弄明白他有哪点吸引她
[01:29.10]-And did you?-Oh, yes. -你有发现到吗? -有的
[01:31.10]He was really terribly sweet. 他真的相当可爱
[01:34.10]-I could see why she fancied him.-I could see why he fancies her. -我能明白她为何喜欢上她 -我能明白他为何喜欢上她
[01:38.70]-Really?-Found her very tasty myself. -真的? -我个人觉得她非常秀色可餐
[01:40.90]-Is that so?-Oh, yes. -是那样吗? -噢 是的
[01:41.90]Sumptuous.Ready for action. 奢华 蓄势待发
[01:47.50]I mean, I’m an experienced detective. 我的意思是 我是个经验老道的探员

  [01:50.50]So guess what I detected. 猜猜看我都查到了什么
[01:53.90]That she’s in love with her own body. 她爱的是她自己的身体
[01:54.30]What? 什么?
[01:58.90]Makes her dizzy with excitement. 兴奋令她神魂颠倒
[02:03.90]You detected all this in five minutes? 你五分钟内就查到这些事情?
[02:05.90]Well, 35.Perhaps even 45. 嗯 35分钟 或许是45分钟
[02:08.50]Well, let’s call it 55 or even a little bit longer. 还是说55分钟或者更久一点吧
[02:14.10]You stayed for tea? 你要留下来喝茶吗?
[02:15.90]And cakes. 还有糕点
[02:20.10]Yeah. 是的
[02:24.70]Yeah. 好的
[02:26.90]Must be funny for you to know... 让你知道这件事的结果一定很有趣
[02:28.10]...your own wife’s getting a going-over from another man on a regular basis. 那就是你的老婆 经常跟别的男人偷来暗去
[02:31.70]Going-over?I don’t follow. 偷来暗去? 我不明白
[02:35.10]Not a phrase I’m familiar with. 这个词不是我习惯的用法
[02:35.90]-Means being fucked.-You mean like in sexual intercourse6? -表示被操 -你是指是性交吗?
[02:41.30]Yes, the old one-two.In like a lion, out like a lamb. 是的 一句老成语 进去像狮子 出来像绵羊
[02:43.30]I must say, you have a great gift for language. 我得说 你很有语言天份
[02:45.50]Did you learn it at school? 在学校里学的吗?
[02:48.10]The hard school.Family life. 不是学校 是在家里
[02:50.10]-But you keep cheerful.-You’ve got it, I keep cheerful. -但你保持开朗 -你说对了 我保持开朗
[02:53.10]I’ve got an optimistic nature. 我天性乐观
[02:54.50]You got to when you’re a policeman.Otherwise, you’d go mad. 当警察就得如此 否则 你早疯掉了
[02:59.30]No, I’ll tell you what keeps me going. 不 让我告诉你是什么让我撑下来的
[03:04.70]The chase.The thrill of the hunt and the sudden shafts7 of bright light. 是追逐 追捕的刺激还有突如其来的一线曙光
[03:06.90]For instance, when I was talking to your wife... 例如 当我跟你老婆讲话时...
[03:15.10]Very attractive woman. 非常有魅力的女人
[03:19.10]Wonderful legs. 有着一双诱人的大腿
[03:24.30]She was crossing them at the time, I remember. 我记得她那时双腿交叉
[03:27.30]She suddenly said you had a murderous nature. 她突然说你生性凶狠
[03:34.10]Now, that really made my nose twitch8. 真的令我的鼻子抽动
[03:35.90]Itch? 痒?
[03:39.70]Twitch, mate. 抽动 伙计
[03:43.50]Twitch. 抽动
[03:46.70]So I’m looking at you and I’m wondering... 所以我看着你 我就在想...
[03:50.10]...what have you done with the body? 你到底是怎么处理尸体的?
[03:52.50]Where’s the body? 尸体在哪里?
[03:53.50]Come on, I need to know. 快点 我需要知道
[03:57.50]Where’s the body?What have you done with the body? 尸体在哪里? 你怎么处理尸体的?
[03:58.90]There’s no body. 这里没有尸体
[04:00.70]Don’t fuck about! 少跟我扯淡!
[04:03.50]Don’t bullshit me.I won’t stand for it. 少废话 我没什么可以帮你的

  [04:05.50]Where is it?In the house or did you shift it? 他在哪里? 还在房子里还是你把他弄走了?
[04:08.70]There is no body! 根本就没有尸体!
[04:18.10]Here, look at this.You got holes in your walls. 来 看看这个 你的墙上有两个洞
[04:24.10]They’re bullet holes.Live bullet holes. 这是弹孔 实弹射击留下的弹孔
[04:27.50]I fired two live bullets to set up the trick... 我发射了两颗实弹来进行这个恶作剧
[04:30.70]...and one blank to complete it. 再用一颗空包弹来完成它
[04:31.90]It was a game, I told you.I played it to the hilt. 我说过是场游戏 我告诉过你 我尽全力把它玩好
[04:33.70]It’s not worth playing unless you play it to the hilt. 必须尽全力 否则就没有玩的价值了
[04:36.30]-The third shot was a blank?-That’s right. -第三发是空包弹? -没错
[04:39.90]-What’s that?-What? -那是什么? -什么?
[04:41.50]Some of it’s not even dried.It’s still damp. 有些甚至还没干 还是湿的呢
[04:41.70]Blood.Dried blood! 血啊 干掉的血!
[04:45.10]-That’s impossible.-That’s blood, chum. -那不可能 -那是血
[04:47.50]-Whose blood is it?-It’s impossible. -是谁的血? -不可能
[04:49.90]It was a game.It was a blank. 那是场游戏 我用的是空包弹
[04:50.70]No, it was a game with real bullets and real blood. 不 那是场真枪实弹的流血游戏
[04:55.10]Let’s see what else is new around here. 来看看这附近还有什么新发现
[05:00.30]Hello, what’s this? 喂 看看这是什么?


1 bum Asnzb     
  • A man pinched her bum on the train so she hit him.在火车上有人捏她屁股,她打了那人。
  • The penniless man had to bum a ride home.那个身无分文的人只好乞求搭车回家。
2 metaphorical OotzLw     
  • Here, then, we have a metaphorical substitution on a metonymic axis. 这样,我们在换喻(者翻译为转喻,一种以部分代替整体的修辞方法)上就有了一个隐喻的替代。
  • So, in a metaphorical sense, entropy is arrow of time. 所以说,我们可以这样作个比喻:熵像是时间之矢。
3 humiliation Jd3zW     
  • He suffered the humiliation of being forced to ask for his cards.他蒙受了被迫要求辞职的羞辱。
  • He will wish to revenge his humiliation in last Season's Final.他会为在上个季度的决赛中所受的耻辱而报复的。
4 wreck QMjzE     
  • Weather may have been a factor in the wreck.天气可能是造成这次失事的原因之一。
  • No one can wreck the friendship between us.没有人能够破坏我们之间的友谊。
5 binds c1d4f6440575ef07da0adc7e8adbb66c     
v.约束( bind的第三人称单数 );装订;捆绑;(用长布条)缠绕
  • Frost binds the soil. 霜使土壤凝结。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Stones and cement binds strongly. 石头和水泥凝固得很牢。 来自《简明英汉词典》
6 intercourse NbMzU     
  • The magazine becomes a cultural medium of intercourse between the two peoples.该杂志成为两民族间文化交流的媒介。
  • There was close intercourse between them.他们过往很密。
7 shafts 8a8cb796b94a20edda1c592a21399c6b     
n.轴( shaft的名词复数 );(箭、高尔夫球棒等的)杆;通风井;一阵(疼痛、害怕等)
  • He deliberately jerked the shafts to rock him a bit. 他故意的上下颠动车把,摇这个老猴子几下。 来自汉英文学 - 骆驼祥子
  • Shafts were sunk, with tunnels dug laterally. 竖井已经打下,并且挖有横向矿道。 来自辞典例句
8 twitch jK3ze     
  • The smell made my dog's nose twitch.那股气味使我的狗的鼻子抽动着。
  • I felt a twitch at my sleeve.我觉得有人扯了一下我的袖子。
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