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听电影学英语-足球尤物 14

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  [00:29.84]...刮脸 ...shave.
[00:32.72]好 OK.
[00:35.88]那个,过得很愉快,我们以后再见 Well, this has been lovely. Let’s do it again sometime.
[00:40.00]- 什么? - 很快,再见 - What? - Soon. Bye.
[00:46.64]那个... So...
[00:48.64]...你喜欢起司么? ...do you like cheese?
[00:51.32]所有动物副产品中我的最爱 More than almost any other animal byproduct.
[00:59.44]嘿,摩妮琪,这是,赛巴斯蒂安. Hey Monique, it’s Sebastian.
[00:59.96]我不知道维奥拉有没有告诉你我在伦敦 I don’t know if Viola told you I’m in London,
[00:63.32]但是我提前一天回来了 but I’m heading home a day early.
[00:63.64]听着,我想了很久 Listen, I’ve been thinking,
[00:68.32]我们需要谈谈 and we really need to talk.
[00:70.60]女士们... Ladies...
[00:71.00]女士们... Ladies...
[00:73.00]女士们 Ladies.
[00:75.36]大家好 Welcome.
[00:78.12]我是谢丽尔·兰格丝特 斯特拉特福德少年联盟主席 My name is Cheryl Lancaster, president of the Stratford Junior League
[00:82.40]以及今年新生社交季协调人 and coordinator1 of this year’s debutante2 season.
[00:84.80]哦,谢谢 Oh, please.
[01:27.40]谢谢,今天我们将回顾总的指导方针 Thank you. Today we’re gonna go over the guidelines
[01:30.16]举办一场雍容优美的成人礼 for a graceful3, ladylike entree4 into society.
[01:34.76]狗娘... Son of a...
[01:38.52]你好 Hello.
[01:41.12]这里 Hello there.

[01:48.96]- 嗨 - 确定她集体照的时候 - Hi. - Make sure she’s in the back
[01:50.56]站在后面 for the group photo.
[01:52.64]感谢你能来参加,维奥拉. Thank you for joining us, Viola.
[01:57.28]杀了我 Kill me.
[01:76.00]维奥拉? 亲爱的 Viola? Darling.
[01:80.68]记住,好似你有个小秘密一样的咀嚼 Remember, chew like you have a secret.
[02:31.12]对不起 Excuse me.
[02:37.56]女士们 Ladies.
[02:50.20]- 嗨 - 嘿 - Hi. - Hey.
[02:52.56]嘿!你是上次在亲吻亭救了我的那个人? Hey! You’re the one that saved me in the kissing booth that one time?
[02:57.56]- 嗨 - 嗨 - Hi. - Hi.
[02:59.24]哦,世界真小,我是维奥拉. Oh, what a small world. I’m Viola.
[02:62.52]奥莉维亚. Olivia.
[02:64.48]- 很高兴见到你 - 我也是 - Nice to meet you. - You too.
[02:71.00]那个... So...
[02:73.28]我知道这不管我的事情 I know it’s none of my business,
[02:74.64]但是你是不是在和那个杜克奥斯诺约会? but you went out with that Duke Orsino guy, right?
[02:75.92]是啊,就一次 Yeah. Once.
[02:81.04]- 你有没有亲他? - 没有,怎么了? - Did you kiss him? - No, why?
[02:81.52]哦,没什么,只是... Oh, no. It’s nothing, but...
[02:86.68]尽量能免就免 Just try to postpone5 it as long as possible.
[03:28.36]他的唾液腺失调 He has this salivary6 gland7 condition.
[03:31.84]是的,他不是太愿意提起来 Yeah. He doesn’t really like to talk about it,
[03:36.80]但是我当时感觉就要被溺死了 but it felt like I was drowning.

  [03:40.12]真的? Really?
[03:41.16]- 哦,我的天. - 我知道,那很令人讨厌 - Oh, my God. - I know. It was repulsive8.
[03:46.16]但是,嘿,祝你们俩能幸福 But, hey, every happiness to you both.
[03:48.92]不,实际上,我不是真心喜欢杜克. No, actually, I don’t really like Duke.
[03:53.80]我只是对他的室友,赛巴斯蒂安,相当的着迷 I have this huge thing for his roommate, Sebastian.
[03:56.40]我只是想让赛巴斯蒂安嫉妒 And I was just trying to make Sebastian jealous.
[03:68.64]哦,天啊 Oh, boy.
[03:71.52]是啊,我知道这么利用别人非常不对 Yeah, I know it’s really wrong to use a person this way,
[03:72.60]我也内心非常的愧疚 and I feel really terrible about it.
[03:77.24]他特别的帅 He’s so handsome,
[03:77.40]但是我真的非常,非常喜欢赛巴斯蒂安. But I really, really like Sebastian.
[03:81.68]不是象好多男孩那样傻帅傻帅的 not the goonish handsome you see in a lot of guys.
[03:83.24]他是那么的精巧,好比是,幽雅的帅气,你明白么? He’s a delicate, like, even refined handsome, you know?
[04:28.72]哦,当他微笑的时候,我不能控制自己不看他 Oh, and when he smiles, I just can’t stop looking at him.
[04:31.40]他太完美了 He’s just so wonderful.
[04:35.24]你知道么, 奥莉维亚... You know, Olivia...
[04:39.76]- 是叫奥莉维亚,对吧? - 是的 - It’s Olivia, right? - Yeah.
[04:40.44]我觉得我要给你些建议 I’m gonna give you just a little advice.
[04:44.92]- 好的 - 做事不要太绝! - OK. - Enough is enough!
[04:46.68]你现在把自己越缠越乱 You are weaving a really tangled9 web.
[04:50.68]好象一团乱麻 Like really, really tangled.
[04:51.24]亲爱的……你不能再这样了! And, honey... you got to stop!
[04:55.56]好? 你要告诉所有人事实真相 OK? So you just gotta tell everybody the truth.
[04:57.52]要非常非常诚实 Be very, very honest.
[04:57.64]用你自己的筹码去赢得胜利 Just let the chips fall where they may.
[04:62.40]下次我再见到赛巴斯蒂安 我会直接上前去的 The next time I see Sebastian I’ll march right up to him.
[04:62.52]- 你说得太对了 - 我知道 - You’re right. - I know.
[04:67.68]你告诉他 You tell him.
[04:67.88]- 你冲过去! - 然后我会告诉他我怎么想 - You march! - And I’ll tell him how I feel.
[04:70.04]然后我会充满激情的吻他 Then I’ll kiss him so passionately10,
[04:72.32]让哪怕恨他的人都有幸福感 that even the people he hates will feel pleasure.
[04:76.32]你好啊,维奥拉. Hello, Viola.
[04:78.80]哦,这可不妙 Oh, this is not good.
[04:80.68]你也好啊,你个小婊子 And hello to you, you little homewrecker.
[04:83.16]- 你是谁? - 我是塞巴斯蒂安女朋友 - Who are you? - I am Sebastiars girlfriend.


1 coordinator Gvazk6     
  • The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, headed by the Emergency Relief Coordinator, coordinates all UN emergency relief. 联合国人道主义事务协调厅在紧急救济协调员领导下,负责协调联合国的所有紧急救济工作。
  • How am I supposed to find the client-relations coordinator? 我怎么才能找到客户关系协调员的办公室?
2 debutante NnVzK     
  • The debutante's photograph was at the head of the society page.那位初进社交界少女的照片登在社会版的最上头。
  • She dazzled London society as the most beautiful debutante of her generation.她首次出现在伦敦社交界便艳惊四座,被视为同龄人里最美丽的年轻女子。
3 graceful deHza     
  • His movements on the parallel bars were very graceful.他的双杠动作可帅了!
  • The ballet dancer is so graceful.芭蕾舞演员的姿态是如此的优美。
4 entree r8TyW     
  • She made a graceful entree into the ballroom.她进入舞厅时显示非常优雅。
  • Her wealth and reputation gave her entree into upper-class circles.她的财富和声望使她得以进入上层社会。
5 postpone rP0xq     
  • I shall postpone making a decision till I learn full particulars.在未获悉详情之前我得从缓作出决定。
  • She decided to postpone the converastion for that evening.她决定当天晚上把谈话搁一搁。
6 salivary xCSzA     
adj. 唾液的
  • Small doses depress salivary and bronchial secretion and sweating. 小剂量可抑制唾液分泌、支气管分泌及出汗。
  • The five pairs of salivary glands open into the mouth. 有五对唾液腺通向口腔。
7 gland qeGzu     
  • This is a snake's poison gland.这就是蛇的毒腺。
  • Her mother has an underactive adrenal gland.她的母亲肾上腺机能不全。
8 repulsive RsNyx     
  • She found the idea deeply repulsive.她发现这个想法很恶心。
  • The repulsive force within the nucleus is enormous.核子内部的斥力是巨大的。
9 tangled e487ee1bc1477d6c2828d91e94c01c6e     
adj. 纠缠的,紊乱的 动词tangle的过去式和过去分词
  • Your hair's so tangled that I can't comb it. 你的头发太乱了,我梳不动。
  • A movement caught his eye in the tangled undergrowth. 乱灌木丛里的晃动引起了他的注意。
10 passionately YmDzQ4     
  • She could hate as passionately as she could love. 她能恨得咬牙切齿,也能爱得一往情深。
  • He was passionately addicted to pop music. 他酷爱流行音乐。
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