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labor1 [(1) work; (2) workers as a group]
Building a house is hard labor. (1)
Organized labor is a major force in American politics. (2)

laboratory2 [a room or place where experiments in science are done]
The medical students spent much of their time in the laboratory.

lack [(1) to be without; (2) the condition of needing, wanting or not having]
The farmhouse3 lacked heat and electricity. (1)
The lack of rain caused the crops to fail. (2)

lake [a large area of fresh water surrounded by land]
She swam across the lake.

land [(1) to come to the earth from the air; (2) the part of the earth not covered by water; (3) the ground]
Airplanes land at airports. (1)
Only 25 percent of the earth's surface is land. (2)
He bought this land ten years ago. (3)

language [(1) words and their use; (2) what people speak in a country, nation or group]
She was interested in how new words come into the language. (1)
How many languages do you speak? (2)

large [(1) big; (2) being of more than usual size, amount or number; (3) opposite small]
How large is your house? (1)
He had a large voice for such a small man. (2)
She was a large woman. (3)

last [(1) to continue; (2) after all others; (3) the only one remaining]
The talks will last three days. (1)
He was the last person to arrive. (2)
She is the last person in line. (3)

late [(1) after the correct time; (2) near the end; (3) opposite early]
He arrived an hour late for work. (1)
The doctor said she would have her baby late in the year. (2)
Do you like to eat early or late? (3)

laugh [to make sounds to express pleasure or happy feelings]
I always laugh at her funny stories.

launch4 [(1) to put into operation; (2) to begin; (3) to send into the air or space]
The terrorists5 launched6 an attack in the middle of the night. (1)
She said she soon will launch her campaign for mayor7. (2)
The United States launched an Apollo spacecraft on a flight to the moon. (3)

law [all or any rules made by a government]
The mayor urged city officials to pass the new law.

lead [(1) to show the way; (2) to command; (3) to control; (4) to go first]
I could not find the store until he led me to it. (1)
General Wilcox will lead the special anti-terrorist force. (2)
He leads our music department. (3)
She followed as he led the way. (4)

leak [to come out of or to escape through a small opening or hole (usually a gas or liquid)]
Oil leaked from the broken pipe.

learn [(1) to get knowledge about; (2) to come to know a fact or facts]
He learned8 calculus9 in high school.(1)
She wondered how he learned where she lived. (2)

leave [(1) to go away from; (2) to let something stay where it is]
His son will leave home next year for college. (1)
Please leave me alone. (2)

left [(1) on the side that is toward10 the west when one is facing north; (2) opposite right]
Do you write with your left hand? (1)
I am lost because I turned left instead of right. (2)

legal [of or in agreement with the law]
He said his lawyer gave him good legal advice.

legislature [a government lawmaking group]
The legislature makes laws.

lend [(1) to permit someone to use a thing temporarily; (2) to make a loan11 of money]
Joe said he will lend me his car tomorrow. (1)
None of his friends would lend him any money. (2)

less [(1) smaller in amount; (2) not as much]
His doctor said he should eat less meat. (1)
She travels less in her new job. (2)

let [(1) to permit to do or to be; (2) to make possible]
Let me help you with that. (1)
She let him drive her new car. (2)

letter [a communication in writing sent to another person]
I wrote a letter to you last night.

level [(1) the amount or height that something reaches or rises to; (2) the position of something or someone]
The river rose to its highest level in history during the flood last year. (1)
He has worked at the top levels of government for many years. (2)

liberal12 [one who usually supports social progress or change]
Liberal lawmakers proposed13 a bill to reduce the cost of medicine for older Americans.

lie [(1) to have one's body on the ground or other surface; (2) to say something that one knows is not true]
She said she needed to lie down for a few minutes to rest. (1)
The official told the court he did not lie about his campaign money. (2)

life [(1) the time between being born and dying14; (2) opposite death; (3) all living things]
She spent her life helping15 people. (1)
He died, but doctors brought him back to life. (2)
She wrote a history of life on Earth. (3)

lift [to take or bring up to a higher place or level]
We watched the rising water lift the house and carry it away.

light [(1) a form of energy that affects the eyes so that one is able to see; (2) anything that produces light; (3) bright; (4) not heavy]
We could see the island clearly in the sun's light. (1)
Please leave the light on when you go. (2)
The room was painted light blue. (3)
She said her bag was light, but I could not lift it. (4)

lightning [light produced by electricity in the air, usually during a storm]
Lightning filled the dark sky like fireworks.

like [(1) to be pleased with; (2) to have good feelings for someone or something; (3) in the same way as; (4) similar to]
I like this new dress. (1)
I like her very much. (2)
Much training is needed to sing like he does. (3)
She sounds like my sister. (4)

limit [(1) to restrict16 to a number or amount; (2) the greatest amount or number permitted]
The hotel limits the number of people sleeping in each room. (1)
The limit is four people in each room. (2)

line [(1) a long, thin mark on a surface; (2) a number of people or things organized; (3) one after another; (4) the edge of an area protected by military forces]
He used his sword to make a line in the sand. (1)
The soldiers stood in a line, side by side. (2)
They turned and marched in a line, one after another. (3)
Enemy soldiers could not break through allied17 lines. (4)

link [(1) to connect; (2) to unite one thing or event with another; (3) a relation between two or more things, situations or events]
The Russian and American spacecraft linked with each other in orbit18. (1)
The royal marriage linked the two kingdoms. (2)
Scientists found a link between tobacco and lung cancer. (3)

liquid [a substance that is not a solid or gas, and can move freely19, like water]
Ice changes to liquid when the temperature rises above zero degrees Celsius20.

list [(1) to put in writing a number of names of people or things; (2) a written series of names or things]
Please list your name, address and telephone number. (1)
This is a list of all the things I plan to do today. (2)

listen [to try to hear]
If you listen very carefully, you can hear them singing.

literature [all the poems, stories and writings of a period of time or of a country]
He is interested in ancient Greek literature.

little [(1) not tall or big; (2) a small amount]
He has a little dog named Elmo. (1)
She could not buy it because she had only a little money with her. (2)

live [(1) to have life; (2) to exist; (3) having life; (4) alive]
She lived for many years after her operation. (1)
He lives in Chicago. (2)
Please do not cut down a live tree. (3)
He said some polio vaccines21 were made from a live virus. (4)

load [(1) to put objects on or into a vehicle or container; (2) that which is carried]
She told him to load the boxes in the back of the car. (1)
The truck carried a full load of fruit from Florida. (2)

loan [(1) money borrowed that usually must be returned with interest payments22; (2) something borrowed]
The bank made a 10,000-dollar loan to him yesterday. (1)
I gave him those tools only as a loan. (2)

local [about or having to do with one place]
They told him about a local place where he could get a good dinner.

lonely [(1) feeling alone and wanting friends; (2) visited by few or no people]
The city is full of lonely people. (1)
He was a lonely man after his wife left. (2)

long [(1) not short; (2) measuring from beginning to end; (3) measuring much; (4) for much time]
We saw a long snake behind the house. (1)
The road is three miles long. (2)
※one mile = 1.6 kilometers
Those pictures were made by someone who lived long before my people came to this land. (3)
I knew her a long time ago. (4)

look [(1) to turn the eyes toward so as to see; (2) to search or hunt for; (3) to seem to be]
He looked at her for a long time. (1)
I looked for that book but I could not find it. (2)
She looks like my sister. (3)

lose [(1) to have no longer; (2) to not find; (3) to fail to keep; (4) to be defeated]
The prisoner lost all hope of escape. (1)
The little boy lost his toy car. (2)
He worried that he might lose his job. (3)
Their school lost the big game. (4)

loud [(1) having a strong sound; (2) full of sound or noise]
The speaker had a loud voice. (1)
The music at the rock concert was too loud. (2)

love [(1) to like very much; (2) to feel a strong, kind emotion (sometimes involving sex); (3) a strong, kind emotion for someone or something; (4) opposite hate]
He loved walking in the mountains. (1)
She liked to pretend that he loved her more than anyone. (2)
She has a great love for music. (3)
He said his love for her would never die. (4)

low [(1) not high or tall; (2) below the normal height; (3) close to the ground]
You will find low prices for products on the Internet. (1)
The airplane flew low over the town. (2)
Fog is a low cloud near the ground. (3)

loyal23 [showing strong friendship and support for someone or something]
The President chose loyal supporters to serve in his cabinet24.

luck [something that happens by chance]
He always has good luck in finding25 a place to park his car.


1 labor P9Tzs     
  • We are never late in satisfying him for his labor.我们从不延误付给他劳动报酬。
  • He was completely spent after two weeks of hard labor.艰苦劳动两周后,他已经疲惫不堪了。
2 laboratory P27xd     
  • She has donated money to establish a laboratory.她捐款成立了一个实验室。
  • Our laboratory equipment isn't perfect,but we must make do.实验室设备是不够理想,但我们只好因陋就简。
3 farmhouse kt1zIk     
  • We fell for the farmhouse as soon as we saw it.我们对那所农舍一见倾心。
  • We put up for the night at a farmhouse.我们在一间农舍投宿了一夜。
4 launch b29xY     
  • The makers are about to launch out a new product.制造商们马上要生产一种新产品。
  • Would it be wise to launch into this rough sea?在这样汹涌的大海中游泳明智吗?
5 terrorists d10cfbe9939b9cee5bb50b61e133e37a     
n.恐怖主义者,恐怖分子( terrorist的名词复数 )
  • The terrorists have halted their bloody campaign of violence. 恐怖分子已经停止了他们凶残的暴力活动。
  • They were finally forced to capitulate to the terrorists' demands. 他们最后被迫屈从恐怖分子的要求。
6 launched e6629d9df33839e8c4e637ffbcd1d5e2     
v.发射( launch的过去式和过去分词 );[计算机]开始(应用程序);发动;开展(活动、计划等)
  • He launched a bitter diatribe against the younger generation. 他对年轻一代发起了猛烈的抨击。
  • The product was launched amid much fanfare worldwide. 这个产品在世界各地隆重推出。
7 mayor iBOxX     
  • The new mayor said he would clean the city up.新市长说,他要整顿本市。
  • The mayor hurried into his office,brushing off the reporters.市长赶快走进办公室,拒不接见记者。
8 learned m1oxn     
  • He went into a rage when he learned about it.他听到这事后勃然大怒。
  • In this little village,he passed for a learned man.在这个小村子里,他被视为有学问的人。
9 calculus Is9zM     
  • This is a problem where calculus won't help at all.对于这一题,微积分一点也用不上。
  • After studying differential calculus you will be able to solve these mathematical problems.学了微积分之后,你们就能够解这些数学题了。
10 toward on6we     
  • Suddenly I saw a tall figure approaching toward the policeman.突然间我看到一个高大的身影朝警察靠近。
  • Upon seeing her,I smiled and ran toward her. 看到她我笑了,并跑了过去。
11 loan w0RxB     
  • I asked the bank to help me with a loan.我请银行给我一笔贷款。
  • Has the bank okayed your request for a loan?银行批准你的贷款要求了吗?
12 liberal R17xF     
  • He has a liberal attitude to divorce and remarriage.他对离婚和再婚看得很开。
  • This country adopts a liberal foreign policy.该国采用的是开放的外交政策。
13 proposed dkDzql     
  • There is widespread discontent among the staff at the proposed changes to pay and conditions. 员工对改变工资和工作环境的建议普遍不满。
  • an outcry over the proposed change 对拟议的改革所发出的强烈抗议
14 dying 1rGx0     
  • He was put in charge of the group by the dying leader.他被临终的领导人任命为集团负责人。
  • She was shown into a small room,where there was a dying man.她被领进了一间小屋子,那里有一个垂死的人。
15 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
16 restrict NWFx1     
  • He feels this new law will restrict his freedom. 他觉得这一新法律会限制他的自由。
  • Don't restrict her proper activities.不要拘束她的正当活动。
17 allied iLtys     
  • Britain was allied with the United States many times in history.历史上英国曾多次与美国结盟。
  • Allied forces sustained heavy losses in the first few weeks of the campaign.同盟国在最初几周内遭受了巨大的损失。
18 orbit oJVxu     
  • The space rocket was launched and went into orbit.宇宙火箭发射后进入轨道。
  • We can draw the earth's orbit round the sun.我们可以画出地球绕太阳运行的轨迹。
19 freely LiexN     
  • She was unable to keep back her tears,and wept freely.她抑制不住泪水,痛痛快快地哭了起来。
  • A liquid flows freely and has no fixed shape.液体能自由流动,无固定形态。
20 Celsius AXRzl     
  • The temperature tonight will fall to seven degrees Celsius.今晚气温将下降到七摄氏度。
  • The maximum temperature in July may be 36 degrees Celsius.七月份最高温度可能达到36摄氏度。
21 vaccines c9bb57973a82c1e95c7cd0f4988a1ded     
疫苗,痘苗( vaccine的名词复数 )
  • His team are at the forefront of scientific research into vaccines. 他的小组处于疫苗科研的最前沿。
  • The vaccines were kept cool in refrigerators. 疫苗放在冰箱中冷藏。
22 payments 84d5eaf713c96eecb3d2c4a83e64dc9a     
n.支付,付款,缴纳,报酬( payment的名词复数 );付出的[要付出的]款项;报答,报偿
  • Welfare payments cease as soon as an individual starts a job. 一旦就业,即停发福利救济。
  • The law can compel fathers to make regular payments for their children. 这项法律可强制父亲定期支付子女的费用。
23 loyal VAtxw     
  • He is a loyal friend.他是一位忠诚的朋友。
  • I judge him to be loyal.我认为他很忠诚。
24 cabinet ISPyS     
  • I keep my collection of old china in the cabinet.我把古瓷器收藏品存放在橱子里。
  • He had held many important offices in the French cabinet.他在法国内阁中任过许多重要职务。
25 finding 5tAzVe     
  • The finding makes some sense.该发现具有一定的意义。
  • That's an encouraging finding.这是一个鼓舞人心的发现。
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