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万花筒 Kaleidoscope 2007-05-04&05, 保镖眼里的麦卡特尼

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As we all know, singer Paul McCartney is in the middle of a messy divorce battle with Heather Mills. Now a former bodyguard1 is standing2 up for Mills and going public with new details about the bitter breakup. This as Mills has been here in America, entertaining millions on Dancing with the Stars. CBS news correspondent Mark Philips is live in London with more. Good morning! Mark.

Good morning. Julie. Well, this is a divorce battle that's been fought not just by lawyers in the courts. But in the court of public opinion and through the newspapers, and now a new broadside has been fired, this one coming from the Heather Mills camp.

The McCartney divorce is all about money and so is this story. A man named Sean Ghent, a former soldier who worked for the couple and then for Heather as a bodyguard for a total of seven months has sold his story to one of London's tabloids4 claiming to have the insider scoop5 on the couple's breakup.

This guy has come out of wood work. Really, we didn't really know about much about him. If you look at the period of time that he actually worked for the family, it's er, kind of amazing the things he said, this claiming, the things that are slightly dubious6 I think.

Among the shocking claims that Paul was depressed7, that he drank, that he cut off Heather's credit card and store accounts after they separated.

As for Heather, that she isn’t the gold-digger she's made out to be. That she was only trying to straighten Paul out.

You wanna get his word and what exactly did he really see, you know, he talks about, in his interview, about support being depressed. Well, wouldn't you be? Living with Heather? Yeah, it looks good and it's a very great tabloid3 story. But if you read deeper, it's not about martini. She's always gone on for the jackpot. Now she would get a big slice of money from support McCartney. But the way that she lives now won't last too long. So she's gotta trying to find a new career, you gotta another 40 years to be independent.

Paul for his part appears to have moved on. He's been spotted8 in the company of an old friend, Sabrina Guinness of the Irish brewing9 family. They're just friends as the official line. But they may be friends who are getting closer.

One result of this increasingly ugly divorce battle is that Paul has slipped down the British Pop Music Rich List. His fortune thought to be in the billion and a half dollar range has now been discounted because of the massive lumpy stock he will have to give Heather. Julie.

Mark, meanwhile what is it that we hear about Heather continuing her career as a Reality Show star?

It's one of those stories that won't go away. There has been repeated rumors10 here that Heather has been asked to appear on the British version of the Big Brother Show and a fee of somewhere in the range of half a million dollars involved in that. Today her publicist though came out and said that Heather will not be doing the British Big Brother, so that story may finally have gone away. Julie.

Well, maybe she will make room for the US version which starts in July. You'll never know. Mark Philips in London.

Thanks, Mark!


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