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万花筒 Kaleidoscope 2007-06-24&25, 尼克松总统的传奇一生

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Angela Drews and her colleagues at the National Archives have been packing for months.

Plain cardboard boxes with odds1 and ends from the Nixon White House, including gifts given to the president, both priceless…

The gemstones in here are pink sapphires2, which are very rare.

And worthless…

This is just an ordinary beach rock that a donor3 found on the beach, and they thought it looked like Richard Nixon.

Congress ordered all these stuff held here while all sorts of legal issues were settled.

This is the Nixon White House taping system.

John Powers has looked over and looked after a warehouse4 full of doodads and documents detailing the Nixon years.

This is the tape box, for the 18 1/2-minute gap. The tapes are also kept here in a vault5 that is off-limits to the public to preserve them and protect some still classified conversations.

Powers knows as much about the inner workings of the Nixon administration as you can, without ever having been indicted6.

So how well do you think you know Richard Nixon?

I know him pretty well.

You like him?

At times.

There are roughly 42 million pages of documents stored here, 500,000 photographs and 30,000 presidential gifts. It's a comprehensive record of history, not just as it was, but as it might have been.

OK, here, now we've got a problem here.

It turns out Nixon was prepared for anything, when the Apollo 13 spacecraft was severely7 damaged by an explosion. The astronauts made it back to earth, but if they hadn't, the president would have said this: they dared greatly, they died bravely. The world will long remember the searing human drama of Apollo 13.

I shall resign the presidency8 effective…

And though this is the most famous speech Nixon ever delivered, he also had one written that would have stunned9 the nation.

He was prepared to announce he would not resign.

He says, therefore, I shall see the constitutional process through whatever its outcome.

Of course his dreams of fighting on to vindication10 were just words on a piece of paper.

Now one of millions of documents researchers will soon start poring over, to help render history's judgment11, on the legacy12 of Richard Nixon.

Richard Schlesinger, CBS News, College Park, Maryland.


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  • The odds are 5 to 1 that she will win.她获胜的机会是五比一。
  • Do you know the odds of winning the lottery once?你知道赢得一次彩票的几率多大吗?
2 sapphires 1ef1ba0a30d3a449deb9835f6fd3c316     
n.蓝宝石,钢玉宝石( sapphire的名词复数 );蔚蓝色
  • Again there was that moment of splintered sapphires before the lids, dropping like scales, extinguished it. 她眼眶中又闪烁出蓝宝石的光彩,接着眼睑象鱼鳞般地垂落下来,双目又黯然失色了。 来自辞典例句
  • She also sported a somewhat gawdy gold watch set with diamonds and sapphires. 她还收到一块镶着钻石和蓝宝石的金表。 来自辞典例句
3 donor dstxI     
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  • We freighted the goods to the warehouse by truck.我们用卡车把货物运到仓库。
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6 indicted 4fe8f0223a4e14ee670547b1a8076e20     
控告,起诉( indict的过去式和过去分词 )
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7 severely SiCzmk     
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  • He is severely put down for his careless work.他因工作上的粗心大意而受到了严厉的批评。
8 presidency J1HzD     
  • Roosevelt was elected four times to the presidency of the United States.罗斯福连续当选四届美国总统。
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9 stunned 735ec6d53723be15b1737edd89183ec2     
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10 vindication 1LpzF     
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11 judgment e3xxC     
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12 legacy 59YzD     
  • They are the most precious cultural legacy our forefathers left.它们是我们祖先留下来的最宝贵的文化遗产。
  • He thinks the legacy is a gift from the Gods.他认为这笔遗产是天赐之物。
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