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万花筒 2010-01-23&01-25 奥巴马执政一年回顾

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"I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear."

Confidence, but under no illusion. This was going to be a tough year. Thrust into office, the global recession, his first problem. Stimulus1 package put the U.S. on the road to recovery. It has to work.

"This is obviously welcome news and affirmation that this recession is abating2 and the steps we've taken had made a difference, but I also know that we get long way to go to fully3 restore our economy and recover from what's been the longest and deepest downturn since the Great Depression."

And did it to a point, saving GM Motors a coup4, jobs were created, but the rate of unemployment still not being reversed at 10%. This year, he needs to persuade the public that it would have been far more bleak5 without him at the help. Recession brings with it, ill health. For thirty million Americans, this can be difficult to the best of times. Obama promised to bring health insurance to them, but as the months went on and political infighting kept his health bill out of the two Houses, his plan began to crumble6.

"You know, we deserve health care. We deserve a better plan. We deserve better than the insurance companies ripping us off night and day."

"Ma'am, you are too old for them to give you any care. Look at his plans!"

"I know."

"Look at his plans."

"You look at his plans! You look at that."

"Socialize health care kill both,both grand,both of my grandparents."

What's more, with mid-term elections just around the corner, you have to use very careful semantics when forcing taxpayers7 to pay for it.


Afghanistan wasn't just rambling8 along, the insurgency9 was strengthening. His top commander in the country demanding 40,000 more troops to be sent, or Obama could face failure, a word not synonymous with his personality.

"We are in the offense10 now, so they are defense11. A lot of our missions are built on the defense. It now altered."

He listened and to the dismay of anti-war protesters and criticism from Republicans, 30,000 more were ordered into Afghanistan. Surge now underway, the next three years, fighting the Taliban could define his presidency12. A serious mood that was for a war time leader, few would have thought,he be a contender for such a prestigious13 award.

"I am both surprised and deeply humbled14 by the decision of the Nobel Committee."

But shortly after his announcements on troops, Obama was awarded for Nobel Peace Prize. National security rhetoric15 could change in the White House from the Bush years. His aim to close Guantanamo although it won't happen yet obviously had an effect, not to mention his hard-line stance on torture used by CIA agents.

As Christmas approached, Obama added to his carbon footprint by flying into Copenhagen. His attendance notable showed real intent on cutting global emissions16, even if a binding17 agreement didn't follow. He acknowledges more needs to be done.

(Bell rings)

The key for Obama is to strengthen the economy, but only 50% of Americans approving at his performance in the White House so far. He can ill afford to ignore the polls. At certain, Ronald Reagan suffered the same loss of popularity in his first year. Once his economy began to flourish again, his popularity soared. Obama's first challenge, though, is to deal with the defeat in Massachusetts to Republican Scott Brown. Not only has it damaged his party, it could tip the balance of support for his health bill in the Senate, something he will want to avoid.



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