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News & Reports 2012-01-22

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 Hello and Welcome to News and Reports on China Radio International.

In This Edition?Group of 20 nations agree to push Europe to take extra steps to resolve the debt crisis as they inch toward a deal to boost the International Monetary2 Fund's firepower.
?Leaders of Nicaragua and Peru voice support for Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands as Buenos Aires tries to secure diplomatic backing for its sovereignty claims over the disputed Islands.
?Final results confirm election victory for Islamists with Muslim Brotherhood4 winning the biggest share of seats in Egypt's first freely-elected parliament in decades.
?Births are expected to increase dramatically across the Chinese-speaking world in the year of the dragon which starts on Monday, as the mythical5 creature is considered auspicious6 in traditional Chinese culture.
Hot Issue Reports?G-20 Nations Push Europe to Do Mere7 to Resolve the Debt CrisisGroup of 20 nations have agreed to push Europe to take extra steps to resolve the debt crisis as they inch toward a deal to boost the International Monetary Fund's firepower.
Speaking at a news conference at the end of the two-day meeting, Mexico Deputy Finance Minister Gerardo Rodriguez said talks between G20 officials in Mexico City earlier this week were a "good starting point" although no specifics were agreed on how to shore up the Washington-based lender.
"Discussed was the need for more resources from Europe to help (the crisis) and also support for the IMF so that is has the power to help those countries that are outside the European Union. It was agreed that both issues needed to advance together in discussions regarding the EU and the IMF."The IMF is seeking to more than double its war chest by raising $600 billion for new lending, and the source said there was "broad agreement" to do this via bilateral8 loans. But the plan faces roadblocks from the United States and other countries including Canada and Japan, which insist that Europe must first do more to help itself.
Some countries are pessimistic of reaching a detailed10 agreement on IMF resources by the time G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meet in Mexico in late February given the difference in opinion between Europeans and non-Europeans.
Europe has already pledged to inject $200 billion into the IMF but has yet to detail who pays how much, after which another $300 billion to $400 billion would be needed to meet the IMF's call.
?Crucial Talks with Private Creditors11 to be Continued as Deal Appears NearGreek officials say they are confident that a debt relief deal could be reached "very soon" following hours-long negotiations12 in Athens with private creditors, but several eurozone members maintained pressure to lower interest rates on the proposed agreement.
Talks dragged on past midnight on Friday, as Prime Minister Lucas Papademos met for a third day with Charles Dallara and negotiators from the Institute of International Finance, IIF, which represents the private creditors.
They have been asked to take a loss on their bond holdings to lighten Greece's debt load by 100 billion euros.
Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said the meeting would continue on Saturday.
"We are continuing discussions."A European diplomat3 who requested anonymity13 believes a deal could be reached during the weekend after progress was made.
But the diplomat adds that several eurozone countries still maintain that the proposed interest rate being considered in a bond swap14 is too high.
?Nicaragua Voices Support over Argentina's Falklands ClaimNicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has voiced support for Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands as Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Marcos Timerman flew into Managua to secure diplomatic backing for its sovereignty claims over the Falkland Islands.
Earlier this week, British Prime Minister David Cameron set off a political storm in the Latin American country by affirming his commitment to protect the archipelago from Argentina.
In response, Argentina sent its foreign minister off on a regional tour to drum up political support.
Buoyed15 by statements from the United States that Britain should meet the Argentine government for peaceful negotiations, Timerman reiterated16 the American position.
"We shared the news the Obama administration urged Great Britain and Argentina to negotiate for a peaceful solution and that they do not recognise British sovereignty over the Falkland and it is an issue that should be resolved peacefully. This is news that will be received with great appreciation17 for all the people of Latin America because it is a recognition of a struggle that is not only Argentinean but of all free people in Latin America."Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega urged the United States to take a similarly tough stance.
"To say very clearly, the United States does not recognise the position of Great Britain, this would make Latin Americans, Caribbeans, Central Americans and Nicaraguans very happy and it would strengthen the fight of the Argentinean people for their legitimate18 rights of sovereignty over the Falklands."Meawhile, Peru has also voiced support for Argentina's sovereignty claim over the Falkland Islands. The country also leaves open the possibility of taking action, upon Buenos Aires' request, to defend the archipelago controlled by the United Kingdom.
Britain has controlled the Falkland islands, some 500 kilometers off the Argentine coast, since 1833, and went into war with Argentina in 1982.
Peru supported its regional neighbor during the conflict and even sent planes into combat at the time.
The British government says it will only agree to sovereignty talks if the territory's 3,000 residents request it and that the islanders want to remain British.
Tensions over offshore19 oil exploration that have risen in recent years are gaining steam before the April anniversary of the conflict as well as a planned tour of duty on the islands by Britain's Prince William, a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot, later this year.
?Hungarians Rally in Favor of PMMore than 100,000 Hungarians have rallied in central Budapest to support the country's embattled government, which was forced to back down in a bitter dispute with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.
The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban is working to hammer out concessions20 to the European Union in order to secure a much-needed loan agreement.
But Orban has come under fire for measures that opponents say threaten the independence of the media, the judiciary and the central bank.
Labelled a "March for Peace", the demonstration21 in Budapest was by far the largest rally since the government took power in May 2010.
Many felt that Hungary has been severely22 misrepresented abroad.
"False news has been spread about our country, most of it groundless. The left in the West receives such strong support from the Western press that they think that the time may have come to create a precedent23 by bringing down the Orban government."The Hungarian prime minister has said he expects to secure a political agreement with the European Commission on the disputed laws next week, adding that he's ready to modify all contested legislation to meet the EU's demands.
?Islamists Claim Overwhelming Victory in Egyptian Parliament ElectionsIslamist parties in Egypt are claiming victory in the first post-Mubarak parliament elections.
Final results show Islamist parties won 70 percent of the vote with the Muslim Brotherhood came in first.
Abdel-Moez Ibrahim is the chief of Egypt's Electoral Commission.
"Freedom and Justice Party, the political wing of the once-banned Muslim Brotherhood, ten million one hundred and thirty four thousand voted, the number of seats are 127."Apart from the 127 seats, a further 100 seats were also won by the FJP through party members running as individuals.
Under the country's electoral system, two-thirds of the seats are allocated24 to party list candidates, and the remaining third are voted for directly.
The hardline Salafi Al-Nour party came second.
The liberal New Wafd and the secular25 Egyptian Bloc9 coalition26 are some way behind the Islamists.
Elections for the lower house of parliament began in November last year, and concluded last week after three phases of voting.
The new parliament is tasked to form a 100-member commission to write a new constitution for Egypt.
It is part of the preparation work for presidential elections scheduled for June.
The new parliament is due to sit for the first time on Monday.
?Violence Keeps Syria on Edge, Arab Mission in DoubtSupporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's have taken to the street for demonstration of allegiance to the government in Damascus.
Arab peace monitors have completed a month-long mission and Arab foreign ministers are meeting this weekend to decide whether or not to prolong or end the mission.
In Damascus, Syrians said they had no faith in that mission.
"Since we have lost our faith in the Arab League long time ago, we don't have faith in their report. What's the point? I mean such a mission, Hamad says that he wants Arabic troops to Syria? We can't have faith in something like that. Not in the Arab League nor in the mission.""do not have faith in the Arabic League because the league, since its foundation until now, did not give us the feeling that it is Arabic. It has not taken the opinions of the citizens in the whole Arab nations.""Frankly27, as a Syrian citizen, I do not expect anything from them, I do not trust the mission."Some Arab countries, led by Qatar which heads the League's committee on Syria, say the mission has failed. Damascus is against Qatar's idea of sending in Arab troops. Nor is it endorsed28 by any other country in the 22-member League.
And Iraq and Lebanon have said they will not enforce Arab sanctions on Syria, offering a trade lifeline to a country whose other neighbours are Turkey, Jordan and Israel.
Meanwhile, scattered29 violence broke out on Friday in other cities in Syria. Activists30 said at least six people were killed and the bodies of six others were turned over to their families.
Hundreds of people have been killed since the monitors arrived in Syria, where an armed insurgency31 has grown in recent months, contesting Assad's grip on power.
?One more Body Found Aboard Stricken Italian Cruise ShipSearchers have found one more body in the stricken Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, bringing the death toll32 to 12.
At least 20 people are still missing.
The woman victim, who was wearing a life jacket, was found near the stern of the ship.
Searchers have been blasting their way into the submerged areas of the ship using explosives.
And rescue officials say they would not end the search until the whole ship had been examined.
Franco Gabrielli is the head of the Italian Civil Protection Agency.
"We are still hoping to find people alive and, regardless, we want to find all the people declared missing, who presumably are still inside the ship."However, Gabrielli says rescuers now face a bigger challenge of removing the fuel that is on board the ship.
"We are dealing33 with the recovery as soon as possible of the fuel inside the vessel34, and at the same time making sure the shipwreck35 stays in its current position."Salvage36 experts are preparing to pump the over 22-hundred tons of fuel from the ship to prevent an environmental disaster.
And that came amid fear that the ship could slip into deeper water.
Some 4-thousand people were on the luxury cruise liner when it ran aground and began listing off the western coast of Italy last Friday.
?German Highway Traffic Accident Kills OneA mass collision on a northern German highway has killed at least one person and seriously injured several others.
Some 25 vehicles, both cars and trucks, crashed into each other on the A1 autobahn near Cloppenburg.
"I was driving at around 140 kilometers per hour in the fast lane and because of the sun which was low and road conditions I couldn't see anything anymore. All of a sudden, it was like a wall. All I saw was stationary37 cars so I swerved38 to the right and made sure to get out of the car as quickly as I could. Not a chance, it happened so fast, fractions of a second."Many parts of Germany's highways do not have speed limits and it was not clear whether there was a limit on the stretch of motorway39 where the accident occurred.
The relevant Delmenhorst police station could not immediately be reached for comment.
?China Expects Baby Boom in Year of DragonThe Year of the Dragon which begins Monday is expected to see a baby boom as the dragon on the Chinese zodiac is considered auspicious.
In Asia, the dragon is a heavenly creature that is a force for good, making its year one of the most popular among the 12 years of the Chinese zodiac in which to have a child.
In Shanghai, Lilian Zhang and her husband are looking forward to having their own little dragon, predicted to appear in early February.
"The expected date of birth is February 9th. I really hope to give birth to my baby on the expected date, because it's at the beginning of the Year of Dragon. Many parents hope their children will be born then because the 'head of the dragon' carries good meaning. In the future, I hope my child can carry on this meaning and become an accomplished40 person. That's what I wish for."Chinese often refer to themselves as "the descendants of the dragon". In the Chinese zodiac signs, the dragon is the symbol of auspiciousness41, the power to avoid evil, and enhancer of the family fortune. A dragon son or daughter is believed to be able to help the family to stay away from any evil and enhance good fortune.
But the desire for a little dragon may also cause problems. Bed spaces for the new year are filling up quickly in maternity42 hospitals in the southern metropolis43 of Hong Kong, potentially straining facilities and staff.
Dr. Cheung Tak Hong, Chief of Service in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Hong Kong's Prince of Wales Hospital, expects a 15-percent increase in births at major local hospitals.
"You should anticipate a 10-percent increase for the Year of the Dragon, and somehow they figure out maybe five percent is more realistic. That's what they think. But in reality, in the current time, we recognize the antenatal booking in the authority hospitals. It's 15 percent more, so actually the impact is quite substantial."Meanwhile, Singapore also prepares to celebrate the auspicious year of the dragon, with hospitals getting ready for a baby boom.
Singapore's fertility rate in 2010 fell to a record low of 1.15 babies, far below the 2.1 babies needed for the population to replenish44 itself naturally.
Historic data show spikes45 of more than 10 percent in Singapore's total births during the most recent Dragon years, 2000 and 1988.
?Parents-to-be in Vietnam Hope Good Fortune for their "Dragon" BabiesSimilar to what's happening in China, a baby boom is also expected in Vietnam this year, as people mark the Year of the Dragon.
Dang Quang Hung is the maternity ward1 director at a hospital in Hanoi.
"Many women have come for a checkup for babies planned in the Year of the Dragon. Boys are actually preferred, although this is what we cannot help or interfere46 with. But we expect an increase in babies to be born this coming year, just like in 2007, the Year of the Pig."Vietnam's Lunar New Year shares many of the same customs as the Chinese New Year. Known locally as Tet, the Lunar New Year is Vietnam's most important holiday and falls on Sunday.
The dragon is the most desirable of the 12 zodiac animals and seen as a symbol of good fortune.
During Tet, every house is usually decorated with a flowering peach tree, which symbolizes47 life and good fortune.
People's Daily: Downplaying the Iranian Nuclear Issue Not a Good SignThe antagonism48 between the United States and Iran continues to escalate49 with Washington's recent declaration that it will impose a new round of financial sanctions against Iran. Reluctant to show any signs of weakness, Tehran has threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz if western countries place an embargo50 on its oil exports.
A commentary in People's Daily probes the nature and cause of this antagonism and suggests that every effort be made to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. It postulates51 that the root of the antagonism between western countries and Iran is the nuclear issue and recommends that a solution be reached according to the resolutions of United Nations Security Council and International Atomic Energy Agency's board of governors. It also says negotiations should be done through diplomatic channels at first.
The article goes on to say Iran must engage in serious and unconditional52 negotiations with the international community to restore other countries' confidence in the peaceful nature of its nuclear program. It also suggests western countries should cease their threats of war and sanctions and negotiate with Iran through cooperative, not peremptory53, measures.
The People's Daily commentary puts forth54 that the overriding55 priority should be restoring talks and negotiations as soon as possible, as the latest round of nuclear talks between Iran and the six countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany, has not recommended for nearly a year. It also recommends that comprehensive efforts should be made to resolve the issue once and for all.
***************************China Daily: China Has Committed to Stability in the Middle EastChinese Premier56 Wen Jiabao wrapped up six-day trip earlier this week to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.
The Chinese media had high praise for Wen's Middle East trip during which he enhanced bilateral ties with the three Gulf57 states and advanced China's cooperation with regional organizations, including the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council.
An editorial in China Daily says the pledge by China and the three Arab countries to step up their cooperation has sent a positive signal to the rest of the world at a time when the United States is deploying58 military forces in the region for a possible attack on Iran, which could cause fluctuations59 in the global petroleum60 market. The editorial says the pledge undoubtedly61 will contribute to regional peace and development.
The editorial goes on to say that mutual62 respect and mutual benefits between China and the Arab countries have been the key to flourishing Sino-Arab cooperation over the years and set an example in South-South cooperation and exchanges.
During Wen's trip, China and the Gulf Cooperation Council also agreed to speed up negotiations on a free trade agreement. The paper believes the agreement would enhance their overall relationship and have a positive influence on global trade.
In conclusion, the China Daily editorial says given the sweeping63 changes that the Arab world has undergone in the past year, Wen's call for an end to violence against civilians64 and support for people in the countries concerned underscores China's consistent perspective on such matters and epitomizes its commitment to peace and stability in the Gulf region and beyond.


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33 dealing NvjzWP     
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v.(使)改变方向,改变目的( swerve的过去式和过去分词 )
  • She swerved sharply to avoid a cyclist. 她猛地急转弯,以躲开一个骑自行车的人。
  • The driver has swerved on a sudden to avoid a file of geese. 为了躲避一队鹅,司机突然来个急转弯。 来自《简明英汉词典》
39 motorway kFvxw     
  • Our car had a breakdown on the motorway.我们的汽车在高速公路上抛锚了。
  • A maniac driver sped 35 miles along the wrong side of a motorway at 110 mph.一个疯狂的司机以每小时110英里的速度在高速公路上逆行飙车35英里。
40 accomplished UzwztZ     
  • Thanks to your help,we accomplished the task ahead of schedule.亏得你们帮忙,我们才提前完成了任务。
  • Removal of excess heat is accomplished by means of a radiator.通过散热器完成多余热量的排出。
41 auspiciousness d7c68f1d04a3147e09c70d041116d374     
  • The folks take the phoenix as the symbol of auspiciousness and happiness. 民间即以次象征吉祥和喜庆来歌颂幸福的生活。 来自互联网
  • Peafowl are precious birds that people love as a symbol of auspiciousness. 孔雀作为吉祥之鸟深受人们喜爱,是举世驰名的珍禽。 来自互联网
42 maternity kjbyx     
  • Women workers are entitled to maternity leave with full pay.女工产假期间工资照发。
  • Trainee nurses have to work for some weeks in maternity.受训的护士必须在产科病房工作数周。
43 metropolis BCOxY     
  • Shanghai is a metropolis in China.上海是中国的大都市。
  • He was dazzled by the gaiety and splendour of the metropolis.大都市的花花世界使他感到眼花缭乱。
44 replenish kCAyV     
  • I always replenish my food supply before it is depleted.我总是在我的食物吃完之前加以补充。
  • We have to import an extra 4 million tons of wheat to replenish our reserves.我们不得不额外进口四百万吨小麦以补充我们的储备。
45 spikes jhXzrc     
n.穗( spike的名词复数 );跑鞋;(防滑)鞋钉;尖状物v.加烈酒于( spike的第三人称单数 );偷偷地给某人的饮料加入(更多)酒精( 或药物);把尖状物钉入;打乱某人的计划
  • a row of iron spikes on a wall 墙头的一排尖铁
  • There is a row of spikes on top of the prison wall to prevent the prisoners escaping. 监狱墙头装有一排尖钉,以防犯人逃跑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
46 interfere b5lx0     
  • If we interfere, it may do more harm than good.如果我们干预的话,可能弊多利少。
  • When others interfere in the affair,it always makes troubles. 别人一卷入这一事件,棘手的事情就来了。
47 symbolizes 8a0610984df5bcb77bc12be9119bcd7d     
v.象征,作为…的象征( symbolize的第三人称单数 )
  • The use of light and dark symbolizes good and evil. 用光明与黑暗来象征善与恶。
  • She likes olive because It'symbolizes peace. 她喜欢橄榄色因为它象征着和平。 来自《简明英汉词典》
48 antagonism bwHzL     
  • People did not feel a strong antagonism for established policy.人们没有对既定方针产生强烈反应。
  • There is still much antagonism between trades unions and the oil companies.工会和石油公司之间仍然存在着相当大的敌意。
49 escalate biszi     
  • It would tempt Israel's neighbors to escalate their demands.它将诱使以色列的邻国不断把他们的要求升级。
  • Defeat could cause one side or other to escalate the conflict.失败可能会导致其中一方将冲突升级。
50 embargo OqixW     
  • This country put an oil embargo on an enemy country.该国对敌国实行石油禁运。
  • During the war,they laid an embargo on commerce with enemy countries.在战争期间,他们禁止与敌国通商。
51 postulates a2e60978b0d3ff36cce5760c726afc83     
v.假定,假设( postulate的第三人称单数 )
  • They proclaimed to be eternal postulates of reason and justice. 他们宣称这些原则是理性和正义的永恒的要求。 来自辞典例句
  • The school building programme postulates an increase in educational investment. 修建校舍的计画是在增加教育经费的前提下拟定的。 来自辞典例句
52 unconditional plcwS     
  • The victorious army demanded unconditional surrender.胜方要求敌人无条件投降。
  • My love for all my children is unconditional.我对自己所有孩子的爱都是无条件的。
53 peremptory k3uz8     
  • The officer issued peremptory commands.军官发出了不容许辩驳的命令。
  • There was a peremptory note in his voice.他说话的声音里有一种不容置辩的口气。
54 forth Hzdz2     
  • The wind moved the trees gently back and forth.风吹得树轻轻地来回摇晃。
  • He gave forth a series of works in rapid succession.他很快连续发表了一系列的作品。
55 overriding TmUz3n     
  • Development is of overriding importance. 发展是硬道理
  • My overriding concern is to raise the standards of state education. 我最关心的是提高国民教育水平。
56 premier R19z3     
  • The Irish Premier is paying an official visit to Britain.爱尔兰总理正在对英国进行正式访问。
  • He requested that the premier grant him an internview.他要求那位总理接见他一次。
57 gulf 1e0xp     
  • The gulf between the two leaders cannot be bridged.两位领导人之间的鸿沟难以跨越。
  • There is a gulf between the two cities.这两座城市间有个海湾。
58 deploying 79c9e662a7f3c3d49ecc43f559de9424     
(尤指军事行动)使展开( deploy的现在分词 ); 施展; 部署; 有效地利用
  • Provides support for developing and deploying distributed, component-based applications. 为开发和部署基于组件的分布式应用程序提供支持。
  • Advertisement, publishing, repair, and install-on-demand are all available when deploying your application. 在部署应用程序时提供公布、发布、修复和即需即装功能。
59 fluctuations 5ffd9bfff797526ec241b97cfb872d61     
波动,涨落,起伏( fluctuation的名词复数 )
  • He showed the price fluctuations in a statistical table. 他用统计表显示价格的波动。
  • There were so many unpredictable fluctuations on the Stock Exchange. 股票市场瞬息万变。
60 petroleum WiUyi     
  • The Government of Iran advanced the price of petroleum last week.上星期伊朗政府提高了石油价格。
  • The purpose of oil refinery is to refine crude petroleum.炼油厂的主要工作是提炼原油。
61 undoubtedly Mfjz6l     
  • It is undoubtedly she who has said that.这话明明是她说的。
  • He is undoubtedly the pride of China.毫无疑问他是中国的骄傲。
62 mutual eFOxC     
  • We must pull together for mutual interest.我们必须为相互的利益而通力合作。
  • Mutual interests tied us together.相互的利害关系把我们联系在一起。
63 sweeping ihCzZ4     
  • The citizens voted for sweeping reforms.公民投票支持全面的改革。
  • Can you hear the wind sweeping through the branches?你能听到风掠过树枝的声音吗?
64 civilians 2a8bdc87d05da507ff4534c9c974b785     
平民,百姓( civilian的名词复数 ); 老百姓
  • the bloody massacre of innocent civilians 对无辜平民的血腥屠杀
  • At least 300 civilians are unaccounted for after the bombing raids. 遭轰炸袭击之后,至少有300名平民下落不明。
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