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News & Reports 2012-03-18

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 Hello and Welcome to News and Reports on China Radio International.

In This EditionThe international community, including China, Russia and the United States, has expressed concerns over North Korean's announcement of planned satellite launch next month.
China's UN ambassador calls for international support for the peace efforts put forth1 by UN special envoy2 to Syria, Kofi Annan.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he has told US President Barack Obama to withdraw American troops from rural areas in Afghanistan.
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera re-affirms support for Argentina in its claim over the disputed Falkland Islands.
Hot Issue ReportsWorld Powers React to North Korea's Plan for Satellite LaunchThe international community, including China, Russia and the United States, has expressed concerns over a planned satellite launch by North Korea next month.
Chinese Vice3 Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun has met with Ji Jae Ryong, North Korea's Ambassador to China, to express China's concern about the matter.
Zhang said China hopes the parties concerned will remain calm, exercise restraint and avoid an escalation4 of tension that could lead to a more complicated situation.
Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry5 spokesman Liu Weimin urged "constructive7 efforts" regarding the Korean peninsula.
"We are aware of this news from North Korea. Maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and the northeastern Asian region aligned8 with all sides' interests is the hope of the international community. This will require all sides to make constructive efforts."South Korea's foreign ministry has denounced the planned launch as a "grave provocation," and Russia has called on Pyongyang to abandon it.
Ri Yong Ho, North Korea's vice foreign minister and nuclear negotiator, is expected to discuss the planned satellite launch when he meets with his Chinese counterparts in Beijing over the weekend.
Pyongyang has announced that the satellite launch will take place around mid-April from a launch pad in North Phyongan Province.
The North argues that such launches are part of a peaceful space program that is exempt9 from any disarmament agreements.
But U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland deemed the launch plan "egregious10.""Frankly11, if they were to go forward with this launch, ... it's very hard to imagine how we would be able to move forward with a regime whose word we have no confidence in and who has egregiously12 violated its international commitments."North Korea agreed last month to suspend nuclear activities and long-range missile tests in exchange for food aid from the U.S.
A UN Security Council Resolution adopted in 2009 prohibits North Korea from conducting launches that use ballistic missile technology.
China UN Envoy Supports Annan's Syria EffortsChina's UN ambassador Li Baodong has called for international support for the peace efforts put forth by UN special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan.
Li made the remarks after attending the Security Council's informal consultation13 and hearing on Annan's briefing via video-link from Geneva.
"China supports special envoy Annan's mediation14 efforts concerning the Syrian crisis. We support his recent visit to Syria, which was a very important one. We call upon the international community to support Mr. Annan's efforts and create conditions for his mediation. China hopes that all relevant parties in Syria will cooperate with Annan and support his mediation efforts."Li said the Security Council had an in-depth exchange of views with Annan on the situation in Syria.
Meanwhile, Syria's UN envoy, Bashar Ja'afari, expressed his country's support for Kofi Annan's mission as well.
"I would like to assure you on behalf of my government that Syria is committed to making Mr. Annan's mission successful. Discussions between the Syrian government and Mr. Annan are taking place, and Damascus is expecting a technical team from Mr. Annan's office to arrive in Damascus on Sunday to discuss further issues related to the fulfillment of his mission."Annan met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad twice during his visit to Damascus last weekend. He has also met with Syrian opposition15 leaders inside and outside the country.
The UN envoy is tasked with persuading both sides in Syria to end the yearlong violence, allow in humanitarian16 aid, and begin a political dialogue.
Afghan President Tells Obama to Withdraw Troops from Rural AfghanistanAfghan President Hamid Karzai says he has told US President Barack Obama to withdraw American troops from rural areas in Afghanistan.
The move follows the alleged17 shooting of 16 Afghans by an American soldier days ago.
"I have made it clear and announced in media that they should leave our houses and villages. The American president has called me and talked about this issue. He asked, 'Did you announce this?' I said, 'Yes, I announced it.' I have said get out of our villages. He said that it is good and we will talk about it in Chicago where the NATO conference will be held in two months' time."Obama called Karzai early on Friday, seeking clarity on the Afghan leader's demand that US forces pull out of Afghan villages.
Karzai claimed he stood firm on that demand, which took US leaders by surprise a day earlier.
The White House confirmed that the two leaders agreed to continue discussing the matter.
White House press secretary Jay Carney said "the two men were very much on the same page" about the overall plan to remove foreign forces by the end of 2014.
Meanwhile, the Afghan President has said he was losing patience with what he called lack of cooperation on the US side in the investigation18 into the killing19 spree.
A U.S. staff sergeant20 is accused of breaking into the homes of three Afghan families, shooting 16 of them dead and burning some of the bodies.
A senior US official has just said the soldier is Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales.
The official spoke6 on condition of anonymity21 because of the sensitivity of the investigation into an incident that has roiled22 relations with Afghanistan.
US officials said previously23 that the suspect was a 38-year-old staff sergeant and that he spent 11 years in the Army.
Iraqi Militia24 Frees American CaptiveA militia loyal to Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has freed an American former soldier after holding him captive in Baghdad for nine months.
The American, identified as Randy Michaels, was shown on television in a U.S. military uniform with no insignia.
Michaels was handed over to the United Nations mission in Baghdad, which said it was in touch with the U.S. embassy.
The former captive said he had been held by the Yom al-Maoud, or Promised Day Brigade, an offshoot of Sadr's Mehdi Army militia.
"I was taken inside Baghdad and have been kept in and around different locations within the city by al-Maoud. It was explained to me that my release has been for humanitarian purposes and there was no exchange involved."Sadr disbanded most of the Mehdi Army and joined mainstream25 politics in 2008, and his followers26 are part of the governing power-sharing coalition27.
But the Promised Day Brigade remain armed.
The U.S. embassy could not immediately be reached and U.S. officials in Washington were not immediately available for comment.
The Pentagon has said none of its serving troops are believed to be held in Iraq since last month when it recovered the remains28 of the last missing soldier.
The United States withdrew its forces from Iraq in December, with the exception of a few hundred service members stationed as part of the diplomatic mission at its embassy.
The U.S. mission still includes 2,000 diplomats29 and, as of last year, 14,000 civilian30 contractors31.
Mass Protest in Macedonia against Inter-ethnic32 Mob ViolenceSome 2,000 activists33, celebrities34 and intellectuals have marched in Macedonia calling for an end to the worst spate35 of inter-ethnic mob violence since the Balkan country narrowly avoided civil war a decade ago.
The past two weeks have seen a string of tit-for-tat attacks by mobs of youths from Macedonia's Slavic-speaking majority and ethnic Albanian minority, armed with baseball bats and knives and often targeting public transport.
"We want to show that we want to live together, all together one with another, not one next to other, without violence, and live together.""We want to show that people who live in Macedonia want peace, they are against violence, against conflicts which were happening last week."Macedonia was rocked by fighting between government security forces and ethnic Albanian guerrillas in 2001 but Western diplomacy36 pulled them back from the brink37 of civil war.
At least a quarter of Macedonia's 2 million people are ethnic Albanians, living mainly in the north and west. A decade on, tensions persist, fuelled by poverty and the slow pace of integration38 with the West.
Mexico's Leftist Presidential candidate Vows39 to Transform NationMexico's leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pledged to radically40 transform the drug-ravaged Latin American country.
Fifty-eight year-old Obrador is running again for the nation's top job six years after his razor-thin loss in the last election.
Addressing a rally in Mexico City, he said his leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution was the only hope for real change in Mexico.
"Three candidates, one a woman, but there are only two options, two projects, two roads. More of the same, which we know means poverty, unemployment, insecurity, violence or a real change. Things are very clear in the country."Obrador is a champion of the poor in a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line.
He spooked investors41 during the 2006 presidential race with his fiery42 left-wing rhetoric43.
But this time he is seeking to present himself as a moderate, pro-business leader offering programs to boost small enterprises.
Obrador currently lags behind his two opponents in opinion polls four months ahead of the presidential elections.
Forty-five year-old centrist Enrique Pena Nieto leads the three presidential candidates.
Wreckage44 of Norwegian Military Plane Missing in Sweden FoundSwedish police said debris45 from the wreckage of the missing Norwegian military transport aircraft in the Arctic near the top of Sweden's highest mountain has been found.
Hakan Ahlseling, a Swedish police officer.
"As of nine o'clock this morning police took over responsibility for the search and rescue efforts. We have found wreckage debris we suspect are from the missing plane in two areas. That is at the Rabots and Bjorlings glaciers46 on two sides of the Kebnekaise peak."Norway's Armed Forces said the plane hit the western wall of the Kebnekaise mountain. And a ground military unit has confirmed the findings. The search continues for the plane's body and five Norwegian officers aboard.
Ahlseling said rescue workers had not found any sign of the five crew members.
The Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules transport craft lost contact with air traffic controllers on Thursday in high winds and snow as it took part in a 15-nation military exercise organized by Norway.
Chile Offers Support to Argentina over FalklandsChilean President Sebastian Pinera has re-affirmed "firm support" for Argentina in its claim over the disputed Falkland Islands.
Pinera was speaking after a meeting with Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez in Santiago.
"I offer anew the firm support of our country to the rights of Argentina in the dispute over the sovereignty of the Malvinas (Falklands), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and over the maritime47 territories around them."In response, Fernandez thanked the people of Chile for their support for Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands.
"All the love and an enormous hug to the entire Chilean people, and thanks to all the Chileans I came across who shouted at me, 'The Malvinas (Falklands) are Argentina's.' Thank you so much."Argentina still claims the "Islas Malvinas" despite nearly 180 years of British control and a failed occupation 30 years ago.
Fernandez is trying to use diplomatic and economic power to force Britain into sovereignty talks ahead of the April 2nd anniversary of the 1982 invasion.
Buenos Aires recently announced it would pursue "administrative48, civil and criminal" penalties against the dozens of companies involved in oil development in the Falklands. The islands had their first major offshore49 oil discovery last year.
Britain, in turn, says there is nothing to negotiate, as the islanders have the right to self-determination.
Chavez Returns to Venezuela after Surgery in CubaVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned to his country almost three weeks after undergoing cancer surgery in Cuba.
Chavez told a crowd gathered to greet him that he is now in a recovery mode.
"During the past two weeks, maybe a bit longer, I have been in a process of clear recovery. Nobody must think that this is all over now. We are winning, but we must continue to be rigorously disciplined."He has said his cancer was first diagnosed during a visit to Cuba last June.
Initial surgery in June removed a tumor50 the size of a baseball. Surgeons removed another tumor from the same location in his pelvic region last February.
Chavez underwent four rounds of chemotherapy following initial surgery last year.
He now plans to undergo radiation therapy treatment.
Last weekend, Venezuelan cabinet ministers were in Havana for a televised meeting where Chavez reviewed government projects ranging from subway expansion work to public housing complexes.
Thai Authorities Display Haul of 2.5 Million Methamphetamine PillsThree Thai nationals could receive the death penalty if found guilty of drug trafficking in their home country.
Police caught the two women and one man with more than two million methamphetamine tablets and 50 kilograms of crystal meth at a warehouse51 in northern Thailand as they prepared to take them to the capital, Bangkok.
It was the third major drug bust52 in Thailand this month.
Authorities put the total street value of the drugs at 525 million baht, or 17 million U.S. dollars.
Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubumrung, who is in charge of the country's illegal drug crackdown campaign, says he is trying to fast-track drug cases so executions can be carried out within 30 days of a guilty verdict.
"Once the criminal court issues its verdict in a drug case, the next step is the appeals court. If the appeals court upholds the verdict, the case is over. I'm trying to think of how we can speed things up so the death penalty can be carried out just 30 days after the appeals court has upheld the verdict."Yubumrung also spoke briefly53 to the three suspects, asking their ages before having a cursory54 inspection55 of the haul.
Thailand is a leading market and transit56 point for methamphetamine, much of which is produced in neighboring Myanmar.
A Massive Forest Fire Destroys Kenya's Biggest Water TowersA raging fire has destroyed at least 2,000 acres of indigenous57 forest in Mount Kenya National Park. Officials there suspect honey harvesters and poaches caused the fire which started a week ago.
Simon Gitau is Deputy Warden58 of Mount Kenya National Reserve.
"Almost 100 percent of fires on this mountain are caused by human beings, but up to now, we do not know who caused the fire. But I am sure it is a human being. This forest is dense59 enough. It is a human being who caused this, but we are still investigating."The forest is a major water tower in Kenya and the second highest mountain in Africa, which is famous for hiking. It is home to nearly 900 species of rare plants and numerous animal species.
The fast blowing winds have aggravated60 the fire, and the Kenya Wildlife Service warns that the inferno61 has started spreading towards the treacherous62 mountain peaks, making it difficult to fight.
"This is not moorland fire; this is fire inside the indigenous forest and where the water catchment is. The fire is being fanned by wind. There are strong winds especially during the day. The thing is that the moisture content on the ground is very low because of the wind and high temperatures that we are experiencing in the country right now."Park officials have closed hiking routes and access to climbs on Mount Kenya to prevent visitors and their guides from being trapped.
China Daily: Gov't Must Expand Consumer Rights to Stimulate63 ConsumptionIn recent years, the ever-growing Chinese economy has resulted in a large number of citizens armed with full wallets and purses.
At home, the government has been encouraging this newly affluent64 group to loosen their purse strings65 as it tries to boost domestic consumption as key economic growth engine.
Internationally, various western leaders are wooing this group to succeed their European and U.S. counterparts to help reinvigorate the sluggish66 world economy.
An editorial in China Daily says in light of the growing affluence67 of some Chinese, it is necessary to expand domestic consumer rights to further unleash68 their purchasing power.
On the occasion of this week's World Consumer Rights Day, the editorial says strengthening Chinese consumers' rights is as important as distributing wealth more equally among all citizens. It calls for continued government efforts to protect consumers from fake and substandard goods and services in the domestic market.
The editorial says it welcomed a recent antimonopoly investigation that forced two state telecom giants to agree to cut fees for internet connections and hopes more such cases against monopoly industries, especially in the underdeveloped service sector69, will be initiated70 to better satisfy and stimulate domestic consumer demand.
In conclusion, the editorial states that consumer-led growth will be possible only when the government expands consumer rights in a timely manner and better protects them.
***************************People's Daily: Rare Earth Case Reveals US HypocrisyU.S. President Barack Obama said Tuesday that his country along with Japan and the European Union had filed complaints with the World Trade Organization about China's rare earth export quotas72.
Obama said the move was an effort to give "American workers and American businesses a fair shot in the global economy."A commentary in China's People's Daily newspaper argues that Obama does not care about the environmental degradation73 caused by China's disorderly and excessive mining of rare earth materials as long as American workers and businesses can profit from the country's cheap supplies. It says Obama's remarks are shocking for a president who likes to portray74 himself as pro-environment.
As the world's largest rare earth producer, China has put in place new regulations on rare earth manufacturing with exports based on the sound rationale of sustainable growth and environmental protection. In the past, a lack of strong regulations posed grave dangers to the country and its people by depleting75 natural resources and destroying the environment.
The article rebuts76 many western critics who ascribe China's purchase of raw materials from Africa and Latin America as grabbing resources or even "colonialism." Yet, none of them use similar words to describe the West's exploitation of China's cheap rare earth minerals. The article calls this sheer hypocrisy71.
The commentary suggests that Obama propose tapping his own country's 13 million metric tons of rare earth deposits as this would not only enable the United States to share the responsibility for supplying rare earth materials, but also create jobs for Americans.
The People's Daily article concludes that a victory for the U.S., Japan and the EU in the WTO case would be a loss for the global environmental cause.


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38 integration G5Pxk     
  • We are working to bring about closer political integration in the EU.我们正在努力实现欧盟內部更加紧密的政治一体化。
  • This was the greatest event in the annals of European integration.这是欧洲统一史上最重大的事件。
39 vows c151b5e18ba22514580d36a5dcb013e5     
誓言( vow的名词复数 ); 郑重宣布,许愿
  • Matrimonial vows are to show the faithfulness of the new couple. 婚誓体现了新婚夫妇对婚姻的忠诚。
  • The nun took strait vows. 那位修女立下严格的誓愿。
40 radically ITQxu     
  • I think we may have to rethink our policies fairly radically. 我认为我们可能要对我们的政策进行根本的反思。
  • The health service must be radically reformed. 公共医疗卫生服务必须进行彻底改革。
41 investors dffc64354445b947454450e472276b99     
n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 )
  • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
  • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会
42 fiery ElEye     
  • She has fiery red hair.她有一头火红的头发。
  • His fiery speech agitated the crowd.他热情洋溢的讲话激动了群众。
43 rhetoric FCnzz     
  • Do you know something about rhetoric?你懂点修辞学吗?
  • Behind all the rhetoric,his relations with the army are dangerously poised.在冠冕堂皇的言辞背后,他和军队的关系岌岌可危。
44 wreckage nMhzF     
  • They hauled him clear of the wreckage.他们把他从形骸中拖出来。
  • New states were born out of the wreckage of old colonial empires.新生国家从老殖民帝国的废墟中诞生。
45 debris debris     
  • After the bombing there was a lot of debris everywhere.轰炸之后到处瓦砾成堆。
  • Bacteria sticks to food debris in the teeth,causing decay.细菌附着在牙缝中的食物残渣上,导致蛀牙。
46 glaciers e815ddf266946d55974cdc5579cbd89b     
冰河,冰川( glacier的名词复数 )
  • Glaciers gouged out valleys from the hills. 冰川把丘陵地带冲出一条条山谷。
  • It has ice and snow glaciers, rainforests and beautiful mountains. 既有冰川,又有雨林和秀丽的山峰。 来自英语晨读30分(高一)
47 maritime 62yyA     
  • Many maritime people are fishermen.许多居于海滨的人是渔夫。
  • The temperature change in winter is less in maritime areas.冬季沿海的温差较小。
48 administrative fzDzkc     
  • The administrative burden must be lifted from local government.必须解除地方政府的行政负担。
  • He regarded all these administrative details as beneath his notice.他认为行政管理上的这些琐事都不值一顾。
49 offshore FIux8     
  • A big program of oil exploration has begun offshore.一个大规模的石油勘探计划正在近海展开。
  • A gentle current carried them slowly offshore.和缓的潮流慢慢地把他们带离了海岸。
50 tumor fKxzm     
  • He was died of a malignant tumor.他死于恶性肿瘤。
  • The surgeons irradiated the tumor.外科医生用X射线照射那个肿瘤。
51 warehouse 6h7wZ     
  • We freighted the goods to the warehouse by truck.我们用卡车把货物运到仓库。
  • The manager wants to clear off the old stocks in the warehouse.经理想把仓库里积压的存货处理掉。
52 bust WszzB     
  • I dropped my camera on the pavement and bust it. 我把照相机掉在人行道上摔坏了。
  • She has worked up a lump of clay into a bust.她把一块黏土精心制作成一个半身像。
53 briefly 9Styo     
  • I want to touch briefly on another aspect of the problem.我想简单地谈一下这个问题的另一方面。
  • He was kidnapped and briefly detained by a terrorist group.他被一个恐怖组织绑架并短暂拘禁。
54 cursory Yndzg     
  • He signed with only a cursory glance at the report.他只草草看了一眼报告就签了名。
  • The only industry mentioned is agriculture and it is discussed in a cursory sentence.实业方面只谈到农业,而且只是匆匆带了一句。
55 inspection y6TxG     
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.经抽查,发现肉变质了。
  • The soldiers lined up for their daily inspection by their officers.士兵们列队接受军官的日常检阅。
56 transit MglzVT     
  • His luggage was lost in transit.他的行李在运送中丢失。
  • The canal can transit a total of 50 ships daily.这条运河每天能通过50条船。
57 indigenous YbBzt     
  • Each country has its own indigenous cultural tradition.每个国家都有自己本土的文化传统。
  • Indians were the indigenous inhabitants of America.印第安人是美洲的土著居民。
58 warden jMszo     
  • He is the warden of an old people's home.他是一家养老院的管理员。
  • The warden of the prison signed the release.监狱长签发释放令。
59 dense aONzX     
  • The general ambushed his troops in the dense woods. 将军把部队埋伏在浓密的树林里。
  • The path was completely covered by the dense foliage. 小路被树叶厚厚地盖了一层。
60 aggravated d0aec1b8bb810b0e260cb2aa0ff9c2ed     
使恶化( aggravate的过去式和过去分词 ); 使更严重; 激怒; 使恼火
  • If he aggravated me any more I shall hit him. 假如他再激怒我,我就要揍他。
  • Far from relieving my cough, the medicine aggravated it. 这药非但不镇咳,反而使我咳嗽得更厉害。
61 inferno w7jxD     
  • Rescue workers fought to get to victims inside the inferno.救援人员奋力营救大火中的受害者。
  • The burning building became an inferno.燃烧着的大楼成了地狱般的地方。
62 treacherous eg7y5     
  • The surface water made the road treacherous for drivers.路面的积水对驾车者构成危险。
  • The frozen snow was treacherous to walk on.在冻雪上行走有潜在危险。
63 stimulate wuSwL     
  • Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。
  • Success will stimulate the people for fresh efforts.成功能鼓舞人们去作新的努力。
64 affluent 9xVze     
  • He hails from an affluent background.他出身于一个富有的家庭。
  • His parents were very affluent.他的父母很富裕。
65 strings nh0zBe     
  • He sat on the bed,idly plucking the strings of his guitar.他坐在床上,随意地拨着吉他的弦。
  • She swept her fingers over the strings of the harp.她用手指划过竖琴的琴弦。
66 sluggish VEgzS     
  • This humid heat makes you feel rather sluggish.这种湿热的天气使人感到懒洋洋的。
  • Circulation is much more sluggish in the feet than in the hands.脚部的循环比手部的循环缓慢得多。
67 affluence lx4zf     
  • Their affluence is more apparent than real.他们的富有是虚有其表。
  • There is a lot of affluence in this part of the state because it has many businesses.这个州的这一部分相当富有,因为它有很多商行。
68 unleash bjewz     
  • They hope to create allies to unleash against diseases,pests,and invasive species.他们希望创造出一些新群体来对付疾病、害虫和一些有侵害性的物种。
  • Changing water levels now at times unleash a miasma of disease from exposed sewage.如今,大坝不时地改变水位,从暴露的污水释放出了疾病瘴气。
69 sector yjczYn     
  • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
  • The enemy have attacked the British sector.敌人已进攻英国防区。
70 initiated 9cd5622f36ab9090359c3cf3ca4ddda3     
n. 创始人 adj. 新加入的 vt. 开始,创始,启蒙,介绍加入
  • He has not yet been thoroughly initiated into the mysteries of computers. 他对计算机的奥秘尚未入门。
  • The artist initiated the girl into the art world in France. 这个艺术家介绍这个女孩加入巴黎艺术界。
71 hypocrisy g4qyt     
  • He railed against hypocrisy and greed.他痛斥伪善和贪婪的行为。
  • He accused newspapers of hypocrisy in their treatment of the story.他指责了报纸在报道该新闻时的虚伪。
72 quotas 56efa1d6a3d7b4abe55e080dda812715     
(正式限定的)定量( quota的名词复数 ); 定额; 指标; 摊派
  • In fulfilling the production quotas, John made rings round all his fellow workers. 约翰完成生产定额大大超过他的同事们。
  • Quotas of the means of production are allocated by the higher administrative bodies to the lower ones. 物资指标按隶属关系分配。
73 degradation QxKxL     
  • There are serious problems of land degradation in some arid zones.在一些干旱地带存在严重的土地退化问题。
  • Gambling is always coupled with degradation.赌博总是与堕落相联系。
74 portray mPLxy     
  • It is difficult to portray feelings in words.感情很难用言语来描写。
  • Can you portray the best and worst aspects of this job?您能描述一下这份工作最好与最坏的方面吗?
75 depleting ae23633b1a5c6c21ae0d93b205d84331     
使大大的减少,使空虚( deplete的现在分词 ); 耗尽,使枯竭
  • Regulations are outlawing certain refrigerants, such as chlorofluorocarbons, which contain ozone-depleting chemicals. 随后出台的政策禁用了部分制冷剂,如破坏臭氧层的氟氯碳化合物。
  • Aging, being a series of continual losses, can be keenly depleting. 老龄化,作为一个系列的连续亏损,可以清楚地消耗。
76 rebuts a06ae24e60c6fdb0f70889a58a4d6971     
v.反驳,驳回( rebut的第三人称单数 );击退
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