疯狂英语突破功能 对话突破 4(在线收听

[00:03.55]1.I'm Starving
[00:06.77]A:I'm starving to death.What about you?
[00:10.40]B:Yeah,I'm starving too!Where do you want to have dinner?
[00:15.15]A:I don't know.
[00:16.54]B:What do you feel like eating?
[00:19.15]A:Every now and then I get hungry for spicy food.
[00:22.70]B:There's a really good Sichuan restaurant near here.Let's go there sometime.
[00:27.92]A:Why not tonight?
[00:29.31]B:No,not tonight.You have to make reservations in advance.It's a very popular place.Besides,it's expensive.And I don't have any money.
[00:40.59]A:I'm broke,too.Let's save our money and go next week.
[00:44.83]B:Okay.But how?
[00:47.31]A:We could do without lunch this week.
[00:49.89]B:Do you mean every day?I don't feel up to that.
[00:53.86]A:Well,then every other day.
[00:56.11]B:But what about tonight?
[00:57.94]A:Let's just go for beef noodles.That's cheap and fast!
[01:01.96]B:Great.Let's go.
[01:04.13]2.Cheap Boyfriend
[01:07.92]A:How's it going?
[01:09.09]B:Not too bad.How are things going with you?
[01:12.31]A:Great,just great.Hey,could you do me a favor?Will you keep an eye on my books?I'll be back in five minutes.
[01:21.79]B:Where are you going?Are you up to something?You look as though you are.
[01:26.62]A:Not really.But here comes my girlfriend.I really don't want her to see me.
[01:32.71]B:Why not?What's the problem?Did you have a fight?
[01:36.60]A:No,it's nothing like that.She just had her heart set on seeing a movie tonight.I promised to take her.
[01:47.57]Then I discovered I didn't have any money.I called her and said I was sick.
[01:55.93]B:Relax.She's going out the other door.You're safe for the time being.
[02:01.97]A:That was a close call.I'm lucky she didn't see me.She would have really hit the roof.
[02:09.83]3.She Blew a Fuse
[02:13.93]A:Hi,do you have a minute to talk?
[02:16.18]B:Sure.What's going on?You don't look too happy.
[02:19.99]A:I'm not.I'm afraid I blew it with Cindy.
[02:24.51]B:What do you mean you blew it with Cindy?
[02:27.51]A:Well,yesterday afternoon she mentioned that she would like to go to the movies.
[02:33.52]I said I'd like to go too but I didn't have enough money.So I asked her if she wouldn't mind paying my way.Wow!She really blew a fuse.
[02:47.86]B:I can imagine.What happened then?
[02:50.81]A:She told me off for about ten minutes,told me that I was the cheapest guy she has ever met,called me loser,and then stormed off.
[03:01.55]I haven't seen her or talked to her since then,and I don't know what to do to make up with her.
[03:09.02]B:Well,just take it easy.I'll have a word with her to try to smooth things over.
[03:14.87]But don't make a mistake like that again.OK?Girls hate it when you ask them to pay.
[03:20.91]A:I'll try not to,believe me!
[03:23.86]B:Good,next time just make an excuse about having an exam the next day!
[03:29.35]A:Thanks for the advice.
[03:31.75]4.It Doesn't Make Sense
[03:35.80]A:Linda,it's so great to see you again!
[03:38.83]B:Well,thanks for inviting me to lunch.I never seem to leave my house these days!
[03:44.57]A:Come in,please.Make yourself at home.
[03:48.21]B:Thanks.You have a beautiful place.
[03:50.84]A:I'm glad you like it.The furniture's in pretty bad condition,though.We should get rid of it.It really looks bad in this new house.
[04:00.61]B:Don't do that.It's very comfortable.You have children,don't you?
[04:05.11]A:Yes,we do.Two boys and a girl.Not to mention two dogs and a cat.
[04:10.10]So we have to make do with this furniture.As long as the children are small,anyway.It doesn't make sense to replace it.
[04:20.28]B:I know what you mean.Our children are hard on furniture,too.They are always jumping up and down on the sofa or spilling food on my chairs.
[04:30.34]A:They sound just like my children.
[04:32.61]B:Maybe we should get them all together to play with each other some afternoon.
[04:37.13]A:That's a great idea!
[04:39.17]5.Let's Make the Most of Our Weekend
[04:43.27]A:Hi,Kim.I can't believe that the summer is almost over.
[04:48.05]B:I know.Time flies!
[04:50.87]A:Friday is a holiday.Let's take advantage of the long weekend.Do you want to go to New York?
[04:57.82]We could leave Thursday night and spend the whole weekend in the city.
[05:02.32]B:Okay.But I'd rather go on Friday.I have to get my car fixed on Thursday.
[05:08.11]A:All right.We can take turns driving.
[05:11.64]B:Fine.We won't get so tired that way.
[05:14.51]A:I'm looking forward to seeing New York.I've never been there,but I have always wanted to go.
[05:22.51]B:I haven't either.Let's make the most of our weekend.
[05:26.53]A:We can go sightseeing during the day.In the evening we can go to a play.Do you think we can get tickets?
[05:33.77]B:I don't think we stand a chance.It's hard to get tickets on weekends.Anyway,we can try.
[05:40.64]A:It doesn't matter.There are hundreds of things to do in New York,especially during a holiday.
[05:47.09]B:You're right!Whatever we do,we are sure to have good time.
[05:51.58]A:Great!I can't wait until Friday!
[05:55.27]6.Jenny Is Always Late
[06:01.06]B:Hi,Lily.What are you so upset about?
[06:04.36]A:I'm furious with Jenny!She's always late.
[06:08.25]B:Always?Why don't you talk it over with her?Encourage her to be on time,or tell her how much it annoys you?
[06:17.42]A:Look!I've talked till I'm blue in the face.It's out of the question.
[06:22.41]B:There must be something you can do.
[06:24.60]A:I doubt it.Last night we went to a concert.Do you know what time we got there?Just in time to go out of the intermission!We missed half of the show!
[06:36.15]B:I guess you're just wasting your breath then.Time means nothing to Jenny.
[06:41.68]A:You're right.I guess I should just stop doing things with her.
[06:46.47]B:You don't have to go that far.Just don't waste your time waiting for her.
[06:51.85]A:I guess you're right.I could just tell her to meet me at the restaurant or moive.
[06:57.54]B:Right.Then if she's late,you know,it's her problem not yours.
[07:03.92]A:Thanks for your advice!I appreciate it!
[07:06.79]7.I Get Cold Feet
[07:10.47]A:Hi,Mike.What's new?
[07:12.59]B:What's wrong with you?Your face is swollen.You look terrible!
[07:16.85]A:My jaw aches.I don't know why.
[07:20.01]B:Let me take a look.No wonder it hurts!One of your teeth looks decayed.You'd better see a dentist right away.
[07:28.97]A:Do you think I have to?I've been putting it off for weeks.To tell the honest truth,dentists scare me to death.
[07:37.82]I get cold feet when I have to go to one.Even thinking of it makes me shake.
[07:43.23]B:Don't be silly.You'd be better off seeing one.I'll make an appointment for you.Only a fool is afraid of the dentist!
[07:53.21]A:Okay.I might as well go.But find me one who doesn't hurt!
[07:59.40]B:Come on.I'm your best friend.You can count on me.There's nothing to be afraid of.
[08:05.54]A:Well,if you say so,I'll take your word for it.
[08:10.92]8.The More the Merrier
[08:14.60]A:Hi,Bill.When did you get back?
[08:17.08]B:About an hour ago.What's new?Did anyone call for me while I was out?
[08:22.70]A:Yeah,someone named Johnson called this afternoon.He left word for you to call him.He's at the Holiday Inn Hotel.You can get in touch with him there.
[08:33.23]B:Oh,that's my old friend from college,Dave Johnson.I knew he was coming to town.I didn't expect him today,though.I must have got mixed up on the dates.What a great surprise!
[08:49.58]A:Should we ask him to our party tonight?
[08:52.45]B:I'd like to.But we've already invited twenty people and the apartment is pretty small.
[08:58.15]A:Don't worry.We can always make room for one more.The more the merrier,you know.
[09:04.31]B:That's true.And the other guests will like Dave.He's very friendly,and he always has funny stories and jokes to tell.
[09:13.33]A:Be sure to tell him not to dress up.It's a casual party,you know.
[09:18.29]B:Okay.I'll go pick Dave up.He doesn't know this city.He might lose his way coming alone.
[09:25.13]A:Okay,I'll stay here and finish getting things ready for the party.
[09:29.52]B:Sounds great.I'll see you later then.
[09:34.46]9.He's the Right Man for the Job
[09:39.66]B:Hi,Steve.What's new?
[09:41.85]A:I've just heard a speech by the mayor.And he's an excellent speaker.His speech today was very powerful.
[09:49.84]B:Yes,he's a good man.I like him.Although I don't always see eye to eye with him.I still respect him very much.
[09:58.60]A:There's one good thing about him:he isn't behind the times.He knows this is the 21st century.
[10:05.96]B:I like the way he got right down to business.He's a man of action.Right from the start.He doesn't waste time talking about problems.He likes to solve them.
[10:17.53]A:That's true.He made a point of going to work immediately.The city has made a lot of progress since he's been the mayor.
[10:26.91]B:He's very independent.He doesn't rely on others.He finds out everything first hand.Then he takes steps to improve the situation.That's what I admire in a leader.
[10:40.13]A:He's the right man for the job.
[10:42.59]B:I couldn't agree with you more.
[10:44.70]A:Next time he gives a speech I'll ask you to come along.
[10:49.12]B:That would be great.Thanks a lot.
[10:51.44]10.I Forgot All about It
[10:55.46]A:Hi,Kim.How's it going?I've got a problem.
[10:58.89]B:What's bothering you,Stone?You look stressed.
[11:02.36]A:I always bite off more than I can chew.I agreed to speak at an international conference in Shanghai next Monday.Now I won't be able to do it.
[11:13.67]B:Why not?What happened?
[11:16.05]A:I'm going to Beijing that day.I have an important speech and TV interview there.I forgot all about it.
[11:23.57]I don't have the heart to tell the conference now.It's the second time I've done this.How can I save face?I feel terrible.
[11:34.36]B:Don't worry about it.They'd have to search high and low to find a better speaker.And they know it.They need someone who can speak good English and Chinese.
[11:45.62]A:Thank you.But I doubt that.I'm sure they'd prefer someone who keeps his word.I've got to talk to my assistant.He's always messing up my schedule!
[11:56.98]B:Forgot it.They know you're not leading them on.They'll ask you again,I'm sure.These things often happen.You're a busy guy.
[12:06.67]A:Thanks for saying that,Kim.I feel a lot better.
[12:10.17]B:That's what friends are for.Besides,I'm sure it's not easy being so famous!
[12:16.68]11.Don't Beat around the Bush
[12:20.70]A:I've been waiting for an hour!Where have you been?
[12:24.05]B:I got stuck in traffic on the way back from Joe's office.
[12:28.20]A:Okay.Tell me exactly what Joe said.Don't beat around the bush.Give it to me straight.
[12:34.78]B:Hold your horses!I'll tell you in a minute.Let me catch my breach.I just got here and I told you traffic was terrible.
[12:44.84]A:You can do that later.Tell me.What did Joe say?
[12:48.31]B:Do you really want to know?Even if it's bad news?
[12:52.62]A:Of course I do.Just tell me.
[12:55.63]B:Okay.If you really want to know.He said you always try to pull the wool over his eyes.He thinks you are dishonest.
[13:06.42]A:What?That's not true!Perhaps I exaggerate a little.But that's all.I've never tried to deceive him.
[13:16.53]B:Why don't you do what I do?
[13:18.69]A:What's that?
[13:20.21]B:Take his remark with a grain of salt.
[13:23.81]A:That's easy for you to say,he's not your boss!
[13:27.52]B:Yeah,but I've known him for ten years.I'm telling you,his comment isn't worth worrying about.
[13:34.50]A:I hope you're right.