听电影学英语-当风吹起的时候 04(在线收听

  [00:02.62]Spitfires and Hurricanes in the blue sky over the cornfields. 玉米田上方的蓝天上,盘旋着喷火式战斗机和暴风雨。
  [00:07.78]HILDA: The White Cliffs of Dover. 丹佛大坝。
  [00:11.86]Old Jerry coming over every night. Old Jerry 每晚都来。
  [00:12.98]JIM: Those were the days. (Turns light off) 那些都是过去的事了。(打开灯)
  [00:21.10]Don't you dare use my best cushions from the front room! 你竟敢从前面房间里拿我最爱的靠垫来用!
  [00:24.98]I'll get some old ones from upstairs. 我去楼上拿一些旧的下来好了。
  [00:29.70]I'll put them in plastic bags. 我要把它们放进塑料袋。
  [00:32.70]I don't want fingermarks getting all over them. 我可不想它们上面沾满手印。
  [00:35.54]I shouldn't worry too much, love. 其实不用太担心这些,亲爱的。
  [00:35.94]They're bound to get dusty with all the fallout coming down. 他们不可避免地将被即将降临的辐射搞脏。
  [00:40.74]It says here we've got to lay in food supplies for 14 days. 据说我们得准备好两个星期的食物。
  [00:46.06]I'd better put a note out for 28 pints of milk, then. 那么我最好去买28品脱的牛奶来。
  [00:48.42]I'll just pop out and get 14 loaves, dear! And a protractor. 我正准备出去买14条面包回来,亲爱的!还有量角器。
  [00:55.34]Anything else you want? 你还有什么要买的?
  [00:56.78]I'll need more plastic bags, dear! 我还要一些塑料袋,亲爱的!
  [01:00.58](Rumble of thunder) (雷声大作)
  [01:11.26](Door closes) (关门声)
  [01:12.14]There's no bread, ducks! Sold out. 没买着面包,宝贝儿!全卖完啦。
  [01:15.26]There seems to be some sort of panic purchasing. 市场上开始有哄抢恐慌了。
  [01:18.50]After all, there is a war on. 无论如何,战争真的开始了。
  [01:19.34]It can't be helped, dear. 这怎么办,亲爱的。
  [01:20.66]Or nearly, anyway. 或者近了。
  [01:23.66]I hope you haven't left that cape dripping in the hall, James! 我希望你没把披风忘在大厅了,James!
  [01:26.50]Oh, no, dear. 噢,没有,亲爱的!
  [01:30.70]Mr Willis has sold out of protractors. I expect everyone wants 60 degrees. Willis先生的量角器都卖完了。我想每个人都在量60度角呢。
  [01:34.46]He was terrifically kind, Mr Willis. 他可是个非常好的人。
  [01:35.82]He cut me out a bit of card with 60 degrees on it. Look. 他用纸片给我折了个60度角,看。
  [01:38.66]Oh! Nice, dear. 哦!真好啊,亲爱的。
  [01:42.82]Two packets of ginger creams, half a jam sponge, 两包干姜奶油,半份海绵果酱。
  [01:42.86]Here's the emergency supplies, ducks. 这是紧急供应的,宝贝儿。
  [01:46.30]a tin of pineapple chunks and a tin of Christmas pud. 一罐厚菠萝切片和一罐圣诞布丁。
  [01:49.62]HILDA: lt'll all be over by Christmas. 要用这些度过整个圣诞啊。
  [01:56.02]- You're not decorating now, James! - We've got to paint the windows white, dear. -现在不是装修的时候,James! -我们必须把窗户涂成白色,亲爱的。
  [01:58.66]- Whatever for? - It's for the radiation, I think. -干吗? -我想这是为了防辐射。
  [02:01.98]Like they do in greenhouses, to keep out the sun. It's the correct thing. 像他们在温室做的那样,挡住阳光,这是该做的事情。
  [02:08.70]- It won't be that hot, surely! - Well, I don't know. -不会有那么热的! -好吧,我不知道为什么要这么做。
  [02:12.06]They say the one at Hiroshima was equal to one thousand suns. 据说投放在广岛的那颗原子弹释放的能量相当于一千个太阳。
  [02:15.14]So it is quite hot. 那可真是热啊。
  [02:16.66]And besides, the powers that be are making much better ones now. 而且,现在制造的原子弹冲击力更大了。
  [02:20.82]Science has leaped forward with giant strides. Oops! 哦!科学的飞跃就像巨人前进那样迅速。
  [02:27.22]Mind you don't get paint on those curtains, James. 窗帘上就不用涂了吧,James。
  [02:28.46]You should have taken them down first. You never think. 你就没想过先把它们取下来。
  [02:31.82]I know that smile of yours, James. 你笑什么,James。
  [02:41.02]"Keep doors closed to prevent the spread of fire", it says. 这里说“保持门窗紧闭以将火焰隔离在外。”
  [02:46.34]- But you've taken off half the doors, James. - Yes, dear. -可是你已经把家里一半的门都卸下来了,James。 -是啊,亲爱的。
  [02:47.30]Won't that make the fire worse, then? 这样做不是会让火势更猛烈吗?
  [02:49.78]Er... 呃...
  [02:52.06]Well, I er... 好吧,我,嗯...
  [02:53.74]Perhaps the blast will blow the fire out. 也许冲击波会把火给带出去。
  [02:56.94]Well... Hm! 嗯...
  [02:59.90]The inner core or refuge looks quite cosy, doesn't it, dear? 这个隐蔽处看起来真舒适啊,是吗,亲爱的?
  [03:02.14]I hope those doors aren't marking the wallpaper, James. 我希望那些门不是做墙纸用的,James。
  [03:05.50]Come in and try it out, dear. Please. 试试进出方便不,亲爱的。
  [03:14.78]JIM: Whoa! Careful! Careful! You'll have it over! 哇哦,小心,小心!别把它弄倒了。
  [03:18.10]HILDA: Budge up, can't you, James? 你能稍微挪开点吗,James?
  [03:21.86]Couldn't you have made it a bit...wider? 就不能把它做的...宽敞点儿吗?
  [03:26.18]It's er... It's constructed in compliance with the governmental specifications, dear. 呃...这是按照政府手册建造的,亲爱的。
  [03:29.50]HILDA: Well, they might have made it wide enough for two people. 好吧,也许他们觉得这样足够容纳两个人躲避了。
  [03:32.82]HILDA: Suppose you were married? - We are married, dear. 假设你已经结婚了? -我们已经结婚了,亲爱的。
  [03:37.86]HILDA: Yes, well there you are, then. 是,那么我们已经结婚了。
  [03:38.66]Oh! 哦!
  [03:40.82]What about if you had children? Where would they go? 可是如果你有孩子呢?他们该去哪儿躲着?
  [03:45.74]Oh, well, you'd just hold them in your arms. They'd soon fall asleep. 哦,好吧,你只需要把孩子们搂进怀里。他们一会儿就会睡着的。
  [03:49.14]Suppose they were 17 or 18? 如果他们是17、18岁的大孩子呢?
  [03:52.58]Big boys with bristly chins and big boots on. Skinheads. 大孩子们开始长胡子,穿大靴子,剃光头。
  [03:56.74]Well, in that case, you'd er... 好吧,那时你最好...呃...
  [04:00.38]just add a few more doors. 再增加一些门吧。
  [04:03.02]There's... no wall space for more doors. 没有...更多的位置可以放门了。
  [04:05.74]Oh. No. 哦,不。
  [04:07.90]Well, our Ron was never a skinhead, anyway. 嗯,Ron从不剃光头。
  [04:14.38]What on earth are you putting the food in there for? 我们该把食物藏在哪里呢?
  [04:15.62]Well, that's where it's got to be. 唔,它们该放在这儿。
  [04:17.78]But why can't it stay in the larder and fridge? 为什么不能把它们放在储藏柜或者冰箱里呢?
  [04:20.78]Because we must not emerge for the 14 days of the national emergency. 因为在长达两周的国家非常时期里我们都不能出来。
  [04:25.74]You're not saying we've got to stay in that thing for two weeks, are you? 你的意思是我们必须待在这个地方整整两个星期?
  [04:28.78]Yes, dear. Ours not to reason why. 是的,亲爱的。我们不必问为什么。
  [04:30.50]Now we must do the correct thing. 此刻我们只需要做正确的事情。
  [04:32.66]Well, what about the cooking, then? 好吧,那么做饭的事儿怎么办呢?
  [04:34.82]How do I get to the cooker? 我怎么去炉子边?
  [04:38.38]We'll just have to use the little picnic stove, dear. 我们就用野餐炉吧,亲爱的。
  [04:41.22]- What about the toilet? - Well er... -上厕所该怎么去? -呃...
  [04:42.94]Well, we'll have to have a potty, or something. 这样,我们用夜壶,或者别的什么代替。
  [04:44.50]I can tell you now, James Bloggs, 我想说的是,James Bloggs。
  [04:49.06]that I am going to go upstairs in the proper manner. 我要上楼去,维持正常的生活方式。
  [04:50.98]But you mustn't emerge, dear. Not for the 14 days of the national emergency. 但是你不能出去,亲爱的。在两周的国家非常时期里不能出去。
  [04:57.22]All right, then, how are you going to empty the chamber pot? 那好吧,你要怎么倒夜壶呢?
  [04:59.42]Well, we just have to empty it down the toilet, I suppose. 嗯,我们去厕所倒。